Chapter 3.18

Being down one child has its perks!  With Katie in school and Dylan in half day preschool Liv was able to spend more time over at our place these days.

Adam would join us in the garden to paint on his days off.

He is really stepping up his game with college looming.  I suspect it has something to do with the car he wants for his graduation.  He’s been going around town snagging gems for my collection.

It was the weirdest thing that gem collection.  One day it just vanished while I was at work.  Xander had no idea what happened even though his butt is home all day.  Men are so unobservant.  Nonetheless Adam is helping me build it up again.

He’s also helping out around the house a ridiculous amount.  I mean, he was helpful before but now it’s just silly.

He even fixed the washing machine and the kid has no handiness skill.

It’d be nice if he’d clean a toilet or two but I suppose that it just too helpful.

The day of the annual Feast Party arrived and I set my team to work.  Xander was on yard duty.

I cooked my butt off in the kitchen.

And did some meager decorating.  My mother is the party lady at our house.  I just look silly.

We were way behind on our party planning this year which meant that I forgot the most important part…pumpkins.  Adam had the fun job of heading to the festival grounds for those.

We did our family duty of carving Jack-o-laterns together in the backyard.

Adam and Xander’s pumpkins got a place of honor on the front walk.

We hid mine in a corner of the dining room and hoped nobody would notice.

Just before the guests were due to arrive the doorbell rang and this little monster was waiting.

“Are you coming back for the party later, Bug?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Not as long as there are houses with candy, Aunt Penny.  Bye!”

Granny and Gramps ganged up on Xander during the party.  Apparently there was some rumor about Xander being a crime boss in Starlight Shores and they wanted to get to the bottom of it.  He reminded them that his dad was a top DNA profiler for the CIA so if anyone was a crime boss it was not going to be himself.

Mom and Adam caught up a bit.  Mom was still a bit crabby about Adam running off to live with me when she had two babies she needed help caring for at home.  I sided with Adam that it’s not really his job to care for her kids.  That did not go over so well…

Dad regaled us all with his new guitar songs.  Liv chimed in on piano and Granny played the drums.  We’re a hot mess.

Adam’s girlfriend Rory sat on the computer all night.  She’s an odd duck.

The worst part about these damn parties is the clean up.  I don’t know why nobody stays to help.

The best part is drinking the left over wine.  No complaints about that one.

It was 5am before we got bed.  Never again.

Chapter 2.21

The day after our Feast Day party it was Spooky Day.  The girls had never been trick-or-treating before so they were pretty excited.

First though, I needed to clean up some of the mess from the party.  I couldn’t believe how messy the house was!

What do a Genie, a hotdog, a tiger, and a cowplant have in common?  Nothing unless it is time to go to the Fall Festival on Spooky Day!

The girls challenged their dad to an eating contest.  They changed out of their costumes so they wouldn’t ruin them for trick-or-treating.  Penny won.  I felt bad for Garrett and Liv who were quite sick after the contest.

I went into the haunted house and was cursed for the rest of our outing.

Penny was amazed by this creepy doll.  She asked if she could get one for her birthday.  I told her that we would probably skip that  gift.

Penny as excited to trade in her tickets.  She bought a soccer goal.  I told her she would need to wait until spring to really use it but she didn’t mind one bit!

Liv’s favorite part was the food!  She had ice cream, chili fries, and popcorn.  She loved it!

We did get a Greeting Card and I thought it was pretty darn cute!

We carved pumpkins once we got home.  Then it was time for the girls to head out to get some candy!  Garrett and I headed to a party at Oliver’s house.

Both girls got way more candy than they could ever eat!  They aren’t going to sleep for days I swear.

Meanwhile, Garrett and I went to Oliver’s house for Lanya’s party.

“There you are.  I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“Sorry, babe.  He was crying and well I wanted to meet my nephew.  He is a sweet little guy.  Do you want to hold him?”

“No, no I’m fine.  We need to head home anyway.”

I was a good thing we left when we did.  Penny’s rebellion finally got the best of her.  She smashed Liv’s pumpkin and caught herself on fire.

Garrett ran inside immediately and grabbed the fire extinguisher and put her out.  Of course she was even more grounded than she was before.  This time for an entire week.

What a way to end our first Spooky Day.