Chapter 3.35

Content Warning: Some language and adult situations.

I’d like to say I’m storing up for winter but I’d be lying to myself.

I’d been steadily gaining weight since Harper came along.  Needless to say men aren’t looking my way that often.  So I took my search for a man to the internet.

I was checking my profile one morning while Linzy was making sure Harper didn’t bite the heads off her dolls.

“Hey lady!  How goes the search today?  Any good ones?”

When someone lives with you, watches your kids, and cleans your toilet you develop a kinship with them–even if they are working for you. AS such, Linzy had come to be one of my dearest friends over the past couple of months.

“We do have a couple today.  Slick Sly Sy says ‘Looking for a lady who knows how to treat a man.  You give me a beer and I give you praise.’  He sounds like a winner.  Even better is JoeBob LadyKiller who is looking for a lady to berate while wearing a diaper.  I’m unsure who wears the diaper but I am sure I don’t want to know.”

“Ooo what a lucky lady you are!  How can you turn down those offers!?”

I half sighed, half laughed.  “Shut up.”

“Look, I’ve got a better idea.”

“Uh…I give up on men and invest in batteries?”

“Christ!  What a lonely life!  No, I’ll set you up with my older brother.”

“Your brother?  You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Trust me.  You’ll love him.  First, we’ll update your look to beef up your confidence.”

“As long as my confidence is the only thing getting beefed up.  I have plenty of beef in other places.”

“No worries.  He’s just as out of practice as you are.”

We bundled Dylan off to school.  Dylan was more of a homebody that Katie and he had no interest in boarding school.  It was getting colder, nearly winter, and I knew the days of school were numbered.  It snowed like a bitch here in Storybrook County and it wasn’t uncommon for weeks to be cancelled due to snow days.

Then Linzy had me drive to the salon.  She had “ideas” whatever that meant.

“Ok, stay here.  I’m going to grab some clothes.  I already told the stylist what to do with your hair and makeup.”

“I don’t get a say?”  I was suddenly very nervous.

“Do I look like a woman who is going to give you a say?”


“OH MY GOD!  You took like 80 pounds off my ass!”

“Don’t ever question me again.  Please don’t fire me!”

“Fire you?!  I could marry you right now!”

“So, I’m going to call Pete and have him meet you later tonight at Shenanigan’s Sports Bar.  We cool?”

I was super nervous about it.  I knew if I didn’t say yes now I never would.

“Fuck it.  Yes, tell him I’ll be there at 6pm tonight.”

“Hiya, Pete.  Say are you doing anything tonight?  Good!  I’ve got a great woman for you to meet.  I don’t care that you are seeing that woman.  She’s a dumbass and a bimbo.  Yes, I do know so!  Seriously, bro, she’s cheating on your ass.”

Holy crap.  What have I just walked into.  I kept listening mostly because the conversation was hilarious.

“Pete, she dumped you months ago.  She just hasn’t told you yet.  Fine.  Yes, Penny will meet you Shenanigan’s tonight.  6pm.  Don’t fuck up.”

Oh the words we were teaching my daughter.

I got to the bar right at 6pm but I was the only one there.  Just when I was thinking I’d been stood up (again) the elevator dinged.

An adorable, awkward, dorky guy stepped out–or tried to at least.  He promptly got caught in the doors.

After he face planted I was wondering if this was really the guy Linzy hooked me up with.

When he came in and sat down alone I knew he was he for me.  I grabbed us some drinks and hoped for the best.  We didn’t do much drinking though.  From the phone call it was obvious he was dating another woman and so I didn’t put much into the date.  Instead we played some bar games.

“HA!  I knew you couldn’t beat me!  I am the dart champion.”

“Shush.  I still have two more darts here.”

I got the bullseye both times.

“What was that you were saying, Peter?”

“Alright.  Whatever.  I can whoop your butt at shuffleboard.”

“I’d like to see you try, sir.”

