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Chapter 72 marked the 100th post here on Eternally Yours.   As I prepare to finish out Mollie’s part in this saga and move on the the next generation I am filled with many emotions.  Gratitude for you, my readers, is at the top of my list.

This has been a very important project to me over the past year.  My personal blog, which  has been around since 2010, has fewer posts than this legacy.  Writing this story has sparked a creativity that was snuffed out years ago.  I just needed a boost to get the juices flowing again and now here we are nearly 80 chapters later.

My readers have stood by me through thick and thin.  You’ve dealt with my disappearances, my whining, my writer’s block.  You’ve helped me stand again after my surgeries, the death of my grandmother, and changing colleges and majors.  You’ve listened, you’ve cheered, and you’ve mourned with me.

Most of all you’ve been my friends.  For that I am forever grateful.

Please join me on a walk down memory lane as I take a moment to remember the Lox family and the Hanks family.

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And the big reveal…

So, there you have it.  The Lox-Hanks legacy through the years.  I appreciate you sticking around for this walk of remembrance.  There will be an official birthday post in the coming days.

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Chapter 2.22

Things were relatively calm in our neck of the woods these days.

I still wasn’t pregnant so I was taking some time to improve my skills.  Liv was becoming a master in painting and I thought I should reconnect with my passion.  I painted all the time as a kid and I thought getting back into it would help lift my spirit.

Liv painted this lovely portrait of urinals.  I was at least painting Garrett!

The girls were getting older.  Their birthdays were only a week away.

Their differences were becoming ever more obvious.  Liv preferred her dolls and artwork over everything.

Penny was more focused on her logic and athletic skills.  She wants to go to Medical school one day.  I bet she can do anything!

They both love the sandbox…for different reasons.  Liv loves to build huge castles.  Penny loves to destroy them.  Ah well, such is life with twins.

Garrett and I decided to sit them down and discuss their party ideas.

Liv wanted something artsy.  Penny wanted anything that was not babyish.  They did not agree on a single idea.

“Girls!  If you cannot pick a party theme I will do it for you!”

“Ok, you pick it, Mommy.  It’s just easier.”

“Mom, pick something artsy for Liv.  Okay?”

Deep down Penny loves her sister…even if she does insist on terrorizing her.

I sent them off to work on their skills and homework.  I had a lot of planning to do!

I started making calls.  We had one week to throw these sweet girls a party and I wasn’t going to let them down!

Chapter 2.20

At the end of fall we decided to host a Feast Day party to get my mind off the fact that I still wasn’t pregnant.  At least we were trying to host a party but Penny has developed a rebellious streak and tried to destroy our pumpkins several times.

She finally succeeded while I was putting the finishing touches on the pumpkin pie.  She was upset when she got grounded for the night.

I was very excited about all the food that everyone brought.  We wanted to have a party for just close family and friends but some random guy showed up and brought waffles.

Garrett and I decided he was probably harmless and in the spirit of the season we let him stay.  I offered him some of my mothers famous teppenyaki shrimp.

Obviously missing from the party was my brother’s very pregnant wife.  It was the topic of conversation of course.  When was she due?  How was she doing?  Boy or girl?  Any names picked out?  I didn’t want to talk about it.

My mother had recently given birth, too.  Garrett went over to get the details since I didn’t want to deal with that.

Holly was a beautiful little fairy that looked just like me apparently.  She was born with jet black hair and fair blue eyes.

Great…my mother is having babies that look like me.  Of course, I look like me because of my parents but that is not the point.

Colleen and the twins played tag outside until late into the night.  It would be one of the last warm nights until spring so we let them play outside until they were too tired to continue.

My phone rang while I was talking to Oliver.  It was the hospital an they were calling about Lanya.  They didn’t think they should call him directly with the news so they called the emergency number Lanya had given the doctors.  That was my number.

I asked him to step outside so we could speak privately.

“Ollie, that was the hospital.  Lanya just gave birth to a healthy son.  You’re a daddy.  They are both doing just fine.

