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Dear Readers,

Chapter 72 marked the 100th post here on Eternally Yours.   As I prepare to finish out Mollie’s part in this saga and move on the the next generation I am filled with many emotions.  Gratitude for you, my readers, is at the top of my list.

This has been a very important project to me over the past year.  My personal blog, which  has been around since 2010, has fewer posts than this legacy.  Writing this story has sparked a creativity that was snuffed out years ago.  I just needed a boost to get the juices flowing again and now here we are nearly 80 chapters later.

My readers have stood by me through thick and thin.  You’ve dealt with my disappearances, my whining, my writer’s block.  You’ve helped me stand again after my surgeries, the death of my grandmother, and changing colleges and majors.  You’ve listened, you’ve cheered, and you’ve mourned with me.

Most of all you’ve been my friends.  For that I am forever grateful.

Please join me on a walk down memory lane as I take a moment to remember the Lox family and the Hanks family.

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And the big reveal…

So, there you have it.  The Lox-Hanks legacy through the years.  I appreciate you sticking around for this walk of remembrance.  There will be an official birthday post in the coming days.

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Chapter 2.31

Our house was already full before Lucy came along.  We had maxed out the space and all the bedrooms were taken.

Luckily I still had some money from my photography business and Garrett was still getting royalties on his books.  It was time for some redecorating before I went crazy from cleaning!

We told the girls they would be moving into the office,  It was the biggest room in the house  that could accommodate two teens.  They were initially ticked off about having to give up their own spaces but when Garrett told them he would install a door from their room to the guest bathroom it was all better.  We even told them they could decorate their own space.

They called it “dorm chic.”  I called it “I can’t believe I let my teenage daughters become interior decorators.”  Also…Why are they thinking about college NOW?!  I’m not old enough for that yet!

We turned Adam’s old nursery into our office.  It wasn’t as spacious as our old one but it had enough room for everyone to still enjoy their hobbies.

We moved Adam into Penny’s old room.  It had the more masculine feel to the bathroom with its blue tub.  After some new wallpaper and new ceiling lamps it was the perfect place for our little man.

Last but not least we did Lucy’s room.  We kept the wallpaper the same and most of the decor, too.  We did have to get some new baby furniture.  We just weren’t expecting another girl…or boy for that matter!  We weren’t thinking new baby at all!

After the excitement of bringing Lucy home and remodeling the house, we quickly fell into our new routine.

Garrett loved being a new dad again.  Despite having to go to work early each morning he got up with Lucy every time she cried.  I offered to do it so he could rest but he wanted to do it.  He said since I have to deal with four kids all day while he is working makes up for his work at night.

Adam still wasn’t sleeping totally through the night.  Garrett would get up and snuggle Adam until he felt safe enough to fall back to sleep.

I always make sure the fridge is stocked with plenty of yummy midnight snacks for Garrett.  It seems only fair to have fresh-baked cookies around if he is going to work so hard for us.

Those cookies, however, seem to stick with me since Lucy came along.  I must be getting older.  Post-baby weight and cookies are staying with me much longer than they use to when I was younger.

I can say that getting older and wiser has its perks!  I am much better at this mothering thing this time.  Especially now that I have teenagers.  These little ones seem so much easier compared to twin teenage girls!

Lucy does this.  This is all she does.  She’s a bit boring if I do say so myself!

Adam is slightly more exciting…but not really.  He eats things.  He uses the potty chair.  Sometimes he says things.

No biggie.  What do my teenagers do?

They talk to their boyfriends at 3 in the morning making them too tired to get to the bus on time meaning I have to drive them to school while juggling two cranky younger children.

They plan ways to sneak out of the house and go to a concert we prohibited them from seeing.  Then they get caught by the cops and are dropped off at the door at midnight waking up two sleeping babies which keeps everyone up for hours.

They also make their own dinner and do their own homework without being asked.  Penny has received a huge scholarship to medical school and Liv has gotten a full ride scholarship to art school

I guess they aren’t that bad after all.

Chapter 2.26

Everyone is growing like weeds these days.

Aside from Lanya’s green eyes, Luka is the spittin’ image of my brother.  He has a heart of gold despite his rough and tumble appearance.

Speaking of Lanya, she had an announcement in the fall…

A BIG announcement.

We welcomed Louis Basil…

And Lotus Lynette right before Snowflake Day.

Needless to say, Lanya and Oliver moved into a nice four bedroom house near the middle of town.

Meanwhile, our house is falling apart.

It’s great that everything in the house chose now as the perfect time to fall apart because I am hosting our annual Snowflake Day party in two days.