“Aww, don’t worry, Pete.  I don’t think you less of a man.  You just suck at life.”

We spent the rest of the night talking about nothing in particular.  I really did like him.  He was nerdy and laid back.  It really was a shame he was dating some other woman.

We left the bar about 11pm and despite the hour I knew I had one more stop before I went home.

“GIRL!  I knew you’d stop by.  Tell me all about it!”

“How’d you know?!  I didn’t even tell you I had a date!”

“Linzy called me right after you left.  Adam and the girls are in bed.  I already have wine and cookies ready.”

I enjoyed that two women who were not even my sisters quickly became the family I missed so desperately.

Hannah’s energy was infectious and soon I was too excited to sit like a normal person so I bounced around the living room.

“So…how was it?  Is he a keeper?”

“Oh…I don’t know…YES!  He’s dating another woman though.  Or at least I think he is from the phone call I overheard from Linzy.”

“Oooo girl!  You’ll win him over.”

I giggled like a school girl, “I totally want in his pants.”

We celebrated like teenage girls.  Hannah and I made a pact to hit the gym once the holidays were over (like we were going to lose any weight with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner).


“Will you girls shut up down there!” Adam called out from the stairs.  This only caused us to giggle more.

Yep.  Just like teenage girls.

Chapter 3.31

Note from SweetPoyzin: Nothing exciting happens in this chapter.  It is just to show off some adorableness.

With his birthday just around the corner, I thought I would spend some time with my little guy.  I reluctantly called a babysitter for Harper and left her alone for the first time.

I must say, Mr. Dylan quite enjoyed getting out of the house for a change.  I did, too.

We headed to the toystore to pick up some birthday goodies.

It also has the added bonus of having an attached park and we spent most of the day on the playground.

More specifically, we spent 5 hours riding the bee.

“All right, bud.  Time to go.”

“NO.  Don’t wanna.”

“Oh, you’ll live.”

While we were out we ran across these guys.  Dylan took to them right away.  Too bad they belong to someone.

Dylan continued to put up a stink about leaving but passed out immediately on the ride home.

I got home just in time to find Harper dirty, hungry, lonely, and sleepy.  Fuck babysitters.  I’m never leaving her again.

Chapter 3.20

Suddenly winter turned to spring and summer was nearly upon us.  I started working in the garden again and Adam prepared for graduation.

Xander rocked the upgrades and gave the entire house a boost.

Adam was also making a bit of a name for himself as a writer.  He had moved past comic books and into novels.  He was bringing in nearly as much money as I was…only it took me an entire week and he got it done in one day.  He’s doing it right.

I prepped for Adam’s birthday and went on a gift spending spree.  I snagged him a guitar and a laptop.

Xander remembered how often his own laptop died in college and so he upgraded Adam’s to be unbreakable.

Oh…I may have gotten him the car he wanted, too.

Then it was time for the party.  I used my new oven to make the cake.  I am really becoming a little…obsessed.

We set up the table with all of Adam’s awards.  He won something in every club and prom king.  He’s going places.  At least, he better be after all this time I put into him!

Everybody showed up.  Well, everyone but mom and dad.  The baby was sick so they had to miss out.

Adam was more or less amused by the party antics.  He just wanted to be done with the mess.

Before too long…

…he was done.  My baby brother was an adult.

Adam took his college entrance exams and all his planning paid off.  He ended up getting scholarships in whatever degree he wanted.  Now all he had to do was choose one.

“Fine arts.”  He announced on graduation day.  “Or communications.  One of those.  Yep.”

“Good choice, kiddo.  One of those…yep.”  I wasn’t too worried.  Adam has always had a good head on his shoulders so I had no doubt he would settle on something eventually.

Xander and I got to the ceremony early.  We were loitering when we saw  him.

“I have arrived.  Yes, yes, thank you.  I know I am amazing.”