“She had the baby?  I missed it?  I’m already a terrible father!”

“You are not!  It just didn’t take as long as doctors thought it would.  They would have called but by the time she got to the hospital the baby was nearly here.  There wouldn’t have been enough time even if you did know.”

“Here, this is for the baby.  What’s his name?”

“Luka.  Luka Oliver Lox.”

“You are going to be a wonderful dad, Ollie.  Luka is a lucky little boy.”

“Thanks, sis.  And I know this was difficult for you.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get your chance.  I just know it.”

“Thanks, Ollie”

After all the excitement Ollie went straight to the hospital to meet his son.  Mom and Dad had to go home to Holly.  Garrett and I, however, were left with a disaster but it was well worth it.

Chapter 2.18

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, mom showed up at the house unannounced.

“What are you doing here!  More importantly…WHY ARE YOU HAVING A BABY!?  You are my mother!  We were already pregnant together once and now you are pregnant and I can’t get there!  What is wrong with you, mother!?”

“What is wrong with you, child.  You might be a full grown woman with children of your own but you will still treat me with respect.  I am very sorry that you cannot conceive, I truly am, but you cannot tell me when I can or cannot be pregnant.”

“But, mom, you just don’t get it.  We’ve been trying for a year!”

“I certainly do get it, dearheart.  Did it ever occur to you that I am a FAIRY.  Chances are you and your daughters and this baby too will be long dead before I ever reach old age.  You will stop acting like a spoiled brat who is not getting your way and you will look at the big picture.  I brought you up better  than this!”


The girls were apparently listening in to our conversation.  We should have known better but tensions were high.

“Ugh.  There they go again.  Where’s Dad?”

“He’s playing video games.  You know he doesn’t want to take sides.  Grammy Liddy is like a second mom to him.”

“We’d better go deal with it.  I’ll take Grammy to the attic to practice alchemy.  You’re better at dealing with Mom.”


“WHAT, Liv?!  What is so important right now?”

“Mommy…why are you so mad at Grammy Liddy?”

“Well, she’s going to have a baby.  And Mommy and Daddy want another one and we haven’t been lucky yet.”

“Look, Mom, if you are having issues getting pregnant why don’t you and Daddy go to a fertility specialist and see if there is anything medically wrong?”

It was then that I realized that I don’t give my little girls enough credit.  It also occurred to me that my little girls weren’t so little anymore.


I sure love a good blooper reel.  I also love the word blooper.  Here’s some recent mishaps from my legacy.

I seriously have NO IDEA why Mollie is making this face.  NO IDEA.

They both ran over to watch Mollie working with the Gem Cutter and…well…they melded.

Not my sim but this was kinda a funny scene.  She could not get to her job in the hospital because…the hospital is in the way?  She ended up just walking home.

This is what happened when Mollie went into labor.  Men are completely useless during sim births.  Holy cow.

Both Mollie and Liddy made this face when the pregnancy announcement occurred in game.  What the heck?!

Obviously very happy to learn she is pregnant?

This was the face Lydia made when Mollie told her she was pregnant.  She is super happy about her daughter’s pregnancy.

Just a normal day in Moonlight Falls…UFOs and all.

Chapter 2.5

My mommy sense was right about one thing.  We were meeting our child sooner rather than later.  I was wrong on the time. About 2am I woke up with terrible contractions.


I felt like I could barely get his name out of my mouth I was in so much pain.

“Garrett…get my clothes…we’ve got a baby on the way!”

I should be thankful the man was able to hand me my clothes.  Oh my goodness he was a mess.

I drove myself to the hospital while my dad tried to pull Garrett together at the house.  My mom actually went into labor shortly after I did so my dad drove his pregnant wife and my husband to the hospital.

They arrived only just after I did so my dad helped me to the maternity ward.  My husband passed out and was being helped by the emergency room staff.

My little sister was born first.  Colleen Jennette Lox was born at 8:34am.  My mom finally got her fairy baby.