So after fixing the sink AND dishwasher in the kitchen, I set to work on the sink in bathroom.  Then I fixed the shower in the girls’ bathroom.  Did I mention the toilet broke, too?

After I finally got everything repaired I set about putting up the party decorations.  AND THEN my phone rang.  Needless to say I was horribly behind on my chores and not the best of moods.

“HELLO?  What do you want?”

“Uh…Mollie?  It’s Nanette.”

Oh great, I just was a bitch to our social worker.  Now she’ll really want to help us adopt.

“I’m sorry, Nanette.  It’s been one of those mornings where everything goes wrong.”

“Well, let me make it better.  You’ve been selected!”

“Selected for what, Nanette?  What are you talking about?”

“Mollie, you’ve been chosen by a young woman to be the adoptive family of her toddler son.”

“Oh my God, Nanette I’ve got to go.  We have so much to do!”

“Ok well get it done before tomorrow.  Oh, and Mollie, his name is Adam.”

We told the girls the good news that night at dinner.

“Girls, your father and I were chosen to be the adoptive parents of a little boy named Adam.”

Olivia was totally ok with this plan.  In between bites she conveyed her excitement about her new baby brother.

“Oh, that’s great, guys.  Congrats.  Can I go driving with Uncle Oliver tonight?  He promised to teach me.”

Penny on the other hand was not pleased.  She knew this was coming but it didn’t make it any easier for her.

She jumped up from the table and left without saying a word.

I knew she needed time and I found her outside later that night.

“Penny, you knew your dad and I were going to adopt if we couldn’t have our own child.”

“I know that, Mom.  I know it’s silly to think you will love me any less…but why aren’t Liv and I good enough?”

“Oh, honey, that has nothing to do with it.  Your father and I will always love you girls.  We are so proud of you…well less proud than usual with your antics these days but proud nonetheless.  We just feel like our family is complete yet.  I know it’s difficult to understand.  But, Penny, we’ve wanted this since you and Liv were toddlers.”

“Mom, that’s like…15 years.  I didn’t know…I’m so sorry, Mom.  I’m so sorry you were so sad for so long.”

“Just gimme a hug and try to be happy for your father and I.  And for God’s sake please try to be better about following the rules!”


Chapter 2.25

Garrett and I had decided to continue with the adoption process since Snowflake Day was upon us and I wasn’t pregnant yet.

Coincidentally my mother arrived to deliver my prankster daughter to me just as I was finishing up the phone call with Nanette, our social worker.

“Honey, do you really know what your daughters are up to these days?”

“Of course I do!  I’d be a terrible mother if I didn’t know what was going on with them!  They leave for school, attend their activities four days a week and then they either visit with friends or come home and study.  Geez…what do you think I am?!”

“Sweetheart, I don’t think you are a bad mother.  However, your daughters are pulling one over on you.  Olivia is carrying a D average in school…because she’s not going.”

“Well, where the hell is she going, mother, since you know so much.”

“Ask her to join you in a game of pool.  She’s become quite the hustler down at the local bar.”

“Oh my GOD.  Are you serious!?  How do you know?”

“Our daughters attend the same school.  Colleen mentioned that Liv wasn’t attending classes.  I found her in the bar one day when I went in to discuss hosting a party there.”

“She is so DEAD!”

“Don’t worry, Mollie.  I survived you.  You will survive her.”

After Liv and Penny returned from school that afternoon I acted like everything was normal.  I waited in the living room for Garrett to get home.  He and I had some MAJOR thinking to do.

“Liv hasn’t been going to school.  In fact, she’s the best hustler Mick’s Master Karaoke has ever seen.”

“Really…wow, good for her.  She can use that to pay for college.”


“How is the adoption agency ever going to think we are fit parents if our daughter flunks out of high school and hustles men at the pool hall?  We are so screwed.”

Neither one of us spoke for awhile.  There really wasn’t anything to say.

“Honey, let me handle it.  I’ll tutor her until we can get her grades up to par.  I’m not going to let her fail and I’m not going to let us lose our adoption.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, and if I can’t then we’ll pass her off to your father.  He is superintendent of schools you know.  He’ll knock some A’s into her!”

I felt better after our talk.  We only had a moment of peace before we had to conquer Olivia.

“Well, I started the year out going to school…but you know, it was dumb.  I don’t want to be an astronaut or doctor like Penny does.  I just want to paint and play music.  No school needed.  Instead I thought money would be useful.”

Once Garrett told her how disappointed he was Olivia finally lost her bravado.  It didn’t matter that I was angry, but that her Daddy was disappointed.

