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Chapter 3.26

Welcome to Storybrook County! We couldn’t have chosen a nicer home.  It had a huge downtown area for the city-girl in me! There are wonderful beaches right down the road! And rolling country hills are just outside of the suburbs.  This is a perfect…

Chapter 3.5

Notice anything different? The first thing I did with my loot when I got home was sell it to the museum. The second thing I did was have my house remodeled, repainted, and refurnished! I bought some furniture in France and had it shipped…

Chapter 2.16

Greetings from Starlight Shores! Some things have changed since we moved! Mom, Dad, and Colleen downsized and moved into a small house near the beach. My baby sister Colleen isn’t much of a baby anymore!  She’s in scouts and is quite the athlete.  I’m…

Chapter 2.15

Shortly after getting back home I had a talk with Garrett about a plan that was cooking in my head. “This photo trip has really opened my eyes, Garrett!  There is so much more out there that we can offer our girls.  But…” “But…

Chapter 2.1

I woke up the morning after the wedding at my parents’ house.  I had to check myself out in the mirror.  I couldn’t possibly be someone’s wife.  I wasn’t old enough for that.  Except…I was. I kept thinking last night at the wedding that…

Chapter 1.33

Mollie leaves for university tomorrow. I taught Mollie how to drive in this car and now we are preparing for her departure.  We spent the day together buying her things for University, going to the spa, talking about wedding plans. I will always treasure…

Chapter 1.17

Ok…Babies are hard. I decided that since I am now a mother I needed to look like one.  So I got a makeover and bought more “mom” clothing. We also bought a bigger house. Oh…and a minivan.  Yeah, I am that cool now. Tonight…

Chapter 1.9

The police did a formal investigation.  I listened to what they said but it didn’t stick. I read the story in the newspaper as the pieces came together.  Victor had purchased a Transmutation Machine.  I didn’t even realize they were real machines.  I’d only…

Chapter 1.7

The next morning I got a phone call from the Alchemy shop. After I got off the phone I stopped Victor on his way to work. “VICTOR!  OH MY GOD! VICTOR!  I have amazing news!” Victor thought that I was pregnant.  Obviously he missed…

Chapter 1.1

Hiya!  I’m Lydia.  Don’t ever call me that!  My friends call me Liddy and I want you to call me that, too.  I grew up in Appaloosa Plains with my dad Basil.  I never met my mom Morgan but my dad says she was…


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