“Oh, Christ.  Get in there and graduate you dumbass,”  I said as I rolled my eyes.

Adam was named Valedictorian and Most likely to have five kids.  Good luck to him if that is true!

“Bow down to my awesomeness, Penelope.  I am BOOMSAUCE!”

Despite having no idea how long his god-like mindset was going to last I was mostly just glad that I had raised a successful, college bound graduate regardless of my own faults.

My prayers of gratitude were interrupted.

“So…we’re down a kid and that one wasn’t even ours.”

“HA!  I have to change.”  I had a vague idea of what Xander was getting at but I just didn’t want to go there today.

“Penny?  Let’s have a baby.”

There it was.  We had been dancing around it for months.  Here we were, nearly one year married and child-free.  I liked it.  It was good.  Why mess that up with a kid?

“Erm…what?”  Smooth, Penny, I thought to myself.

“Yeah, baby.  You’ll be a wonderful mother.  Look how well you did with Adam!  If we had one of our own you would be just as awesome if not more!”

“Oh, yeah.  Well, I guess.”  He wanted this so badly.  I’m sure he was right that I’d be a great mother.

“So…let’s throw caution to the wind?  Toss the pills and stuff, yeah?”

“Yeah, yeah ok,” I said with less reluctance that I expected.

What had I gotten myself into now?

Chapter 3.15

Note from SweetPoyzin: This is seriously picture heavy.  How could it not be when my three favorite ladies hit the big city in search of wedding dresses and fun?

Xander and I decided to head to the spa on Wednesday.  It’s the only day we both have off together.

“So I still need a wedding dress, you know”

“What about it?  I’m sure you’ll find one.  I mean…the wedding is two months away.”

“Yeah, but I was thinking I need to travel to find one.  Liv mentioned something about a great bridal shop in Bridgeport.  I think we might go there.”

“Bridgeport?  That’s like…8 hours from here.  Do you really need to go there to find a dress, sweetie?”

“Men…You just don’t understand.  ”  I sighed.

“Yes, I do need to go.  Liv, Mom, and I are leaving tonight.”

And by tonight I meant as soon as Xander and I got home.  Liv and Mom were already waiting for me when we got back.  We loaded up the car and headed off to Bridgeport!

We arrived at our condo late that night.  It wasn’t much to look at but it was cheap as hell so it would do.

We all slept in the next morning.  We didn’t have to be at the bridal shop until 1pm so we were taking advantage of the quiet.  I didn’t have the kids that Mom and Liv have to deal with but my pager can be just as annoying!

Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast…which was actually lunch.

Liv and I dragged our butts out of bed with barely enough time to eat and change.

Despite being grown women, we were still nearly late for our appointment at the dress shop.

As soon as we pulled up I knew I was in over my head.  I wear scrubs and jeans all day every day.  This place was a wee bit too fancy for my tastes.

“Ok…so how does this work?  I just go find some dresses and try them on, right?  I don’t want anything too fancy.  It’s just not me.”

Mom already looked worn out as Liv studied me.

“Nope, that’s not how this is going to work.  I’m going to find the dresses and you will wear them.  Who knows you better than your twin, eh?”

“You’re going to make me look stupid just so you can take pictures and post them online for everyone to make fun of.”

“GIRLS!  Can we just get this show on the road?  I’d like to get my drink on while we are here.”

“Yes, mom’s right.  You go into the dressing room and I’ll find some dresses.  Go on now.  Git!”

Mom seemed frightened by the first dress Liv found.  I had a feeling she didn’t even try to find a good dress at all.

“Liv this is perfect!  I’ve always wanted to be confused for a wedding cake.”

“I know.  I’m sorry, Penny.  I tried to find one with a big bow on the butt.  Alas, no luck.  Maybe next time.”

“Ok girls…who wants to hit the bar?”

We looked at a couple more wedding dresses before we all had had enough of Liv’s silliness.  We went to a local dive bar for happy hour.