She really buckled down that night.  I know she’s a good kid.  She’s definately not the sweet little kid I once knew her to be, though.  Now she’s a young woman with strong opinions and blurry ideas on how the world works.  I hope she figures things out before too long.

So, I have one daughter who is on track to be a juvenile delinquent with her pranks and one daughter who is trying to flunk out of high school.

I’m going to go email the social worker and see if she has any leads on our adoption.

Chapter 2.22

Things were relatively calm in our neck of the woods these days.

I still wasn’t pregnant so I was taking some time to improve my skills.  Liv was becoming a master in painting and I thought I should reconnect with my passion.  I painted all the time as a kid and I thought getting back into it would help lift my spirit.

Liv painted this lovely portrait of urinals.  I was at least painting Garrett!

The girls were getting older.  Their birthdays were only a week away.

Their differences were becoming ever more obvious.  Liv preferred her dolls and artwork over everything.

Penny was more focused on her logic and athletic skills.  She wants to go to Medical school one day.  I bet she can do anything!

They both love the sandbox…for different reasons.  Liv loves to build huge castles.  Penny loves to destroy them.  Ah well, such is life with twins.

Garrett and I decided to sit them down and discuss their party ideas.

Liv wanted something artsy.  Penny wanted anything that was not babyish.  They did not agree on a single idea.

“Girls!  If you cannot pick a party theme I will do it for you!”

“Ok, you pick it, Mommy.  It’s just easier.”

“Mom, pick something artsy for Liv.  Okay?”

Deep down Penny loves her sister…even if she does insist on terrorizing her.

I sent them off to work on their skills and homework.  I had a lot of planning to do!

I started making calls.  We had one week to throw these sweet girls a party and I wasn’t going to let them down!

Chapter 2.15

Shortly after getting back home I had a talk with Garrett about a plan that was cooking in my head.

“This photo trip has really opened my eyes, Garrett!  There is so much more out there that we can offer our girls.  But…”

“But what, Mollie?  I know there are better schools out there for the girls.  I can work anywhere as a journalist.  Hell, I’ll even give it all up and just be a writer to give them a better life!”

“I would like to move near the ocean.  Moonlight Falls is beautiful but I’ve always wanted to live in a city by the sea.”

“I’ll break out the travel books and I’ll find us a place!  It will be great, Mollie!  We’ve got some calls to make.”

We called our parents first.  I was shocked to learn that my family wanted to move with us!  Mom and dad both wanted a change of scenery and said they would be devastated if they missed their grandkids growing up.  It was settled, we would all move together.

We packed our things over the next few weeks.

I must say I was a bit sad to see our rooms empty.  I felt like we had finally gotten everything just the way we liked it.

I got a little teary eyed when I realized we were leaving the house where things finally started to come together for us.  The girls birthday parties were here, I started my business here.  Our lives were here.

The waterworks really started when I saw the girls playing in their empty rooms the night we left to meet my parents.  We were going to travel cross-country together.

We all stood outside their door that night.  There was no looking back.  Tomorrow we would leave to start our new lives.

After little sleep, I woke up and gathered my wits about me and left Moonlight Falls with my family forever.

Chapter 2.14

Just flying into China was a treat!

The Forbidden City was beautiful even from the airplane!

I was so floored by the The Great Wall that I was unable to center my camera.  I was too awestruck!

Soon after landing however, I did realize that the “easy ” trip was too good to be true.  I met with my liaison in China and discovered that the photos needed were from tombs…meaning they were hidden in the tombs.

I stocked up on supplies and then I headed to Dragon’s Cave.  I wasn’t going to back down now.  I’d spent all of my family’s money to come here and make them proud.

After a long hike up the mountain, I found the hidden door leading deep into the earth.  If only I knew what I was getting myself into before I went in there!

Getting the photos was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life!  I had to push and pull statues!

After moving the statues I had to disarm electricity traps.

I had to search out hidden doors.

I fought off bugs and terrible creepy crawlies.  It was awful.

I sat on the edge of a dive well and sobbed.


I spent all of our money…for this…torture?!

Finally I came to the door with the panel I was looking to find.  The keystone I was given fit.  I had made it.

I got the photo they wanted.  That was it.  The fire traps, the statues, and the end of the tomb.  It was worth it.

After spending two and a half days in the tombs I was able to spend my last few hours in China shopping for souvenirs for my family.

It was wonderful getting home.  That is the last crazy photo excursion I take.

Chapter 2.13

Garrett and I had been trying for baby #3 for months with no luck.  We were coming up on a year and I was still not pregnant.  I couldn’t figure it out.  The girls were our Honeymoon babies.  They were so easy…what is the problem now?

