Chapter 3.22

Note from SweetPoyzin: Don’t hate me.

Xander and I had some things to think about after our dinner conversation.  I realized we should have had this chat earlier…like before the wedding.

Luckily I was able to convince him that maybe we should wait just a tad longer.  I told him I would consider having a baby after he got off the night shift.  I got too little sleep as it was.  I didn’t need less with him working all the time.

“So…now that we have that settled…how about the beach?”

I was planning on throughly enjoying the rest of this trip now that I didn’t have to worry about babies all the time.

However, my family had other plans.  My phone was ringing off the damn hook.  It was my mother.  Whatever she wanted could wait.  I was going to enjoy every second I had left of this trip.  I earned it!

I silenced my phone and forgot about bills, work, babies, and life.

I checked my phone after dinner and had 132 text messages and 57 voicemails.  After reading the text from Adam that said “Call Dad” I decided to respond so I could get some peace.  Dad answered on the first ring.

“CHRIST, PENNY!  Thank God you are ok!”

“Of course I am, Daddy.  I am on my honeymoon.  Forgive me for shutting the world out for a few days.”

“I know, honey.  I’m really sorry about interrupting your trip honey, but you need to come home.  Now.”

I silently rolled my eyes at him.  He’d better have a damn good reason for asking me to come home.  Xander and I waited nearly a year for this trip.

“Well.  Xander and I still have a week left in paradise.  We will be home next Friday so we will see you then.”

“Now, Penny.  Tomorrow.”

“Ugh, Daddy.  You’re being too dramatic.  What’s got your feathers ruffled?   Who died.”  I rolled my eyes again and went to hang up the phone when dad responded.

“Olivia.  Olivia’s dead.”

Chapter 3.21

Nearly a year after the wedding we finally got our honeymoon!

Xander and I decided to travel to Sunlit Tides.  He really tried to convince me that France was the way to go but in light of my past I felt that France and my husband should not meet.

We got a suite in an amazing resort right on the ocean.  Contrary to most newlyweds we weren’t planning on spending the whole trip in our room.  In fact, we spent only a few hours a day together each day.

Xander was totally obsessed with learning how to surf.  He tried windsurfing, regular surfing.  He practiced on the ocean and in the pool.  It was funny because it was all he talked about even though he wasn’t very good at it yet.

I, on the other hand, was eager to learn how to snorkel.  I remember the seashells mom collected when I was a kid but Starlight Shores had limited sea life.  There was a bounty of underwater critters here and they even offered lessons on how to snorkel (the hotel, not the critters).  I jumped at the chance when the concierge asked if I wanted to sign up with their trainer.

We did manage to spend some time together.  One evening Xander rented a boat and we went on our own mini sunset cruise.  We had heard rumors of secret islands but we didn’t find any.  We also didn’t see the Kraken that the front desk attendant warned us about.  Old wives’ tale to scare the tourists and drum up business I’m sure.

I also challenged Xander to a fishing showdown.  We are both master anglers but I convinced him I am the better fisherwoman.  Xander took the bait (pun intended) and learned not to question his wife when she tells you she is better at something.

Our hotel had a sushi buffet and Xander and I were not about to pass that shizz up.  We headed over and got our noms and sat down near the pool when Xander started on about “it” again.

“What if we went home with a permanent souvenir of our honeymoon?”  I looked over at him and noticed the goofy grin on his face.

“Oh.  You mean like a parrot, right?”  I asked nervously.  I hadn’t been taking my regular birth control for a couple of weeks now but I may have slipped a morning after pill in there a couple times.  This conversation couldn’t go anywhere good.

He cleared his throat.  “I was thinking more along the lines of a baby.  You know I want a family, Pens.”

I realized then that we had never discussed when or if we wanted kids.  I wasn’t sure what to say because I still wasn’t up for the whole baby thing.  I didn’t want kids now.  I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to be a mother.

So I said the first thing that popped into my head…

“Could you pass the salt?”

Chapter 1.6

Things quickly got back to normal after the wedding.

Well…except for the fact that I AM MARRIED NOW!  I still can’t believe it.  Every time I see my ring…I just can’t believe it!  It was a little disappointing that we couldn’t go on a honeymoon.  We talked about going to China but we just couldn’t swing the cost.

I read about our wedding in the paper.  Apparently it was big news.  It was a little embellished, however, because it said our reception was six figures.  That is so not true.  The venue cost $200 and we had a $50 wedding cake.  We couldn’t even afford a caterer.  Oh well.  It’s the thought that counts.

We ended up getting some really expensive wedding gifts…about $10,000 worth of gifts!  There was no way I was going to let that go by without recognition.  Our friends are amazing.  They really care for us, obviously.  We are two lucky kids.

Victor has started writing poetry.  He’s always enjoyed writing so I guess if he wants to write for fun I won’t stop him.  He talks about maybe quitting his teaching job one day to write.  We’ll see how far that goes.  I probably need to make some more money with that stupid alchemy thing first.  Ugh.  Yeah…it’s going well.

“I just don’t know what is wrong with me, Vic.  Why am I not doing well in the shops?  My garden is doing well.  I just grew a perfect mandrake.  My potions are fantastic.  I’m a level 9 alchemist.  What is my problem?!”

“You need more confidence.  I’ve got an idea.  Get in the car.”

So off we went.  I had no idea what Victor had in store for us.  We drove into town to the salon where I went before our wedding.

“I got you a makeover appointment.  I’m paying.  No complaints.  You get a new wardrobe, new makeup, new haircut.  Enjoy, baby.”

While I got my makeover, Victor also got the tattoo he’s always wanted.

We went to the Summer Festival after our trip to the salon.  Victor really wanted me to join in the hotdog eating contest.  I so lost.  He put away hotdogs like nobody’s business and won us a week supply of hotdogs.  Yay?

Later that night we snuggled on the sofa.

“You look amazing!  I mean…you were gorgeous before — but wow, Liddy.  You are incredible.  Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What if we started trying for that whole family thing, Vic?  We’re married now, we still have that empty nursery upstairs, I don’t know…it just feels like the right time…”

“You mean it, Liddy?”

What have I started?  Are we really ready for this?