I was denied access to the VIP room!  So Liv and I devised a plan.

“While I distracted the bouncer, Liv snuck right in.  After breaching the hull, she flirted with the bartender and bit until both mom and I could get inside, too.

Still, I paid off the bouncer to make her feel special.  Or maybe it was because I suck at sneaking and she caught me.

After getting a few drinks in, we all decided it would be a good idea to strike up a band on the main stage.

Spoiler alert: it is never a good idea to play on the main stage after a few drinks.  We got kicked out of the bar.  It didn’t matter though.  We needed to get some sleep before our second fitting at the bridal shop.

“Ok, you go find a room.  I saw THE PERFECT dress yesterday and you must try it on immediately.  Go, go, go!  Shoo, shoo!”

Oh the mirth that spread across Liv’s face when I tried this one on.  It was only matched by the sheer terror plastered on my mother’s.

“What are you smoking, Olivia!?  This dress isn’t even funny for a joke!  God in heaven this thing is awful!”

Liv couldn’t even speak.  She was consumed by silent giggles.

Mom looked concerned for our sanity.

Just then we heard a woman scream in the reception area.

I’m a doctor.  I help people.  I suppose sometimes you just have to put on a smile and help people while wearing a stupid dress.

Thank goodness the guys at the hospital didn’t see this.  I’ve never live it down.  Her husband was not helping.  I couldn’t tell if he was more upset by his wife’s sudden illness or the fact that she was being aided by a woman in my attire.  I wouldn’t blame him on the latter.

I put on my best smile given the circumstances and handed the woman a pill.

After that extravaganza I changed and we hit the bars again.

We totally got bounced at the first bar went went to.  So mom and I headed home to change while Liv went down the street to butter up security.

For a nearly 30-year-old mother of two, the woman knows how to work it.  Mom and I returned and we got in no problem.  Liv was having a grand ol’ time flirting with the bartender again.

Mom and I played it low key.  We just had a few drinks and danced.

This place was obviously too fancy for us.  They had a fish tank built into the wall.  We are not those kinds of people.

Before I could stop her Liv was headed to to rooftop bar.  Again, flirting her way past security.

“Where is your sense of adventure, Penny?”  Mom asked as she, too, headed up to the roof.

I had to admit, I was not disappointed once I got up there.

We chilled in the hot tub until we turned into prunes.  I went to grab more bar snacks and drinks for us but when I got back Mom and Liv were missing.

It was not difficult to find them though.

You’d never know they had children at home.  Or that they were respectable members of society.  Jeez.

We stayed out all night.  I’m too old for that crap.

We had one more fitting at the dress shop and Liv came through for me after all.  She found the perfect dress.

We did not go out to the bar that night because we were all still hungover from the night before.  Needless to say we called it early that night and passed out.  Our insanity filled trip had come to and end and it was time to actually plan a wedding.

Penny’s Prologue

I returned from college and everything was changing.

Mom was preparing for her baby boy to go from boy to…man boy?  Whatever a teenage boy is I guess.

Little Lucy’s photo adorned the fireplace as the final tribute to the Hanks family saga.

Oh…Colleen went from being a Lox to a Parker and welcomed little Jonah Donaldson Parker.

That was interesting…She was dating a guy named Forrest Donaldson when I left.  Aunt Lanya said something about Grampa Vic convincing Dad to banish Forrest in some sort of revenge against all men impregnating unmarried daughters thing.

It’s all rumor of course.  Although Forrest is missing…whatevs.

Speaking of shotgun weddings…Mike finally proposed to Liv.  Probably with Dad watching from the porch threatening him with bodily harm…or banishment.  Either way I came home just in time for the wedding!

Well, not everything’s changed.  Mom and Dad were still all over each other…ALL THE TIME.  Ew.

“There’s my favorite person!  Hi there little awesome niece!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Penny.  I mean, Doctor Hanks.”