She also thought it would be cute to have Mollie, Ollie, and Collie as her children.  Nice.

Four hours later I welcome our first child into the world.  Penelope Lynette Hanks was born at 12:20pm.

Six minutes after Penny we were surprised to meet our second child.  Olivia Lucille Hanks followed her sister into the world at 12:26pm.

We are so going to need a bigger house.

Author’s Note: The twins were completely unplanned.  There was no fertility treatment, no potion, no kid’s tv, no sauna.  She just randomly decided to have twins.  Awesome.  Which is sarcasm because I am not a huge fan of multiples.

Chapter 2.2

I couldn’t actually believe I was pregnant yet.  Even though my clothes weren’t fitting it was still hard to believe I was growing a human in my body.  That’s like all creepy alien movie type thing.  But it was happening.

Garrett is not super perceptive.  Actually he’s not perceptive at all.

“Those are not your usual clothes.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

“You know…I mean this in the nicest way…those look like maternity clothes.  You might want to get some new clothes that look less…pregnanty.”

Garrett also has a way with words.  That Communications degree is really working out for him

“Garrett.  You’re an idiot.”

“I am?”

“Yes, I’m pregnant, you goof!”

“Oh.  You look wonderful!  Not fat at all.”

“You should probably shut your mouth at this point.”

“Yeah.  Can I…touch it?”

“Duh.  You put it there.”

“So…there’s a human in there.  Like in the movie Alien?  It’s gonna come all busting out of there in some sort of sci-fi way!”

“And that’s why you are my soulmate.”

“OH MY GOD!  You’re dad is going to kill me for ruining your college degree!”

“What are you talking about?!”


“Uhh…are you ok?”

“Does your dad know yet?  Should I hide?”

“No, he doesn’t know yet.  Uhm…I’m gonna call you a doctor.”

“I have to tell him before he finds out from someone else.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have told Garrett yet?  He doesn’t seem mentally stable anymore.

Chapter 1.40

Finally the big day arrived for Mollie and Garrett.

Garrett was ready early.  He didn’t seem nervous at all the little scamp!

Victor took Garrett to the venue while I stayed at the house with Mollie to help her get ready.

After making sure Victor was ok to drive after his ridiculous night of partying I went to help my daughter get ready.  I found Mollie giving herself a pep talk in the mirror.

“You can do it.  You’re gonna get married.  You’re not gonna puke in Garrett’s face.  You’re gonna be fine.”

“Oh, Honey, you will be just fine.”

“I love you, Mommy.”

“Ready, Honey?”

“Yeah.  Let’s do this!”

I couldn’t help but take one last look in the mirror before driving Mollie to the church.  Was I ready for this?

“MOOOOOOOOOM!  I’m gonna be late for my own wedding!”

I guess I don’t have a choice!

“Mollie, you look wonderful.  Garrett is a lucky man.  Don’t let him forget it, kiddo.  And you can always come home if you decide he’s a jerk.”

“Thanks, Daddy.  Are you ready?”

“No, but you are.  Go get married.  GARRETT YOU BE GOOD TO HER!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

After the ceremony I couldn’t help but be amazed at how grown up my beautiful daughter had gotten.

Cutting the cake seemed insignificant  to Mollie and Garrett.  They did it because it was tradition then snuck off to dance alone upstairs.

That’s how I found them.  Dancing together, lost to the world around them.  They were so lost in each other that I couldn’t help but watch in amazement.  I knew that my part in Mollie’s life was over.  Not entirely of course but now she would be on her own and I would take a backseat role.  I’m ok with that.  She will be just fine.

Author’s Note: This is the end of Generation 1.  Lydia and Victor will now just be minor characters in the story.  Mollie and Garrett will take over as Generation 2.  I hope you will stay on for Generation 2 and the story of Mollie.

Chapter 1.39

Mollie and I had been spending a lot of time together in the car.  Between dress fittings, cake testings, and checking out reception venues I felt like we pretty much lived in that stupid car!