It’s another month of bad luck it seems.  The sink broke this morning.  It’s almost like an omen.

I can’t help but feel like I’m broken, too.  Garrett already left for work so I will have to break the news to him when he gets home.  He’s going to be so disappointed again.  We thought for sure this would be our month.

Well, I can’t spend too much time moping.  The girls will be up within the hour and they are going to be hungry.  I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started cooking.

Halfway through making breakfast and feeling sorry for myself my phone started ringing.  It was an odd number that I didn’t recognize.


“Greetings!  Is this Mollie Hanks the photographer?”

“This is she.  Who is this?”

“I’m the head of Get Up and Go Travel Co and I need a photographer ASAP.  Can you be in China by Wednesday?”

“You do know today is Monday, don’t you?”

“Well, I said is was ASAP.  We will pay you $10,000 plus whatever you feel photos of China are worth.  We need these like…YESTERDAY!”

“I’ll take it.  I’ll leave as soon as my husband gets home.”

“Great!  We’re counting on you!”

I finished my pancakes thinking that was the weirdest phone call ever.  What had I just gotten myself into?  It couldn’t  be legit…it was too good to be true.

I didn’t have much time to dwell on the call.  As I finished up my breakfast I had more pressing matters.

Ever the sweetheart, Livvy was hungry but calm about it.

“Mommy?  I Hungy.  Can I has pancakes now?  Pwease?”

Penny is more to the point.


How am I going to get by without them for two weeks?

I wanted to be able to present all the information to Garrett when he got home that afternoon.  I got the girls settled and then went to work.  After gathering all the dollars and cents, I sat on the couch to wait for my man.

I wasn’t sure how he would take the news.  It wasn’t great news by any means.  No baby and now I’m taking off for two weeks…tomorrow.

Ever the busy man, his phone was ringing when he walked in the door.  When he saw me on the couch, however, he clicked silence.

“Hey, have a seat, babe.”

“I’m not pregnant…again.  Also, I got a phone call today.  I’ve been hired to go to China for two weeks to photograph the sites for a travel agency.”

The silence was palpable.  It almost hurt.

“When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow.  I need to be there by Wednesday.  It’s going to cost me $1,300 to get there.  Which means that there isn’t enough money for you or the girls to come with me.

“That’s WONDERFUL, Baby!  I’m so proud of you!  You are going to do an amazing job.”


“Yes.  The girls and I will miss you but we’ll be ok.  You need to do this.  For you, for us, and for the girls.  Let’s get you packed.”

And just like that I was off to China.


This past weekend was an awesome time for bloopers.  Enjoy!

Don’t let the door hit you in the…face?


Garret really respects Mollie’s opinion.

I really don’t know what was going on with his face all weekend.

This is just awesome because she really looks like she is doing battle with the shower.

Toddlers are gross.

Excuse me, Liv, but I am about to be taken over by a demon.  BRB!

This is the wrong way to upgrade a toilet.

Yep.  Definitely wrong.  Hammers probably shouldn’t even enter the toilet upgrade equation at all.

Thanks for reading!  Regular chapters will resume on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Chapter 2.12

Things were really going well for us all of a sudden!

Garrett was getting some fantastic interviews.  Granted, it was just my mom but the article about her was a hit!

Believe it or not, people were buying my photos!  I did a series on mystical architecture that sold for $5,000!

With all the money we were bring in we decided to renovate the house a bit.  I got an updated office.

We painted and bought new furniture for the bedroom.

Finally, we updated the ugly walls in Garrett’s study.  We also put new siding on the house.

I decided to get a makeover with some of my earnings.  I had recently gotten a haircut and I wanted some clothes to match.  I left the twins with Garrett’s mom and off I went.

At least all those nights at the gym kept the baby pounds at off.

Yeah…I was still a hot woman in a mom’s body!  I just needed some clothes to match.

Garrett was already home when I returned.

“Oh…you look…nice.”

“Just nice?”

“Well, you look so pretty it makes thinking difficult.”

“Hmm…well, I’m going to go check on the girls and then maybe you can see the “other” new clothes that I bought.”

“How did I get so lucky?  More importantly, how did I convince you to marry me?”

“I’ll meet you upstairs.”

For as sweet as little Olivia is, she seems to enjoy biting the head of her toy dolls and waving them around in her mouth like some sort of deranged dog.

Penny was busy practicing her magic.  She doesn’t have great control over it yet so each time her robot disappears she always looks surprised.

She is always equally thrilled when the robot returns.

“The girls are fine.”

“You are FINE!”

“You’re an idiot.  Just kiss me.”

You know, I could get used to the idea of another baby before too long.