“Jealous, I see.  Get used to it, deary.  This baby is so my favorite person ever.”

“We are going to have so much fun!  She’s going to be my little sidekick and she will worship my awesomesauce.”

“Please stay away from my daughter when she is learning to talk.  I never want to hear awesomesauce from the mouth of a 2 year old.”

“Oh, Liv.  Lighten up.  She will say all the things.  And I will teach her.”

The next morning I was helping Liv get ready for her wedding.  She really did glow.  I, on the other hand, did not.

Glowing isn’t my thing on a good day.  I wasn’t sure this was a good day.

“Can you believe I am getting married?”

“I can believe it.  I can’t believe you are having a shotgun wedding.  What were you thinking, Liv?”

Before she could answer it was time to head off for the ceremony.

I had to admit, she really did look happy.  As obnoxious as it was losing my twin to marriage I knew that we had to part ways at some point.

At least Mike makes her smile in a way that nobody else can.  So help me I will do terrible things to that man if he ever hurts my twin.  I’m a brain surgeon now…and only average, too…I can really eff him up!

I’m not going to think about that in the context of actual patients.

Poor Adam!  With all the crap going on involving banishments, weddings, and babies we pretty much missed his birthday.  We honestly grabbed junk from around the house and called it presents.

He went with it!  This means my brother is either super sweet and amazing or totally unobservant and dumb.  I am going to guess he’s just awesome.

One morning about a month before AwesomeSauce the Kid (Liv totally hates that name) arrived I took her shopping for some baby items.  Mike had bought them an old farmhouse and was renovating it which meant I got to play baby room designer.

Can I just say…I was super excited to go to the toystore.  After dropping about $500 in toys for the tot we headed off to buy some real furniture for the house.

The store was a bit overwhelming.  Lucky for me, Liv knew what she wanted so I just wandered and enjoyed looking at things I can’t afford to purchase.

The baby section was the best.  I, of course, spent my time figuring out how to spoil my niece.  Liv took the logical approach and bought essential items.

“You know, Liv…I never pictured you as a farmer.”

“Well, Penny, I never pictured you as a doctor.”


Liv totally went all the way with this farmer thing.  Cows and chickens.  This should be a reality show.

I have to say that Liv and Mike will be awesome parents.  The rest of the house is furnished with cheap furniture so they could afford the best stuff for Baby Girl Hepworth.

I mean, it’s like a fairy tale in that room.  The kid will totally be aware that she is a girl.

After a long day of shopping we returned to home.  Two hours later I heard Liv scream from the music room.




I got us there without killing anyone!  I was so proud.

I called Mike (once the nurse told me maybe I should call the father) and he hurried over from his renovations.  Nobody expected the baby to come a month early but here we were.

The next evening we all piled in a taxi headed for home.

Everyone was excited to meet Katherine Penelope Hepworth.

I had no idea Liv and Mike were making me a namesake.  Everyone calls her Katie but I call her Bug.  Katydids are a Bug.  It’s unique.  I’m not weird.

Three weeks later we packed Liv, Mike, and Katie off to their new house and things returned to normal.

Well, until Mom stopped me one day.

“I’m pregnant!”

“I’m so buying a house and moving out.  I mean, congratulations!”

Chapter 2.40

Note from SweetPoyzin: This is the final post for Generation Two.  Thank you for sticking with me for so long.  I have loved writing this story and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

“Are you going to stare into that mirror all morning, Penny?”  Liv asked while rolling her eyes.

“I think I just died a little inside.  I cannot believe mom is making us all wear matching pajamas this Christmas.”

“Just smile and act like you love them.  You can burn them tomorrow.  I’m going downstairs.”

“Mom did a wonderful job on the tree this year.  Can you believe we are adults now Penny?”

“No, but I can believe I might die if I have to wear this when Xander comes over to have his chat with Dad.”

