The Stories

I am a prolific simlit writer.  Not all my stories see the light of day and not all of them see completion.  Here’s a sampling what what you’ll see popping up in the blog feed.  Click on the header pictures to go to the Table of Contents for each story (not all the stories have a ToC yet!).


Eternally Yours is a legacy story that follows a bunch of crazy, outspoken, strong women as they try to survive life and each other.  It all began one February with a broken wrist and a new Sims 3 Expansion Pack and the rest is history.  Started in Sims 3 and continued in Sims 4, Eternally Yours is a rollercoaster for the characters, the readers, and most definitely the author.

Copy of S

Mann About Town follows Lucy Mann on her quest for fame and fortune!  A series of small vignettes written from Lucy’s point-of-view as she blogs about her run-ins with celebrities, the public, and the occasional stray cat.

Copy of Copy of Copy of S

Finding Home is a musical legacy starting with Keely Ennis, a single solo guitarist living on a small plot of land in Windenberg.  She wants it all — love, fame, fortune, children, the career but has to choose her path wisely.

Copy of Copy of S (1)

A Day in the Life started with Gretchen, a single mom, and the crazy life she lives with her dog, Kona, and her two kids, Rain and Otis.  Currently on Generation Two, we’re following Rainn as she deals with the recent birth of her son and the death of her husband.