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Chapter 3.57

After dealing with the flu for two weeks I had had enough.  I was moping in Peter’s office one morning while he continued writing his masterpiece. “Hey, P?” “What?  Can’t you see I’m trying to nap?” “Yeah.  I got that.  I was just going…

Chapter 3.56

Our Christmas season was NOT off to a good start. First I got the flu. Then we got robbed in the wee hours of the morning. Despite being insanely ill, I still managed to kick that burglar’s ass.  Do NOT mess with my family….

Chapter 3.55

The Christmas season was rapidly approaching. Peter was hard at work on his next masterpiece so that we could afford Christmas gifts for our brood. I was not feeling this whole holiday thing this year.  But I had good reason. For one, it was…

Chapter 3.54

School started and the girls were gone most of the day.  Since Pete is a writer and I work nights we got to spend LOTS of time together. We prepped the yard for winter which was too close for comfort.  Our Halloween party was…

Chapter 3.52

We were approved for the adoption and just before summer ended our little bundle showed up at the door. I wasn’t quite sure how a toddler could fit in such a small basket but either way I knew I would love the child that…

Happy Holidays!

My apologies for being so late!  Thank you to all of my readers, fans, followers, and lurkers.  You make this story worth writing!  Here’s to another great year in 2015! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From SweetPoyzin, Mr. Geek, Peter, Penny, Harper, Kylie,…

Chapter 3.51

One afternoon shortly after the wedding, the girls were visiting Uncle Adam and Auntie Hannah, while Peter and I sat watching TV.  Well, Pete was watching, I was plotting. “Peter.  I think it’s time we added to our family.” “Huh?  Yeah ok.” “Really?!  You know…

Chapter 3.50

There’s no rest for the wicked these days. I found myself on the road at 3am the morning of my wedding.  I was on my way over to Adam’s house because Hannah was in labor. Of course, after two kids she was really darn…

Chapter 3.48

I ended up taking a part-time job as a chef to earn some extra cash for the wedding. Unfortunately the hours had me up until 11pm during the week so I found myself sleeping in a lot. Lucky for me the girls were great…

Chapter 3.47

The wedding was right around the corner and things were really getting kicking in our house. I was busy with my garden.  A little too busy in fact.  It was taking me six hours to get everything in order.  So Peter bought me a…


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