“Hey…why don’t we have a Girl’s Day out later today?  Like when Dad is giving Xander the third degree?  We could go to the spa and stuff?  Chat and whatnot…”

“That sounds wonderful!  We can go to that new spa down by the beach!  I think that’s where mom got her makeover.  And they have the cutest little cafe inside.  It would be great to get my mind off the whole Xander and Dad thing…this is perfect!”

“I thought I heard some girls chattering down here.  I thought Adam and Lucy would be the first ones up but apparently I was wrong.”

“We were just admiring these wonderful Christmas uniforms you purchased, Mom.”

Penny has an answer for everything it seems.  She always has.

Finally the younger kids got up and everyone gathered around the tree to open gifts.  We usually didn’t do a big Christmas thing with just the family but this was potentially our last year together.  It was nice to just sit there with my eyes closed listening to the magic of Christmas going on around me.

I made French Toast for Christmas breakfast and we all sat around the table talking and eating.  My kitchen table was finally full!  This is the table I always wanted.  When I finally had enough children to fill the chairs, two left for college.  So today was prefect!

Miss Lucy was not excited about her French Toast.  She knocked it off her chair and made a huge mess.  Adam was not excited about this since it was his weekend to clean the kitchen.

After breakfast Penny stopped me in the hallway with a look of concern on her face.

“Momma, Liv and I are going to the spa while you and dad interrogate Xander.  Ok bye!”

“You mean, you don’t want me to come with you?”

“Well we were kinda hoping for a girl’s day at the spa…you know how it is…”

“I’m just kidding!  I’d much rather traumatize your new boyfriend…I mean friend.”

Hopefully that would give her something to ponder while she was out with her sister.  I ran upstairs to shower and get dressed because our guest of honor would be here soon.

I heard the doorbell ring and ran downstairs to greet Xander.  He had been to the party yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.  I opened the door and was a bit floored by the man I saw.  He was attractive enough but I couldn’t help thinking “look what the cat dragged in…”  I think it was the ripped clothes.

“Child, get in here before you freeze!  Where is your coat?  Garrett is in the  family room at the end of the hall.  He’s looking forward to meeting you.  I’ve got to get the coffee and cookies.”

“Ugh, nice to meet you, Mrs. Hanks…”

“I’m not the one you need to worry about impressing, kiddo,” I said with a wink.

“Hello, sir.”

“So, what is your interest in my daughter.  Please, have a seat next to me…”

“I can’t do this.  I’m Garrett.  I’m really not a badass but I do love my daughter.  Don’t mess with her or I’ll find someone to mess you up because I’m not that kinda guy.  Tell me about yourself, young man.”

After I had come back with the coffee (a couple of rugrats ate the cookies and blamed it on Santa) Xander told us about his life.  He was born in Sunlit Tides but had lived in Appaloosa Plains, Sunset Valley, and now here.  He has an older sister named Athena who is married with one step-daughter.  His twin sisters are now teens and attend boarding school.

Xander told us he had to move so often due to his father’s career as a DNA Profiler with the FBI and his cases sometimes put them in danger.  Now that his parents are divorced his father has taken a nice, safe desk job so he can be around for the twins.

“Ok, what I really meant to ask but you were unable or unwilling to read my mind: Are you interested in marrying my daughter?  Are ya’ll just friends?  What are your intentions here?”

“Honestly, I don’t know, sir.”

“I really do like her.  Probably love her.  She’s so darn independent though that I don’t know where she is at.”

“Fair enough.  I like you.  However I will kick your ass if I have to…try not to make me do that.”

With that our meeting was over and Xander quickly left (It is possible he even ran for the door).

“Oh my gosh, Penny, I am starving!  The pastries here look amazing.  Grab a table I’ll snag the food.”

“Hey, so now that we are finished eating let’s grab a seat in the sauna upstairs so we can talk.”

Penny laughed, “You are really on a mission to chat today, Liv.  Alright, I’ll humor you.”

“So whatever shall we talk about, Olivia?”

