Chapter 1.26

Finally that time of year arrived.  The kids’ birthdays!  We decided to really go all out this year.

Mollie and Oliver each had their own table of gifts.  We got each child many small gifts and then one big gift.  Mollie got a lemonade stand and a toy oven.

Being a toddler, Oliver just got a walker and some smaller toys.  I know he will still love them.  He is such a sweet child.

So, we invited some people.  Dog boy just showed up.  He was entertaining but thank goodness he left before too long!  We decided to eat dinner first and then enjoy the cake and presents.

After helping little Oliver blow out the candles, I took him inside.

With a twinkle and some magic my baby boy, my last baby…

Became the most handsome little toddler I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Then it was my little Mollie’s turn.

That sweet, sugar and spice and everything nice toddler became…

A brilliant and beautiful child.

“Thanks, Momma, for the party!  Are all these presents for me!?”

“Of course, sweetie.  Wait until you see your room!”

“Really!?  Oh thanks, Mom!”

And she was off.

She checked under the bed before doing anything crazy like sleeping in it.

She’s growing up so fast.  She and Oliver both.

Eh, the mess can wait until tomorrow.  I am going to relish in this wonderful night with my children.

Chapter 1.21

As soon as I suspected I was pregnant I started spending more time with Mollie.  I didn’t want her to think that just because we were going to have a new family member that we were going to forget about her.

I waited to tell Victor until I was positive I was pregnant.  He was very excited.

As time went on and we arrived closer to the due date, Mollie got very clingy.

She talked to me nonstop about the baby in my belly.  She seemed pretty excited but I think she was concerned too.

Victor took some time off work even so he could spend some time with Mollie on his own.

She loves books and she is such a Daddy’s girl.  She loves the books about art and color.  She tells me I can’t do them right because I don’t make the voices like Daddy.  I don’t know how he makes voices for jellybean colors but it works.

When we were just a few weeks away from meeting our baby I asked Kia for a favor.

“Hey, when I go into labor, will you be able to watch Mollie?

“You call me, chica.  Any time.  2pm or 2am and I’ll be there.”

Now everything was taken care of and all we could do is wait.

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Chapter 1.4

The week dragged on after the pregnancy scare.  Victor was really disappointed.  I really wasn’t so it was difficult for me to know where he was coming from.  That’s probably why we didn’t talk much.

My garden was coming along really well and I was grateful for that.  It gave me something else to deal with instead of Victor.  I was weeding the garden when Victor called me upstairs.  If he has another stupid love charm to throw at me I am gonna turn him into a frog.

“Liddy…look.  You have a hundred or more years ahead of you.  I get that you don’t want to get married yet.  I understand why you don’t want to have kids.  But…well Liddy I am going to die 50, 60, maybe even 70 years before you.  And damnit I want to marry you.  I want to have kids with you.  I’m not going to live as long as you.  I want to do this now.  With you.”

“Victor…you knew how I felt all those years ago.  Why now?  Why me?  Why?  Ok…well I will play you for it.  Rock, paper, scissors.  Best two out of three.  Winner take all.  You win, you propose.  I win, we wait.”


I know Victor better than I know myself.  I can’t believe he agreed to this…it’s a bet he can’t win.

But…he did.

“Lydia Catherine Aglovale…will you FINALLY be my wife?”

“Oh get up, Vic…of course I will marry you.  How the hell did you win that?  I knew what you were going to do.”

“I know you did, which is how I won.  Liddy…I know you better than you know yourself.  Just like you know me better than anyone.  How could I not win when the stakes were so high.  Lydia…you don’t have to marry me if you don’t want…are you sure this is what you really want to do?”

“Oh, Victor!  Of course I want to marry you.  I’ve never wanted anything more!”