A week before the wedding Mollie and I went for her final dress fitting.  I also got a makeover as Mother of the Bride.

So much was going on that things got kinda jumbled in that last week.  Oliver was packing for Art School and Mollie’s friend Dannette talked her into having a bachelorette party the night before the wedding.

Of course the men were not allowed but before going out on their own Garrett got Mollie good.

Being the wild women that we are…we played dominoes for most of the night.  Then Kia wanted to give a toast.

“Alright, alright.  Quiet down.  I have known Mollie since she was just a toddler. She and Garrett grew up together.  Actually, Garrett had a lot of her lovely, pink hand-me-downs.  That was a special time in his life.  Anyway…Mollie you have grown into a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, outspoken young woman.”

“I am so glad that Garrett chose you to be his wife.  I cannot wait to welcome you officially into my family, even though you have been an honorary member since the day we met.”


I swear to you there is so much fizzy nectar in my carpet it will be sticky for the next 70 years.

As I stood there watching my best friend and my daughter and my daughter’s best friend I was in awe at how much love there was in our life.  I was infinitely happy at that moment and knew life would be wonderful no matter what came our way.

The boys were at The Toadstool getting a little drunk.  Victor was completely unprepared to marry off his daughter the next morning.  Lucky for Garrett, Vic was feeling talkative.

“Now, Garrett, my daughter wants to be an astronaut.  She got a technology degree so she could join the army and do just that.”

“I know, sir.  I was there with her.”

“Shhh…I’m speaking.  Now I know you two are all doing the hanky-panky already.”


“Oliver…shhh…the men are speaking.”

“I am so ignoring you now, dad.”

“Anyway, Garry…if you get my daughter pregnant you better be ready to raise some kids cuz she’s gonna be an assronaut.  I dun care wat you want…she’s gonna go to the moon.  MmmKay?

“Yep.  Yes, sir, Mr. Lox.  Why don’t I drive you home now?”

“Oookie dokie.”

“Ya know, hunny…you look tasty enough to eat in that dress and you smell like fizzy nectar.”

“I think you have had enough nectar, Vic.  Go to sleep.  You are gonna be miserable enough tomorrow with the wedding.  You need to head off the hangover before we get there.”

“Ookie dokie.  Night night.

All in all the day was a success.

Chapter 1.38

Author’s Note: Mollie really did graduate.  Due to a glitch in my game, however, no pictures were obtained.  Sorry!

It was really nice having the kids back at home.  Their diplomas look fantastic on our wall.  We’ve just come accustomed to Garrett being here all the time.  He’s pretty much just moved himself in (that’s just fine with me).

Shortly after Mollie arrived home it was time for another big event…OLIVER’S BIRTHDAY!  I could not believe my little boy was aging to teen.  I was happy and sad at the same time.  Pretty soon we would be empty nesters.

And with another crazy, magical, terrible, incredible sparkle…

…My baby boy got one step closer to being a man.

It didn’t take long for us to settle into our old routine.  Mollie was living with us while we were planning the wedding.  I was glad to see she and Oliver were still close and got along well.

“So what’s going on with school these days, baby bro?”

“Well, I got a full ride scholarship to LeFromage Art School.  HA!  Scored a goal on your stupid goalie.  I told you he was weak!”

“Jerk!  When do you leave?”

“I’m not.”


“I’ll miss your wedding.”

“Ollie, I love you…but you’re an idiot.”

“Don’t you want me at your wedding?”

“Of course I do, baby bro.  But mostly I want you to live your own life.  If that means you have to miss my wedding that’s ok with me.  I want you to follow your dreams and not live in my shadow.”

“Oh.  So I should go.”

“YES, Stupid.  Go call the school now and get you bags pack before I taunt you a second time!  Oh…and I just scored so I win.”

“Humph.  I love you, sis.”

“I love you, too, you big dork.  NOW GO!”

And just like that my oldest convinced my youngest to leave the nest before I was ready.  I know I have to let them live their own lives but I wish they could stay by little babies forever.