“I’m pregnant, Penny.”

“Say something…seriously.”

“Penelope?  Is anyone in there?”

“Are you fucking serious, Olivia?  PREGNANT?  What the heck!?  We still have a year of college left.  Does Mike know?  What about mom and dad?  I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!”

“I know, honey.  It wasn’t planned.  Mike knows.  Mom and Dad not so much.  Please, please, please try to understand.  I need you on my side…you’re my twin.”

Penny sighed and tried to control her anger.  “Ok…just…just gimme a minute.”

“Alright, so when are you due?”

“May, after graduation.  But, Penny, we decided not to go back to school.  Mike is going to finish his degree online and I just want to stay home with the baby.”

We didn’t decide anything, Olivia.  There is no WE anymore.  Now it’s you, Mike, and Baby Hepworth.  It’s the loss of my twin sister that sucks more than the baby!”

“Penny, you aren’t losing me.  You are gaining a niece…”

“A niece?”

“Alright, so imma let you have this baby.  And I’m going to be the super fun aunt who let’s her get away with EVERYTHING and I’m going to load her up with candy every.single.time she gets to hang out with me.  Which will be all the time just in case you were wondering.”

“Perfect!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I also need you to help decorate her room.  Now you better hug me and pretend you love me.  And don’t you dare tell mom and dad!”

“I’m your twin, Olivia.  I’ll keep whatever secrets you have.”

And with that…we head into Generation Three.

Penny’s Letter Home — Year 1

Dear Mom and Dad,

OMG!  We made it to college!  It was a long drive but the house is totally bitchin’ awesome!

There’s some early snow on the ground here.  Can you believe it is only October but there is snow already?!  It’s gonna be a long semester!

There was a college-wide get together the first week and Olivia and I had a blast.  People totally don’t believe we are twins!  They don’t know we are witches either so the professors better not fail us!  HAHA!

Our house has two bedrooms.  Olivia and Mike have the smaller room.  I took the big one for myself!  It’s ok…they like “cozy.”  Ick.  Don’t worry, Dad, I’m keeping an eye on the lovebirds.  No funny business!

Olivia and I have a super early class.  It’s dark when we leave…

..and dark when we get home.  I have classes ALL DAY on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  From 8am to 6pm!  Jeez you’d think they’d want us to learn or something!

We are eating pretty well.  Of course I spend so much time in class that sometimes we have to order pizza.

Classes are going really well!  I’m getting A’s in EVERYTHING.  They said Medical School would be hard but whatever.

I had to give a presentation in one of my classes!  It was great.  I totally rocked it.

Olivia and the professor were the only ones to show up but I kicked ass anyway!

OMG you guys!  Olivia is getting really great at drawing!  She was awesome to begin with but now she is even better!  She is really dedicated.

We found this AWESOME bakery just down the road from our house.  They have the BEST brownies.  No, Dad, they are not THOSE kinds of brownies.  I know what you were thinking.

Oh, by the way, I met a boy.  No, Dad, it’s not serious.  I am bringing him home for Winter Break.  NOT BECAUSE IT IS SERIOUS.  Sheesh.  He’s from Starlight Shores…sorta.  He’s really from Sunset Valley but was born in Sunlit Tides.  So his family is new to our area and I’m going to show him around.  GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER, DAD.

We’re just friends.

I gotta run!  Class and all the jazz!  See you over break!

Love Always,

Ladies and Gentlemen…

We have a legacy!

So, after much ado and frustration, Eternally Yours is back in business.


The last time I backed up my save file was September so while I didn’t lose everything I still lost a lot of ground.  The good news is: Everything is back in working order.  The bad news: everything that has to happen prior to writing again.

It looks something like this:

  • Remodel the office into Penny and Liv’s teen paradise
  • Remodel Baby Adam’s Room into Office
  • Age up Penny and Liv to YA.
  • Attend University (again)
  • Remodel Teen Penny’s room in to Child Adam’s room (DONE!)
  • Remodel Teen Liv’s room into Toddler Lucy’s room
  • Age up Adam to child
  • Mollie gives birth to Lucy
  • Age up Lucy to Toddler
  • Age up Mollie to Adult
  • Rebuild Mollie’s Art Shop
  • Remodel Town (Done)
  • Remake Penny and Liv’s YA homes
  • Have Mollie take all of the adorable in game photos
  • Find Suttons (they randomly vanished during the restore)

Oh the joys of game restores.  I am hoping beyond hope that I can have it up and running by Sunday so I can resume the story with Penny’s Generation 3 some time next week.  In the meantime…some bits, bobs, and bloopers.

Adam didn’t know what to do on his birthday.  So he did this…

Oh, we adopted the spawn of Satan…that’s cool I guess.

Garrett and Adam…oh the feels.

Oh I love these boys!

This is hard…maybe I’ll just be a stripper…?

This was the moment when I questioned Penny’s ability to be heir…

Meet your Generation 3 husbands.  Synchronized bowling fail.

Mollie’s street art was found by Penny at University!



OK…Oliver’s wife NEVER removes her coat at parties…EVER.  I always have to force it.  I have given up.

Garrett tries out a new look.

Also, I don’t have a screenshot but I got the Woohooer mod installed right before the crash.  During Adam’s party, Oliver and Lanya decided to try it out for me.  They left the party expecting baby #4.

See you soon, friends!


So this weekend I had a great time in game.

  • Penny and Liv went off to University.
  • Adam aged up to child and had a huge party.
  • Mollie got some great shots of the kids with the new poses I downloaded for Pose Player.
  • I built houses for Penny and Liv.
  • Mollie prepared for Lucy’s birthday and her own.
  • Garrett sent Mollie off for a makeover and spa day.
  • I downloaded some new mods and updated my old ones.

Overall it was a super productive sim weekend.

Yesterday, my hard drive died.  Fortunately, I made a full game back up.  Unfortunately, I made it in September.  I also have an old copy of my hard drive so at least I only have to download 2 EPs, 1 SP, the new updates for games and mods, and my new store content.

It’s finals week and I have 3 exams and 2 papers due.  The downloading and reinstalling is going to kick my ass.  Also, I don’t know exactly where my save backups leave off.  I know the girls are still teens so I have to deal with aging them up.  They will have to repeat Uni and that’s not awful.

My main concern is Adam and Lucy.  Adam I can re-adopt and edit.  No biggie.  However, if Lucy isn’t there…well she might make a sad exit from the game.  With Mollie fading out I just don’t want to put 200% into repeating her past.

Also, there will be some continuity issues when it comes to the story.  People might not look 100% the same.  However, I know you will forgive some issues because my readers are awesome.

Sorry for the delay of game.  We will be back to our regularly scheduled updates sometime in mid December.

I hope to see you then!

Changing the Rules

Howdy, all!

I hope you have been enjoying Eternally Yours these past few weeks.  I will admit I have been on the fence about continuing it.  I’ve grown a bit bored with the humdrum everyday-ness of Mollie and Garrett’s lives.

Therefore, I am going to mix it up a bit.  I am changing the rules of my own legacy.  Which is easy because it is my legacy and it didn’t have a ton of rules to begin with anyway.

I’m adopting rules from another legacy challenge.  I must grant any wish that the family members roll.  YES, that’s right folks.  If Mollie decides she wants to roll the “Have a Child” wish 10 times in a row…well, she’s gonna have a full house.

I am modifying these rules for Mid-Life Crisis/Mood Swing wishes because they always roll ridiculous shit during those times and I don’t want to deal with that.  Unless I do.  We will cross that bridge when Mollie gets there I guess.

Yes, this will mess with some plot lines I’ve already got going but let’s be honest…thing blog is about to get 900 times more interesting.