Chapter 3.23

Note from SweetPoyzin: Sorry it’s so short.  I didn’t want to do it but it had to be done for reasons that will be explained later.

Car accident.  It was worse than I could have imagined.  We lost Mike, too.

Mom was a mess.  Someone had to plan a funeral.  So I got on the phone and made the arrangements.

“Yes, yes I’m sure I want it on the beach.  Yes, only black table clothes and chairs.  No, make sure everything else is colorful.  Yes, I’m sure she would have wanted lots and lots of color.”

After I made the plans Xander grabbed me.

“Let’s take the kids.  You know Mike and Liv would have wanted them to be raised by family.  Who better than you?”

Bug and Pickle.  Shit.  I hadn’t even thought about the kids.  I may have lost my twin but they lost everything.

“The social worker stopped by when you were on the phone.  There’s a hearing tomorrow.  If you want them she said all you have to do is show up.  We should do this, Penny.  Liv would kick your ass if you let them go into foster care.”

He was right.  I have no idea where I am going to put them but they have to come here.  Tomorrow.

The next day before the funeral I headed to the courthouse.  I wished that convincing a judge I’d be a good parent was the most difficult part of my day but it would only get worse from here.

The venue was perfect.  It was just what Liv would have wanted.

I wished that Mom’s photos were being used for a better purpose but I wanted a celebration just like we used to have for our birthdays.  We were going to celebrate her life not mourn her death.

I still lost my shit when I saw her urn though.  How was I ever going to raise her children the same way she would have.  She was so much better than me at everything.  How was I going to get through this without the person who had been through everything with me?

Katie handled it all so well.  She stood there and let others mourn for her mother but never cried.  I knew we would be dealing with that later but for now I was glad she kept herself together.

Mom and I did the eulogy.  We did our best at least.

We both looked a little crazy but I don’t think anyone was going to hold it against us.

Later Adam, Bug, Pickle, and I went to the cemetery together.

We all just cried and held each other.  It was the best we could do.

We had all lost the glue that held us together.  It was up to us to hold each other together now.

Please, please, please.  Olivia, if you can hear me…please help me raise these babies.


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Chapter 1.12

I didn’t know what to think after I got that phone call.

So I didn’t think.  I just got in the car and went to the Science Center.

Last time I was here I was concerned I was pregnant with a child I didn’t want.  Victor’s child.  Now he’s gone and that child will never exist.

I went home and I just looked at that stupid statue.  I am going to have to get rid of that thing.  One day.

An hour after I got home I saw that stupid “fake” Victor floating around.  I wish the stupid Science freaks could fix that.

Except…he stopped in front of me.


“Yeah, babe, it’s me.”

I never once doubted it was him.  I’ve never been so happy!

The next morning we headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Liddy, I’ve always loved you.  But, if you can’t love me like this I understand.  You are free to do as you wish without life…even if it doesn’t include me.”

“Vic…when you died…I didn’t know –”

I just lost it.  Knowing he was back was incredible.  I would do anything for this man.  I didn’t realize how much I loved him until he was gone.

Chapter 1.11

The next morning I called Marigold to tell her about the fire.

“Hi, Marigold.  Oh, you heard.  Yes, it was an accident.  Victor was here to help. Yes, of course I saw him.  No, you don’t need to come over.  Hello?  Hello?”

Marigold came to check on me.  She must have been on her way to work because she was dressed a little funny.  I told her again about Victor.  She did not believe me at all.

“Yes, Mari…for the last time!  He was right there by the front door!”

“Look, Lydia, I know it was very traumatic.  What happened what truly awful and I am so sorry he died.  But you need to get it together.  You only talk to your plants.”

“You have rotten food all over the house…”

“Laundry and newspapers and garbage are everywhere.”

“And if you can’t do it, I will draw the line for you.  You just CANNOT use your husband’s body as a lawn ornament.  I’m sorry.  You simply can’t.”

“Sweetie, I really care about you.  I am so, so very sorry Victor was killed.  But, honey, he was a witch.  He knew the dangers of using the Transmuter.  He knew what could happen.  It’s not your fault.”

I knew she was right.  I just needed a good friend to tell it to me straight.  And give me a good swift kick in the behind.

I set to work cleaning up the house.  I did the dishes, the laundry, took out weeks of garbage.  I needed to make things right again.

That night I dreamed of Victor’s death again.  But it wasn’t a nightmare again.  It wasn’t a good dream but I didn’t wake up crying in terror like I usually did.

The next morning I was working in the garden when my phone rang.

“Mrs. Lox?”

“This is she…”

“Do you still have your husband’s ashes?”

“What kind of terrible question is that?!”

“If you do, please bring them to the Science Center.  We might be able to bring him back.”


“Hello?  HELLO?”

Chapter 1.10

Moving was a terrible idea.  I should have thought more about it.

Now I am alone in a new house.  A house filled with dreams and hopes for a future that will never come.  We bought these stupid rockers after the wedding.  We were going to sit on the front porch 50 years from now and be that cute little old couple.

At least I have my plants.  I spend hours in my greenhouse with them.  I talk to them.  They don’t say much and they listen really well.  I like my plants.

Sometimes I sit with Victor.  I made him a room off the master bedroom.  He never talks but I keep him company.  It’s nice having him so close.

Did I mention my plants?  They are becoming really great friends.  I tried to find that puppy that visited me the night Vic died.  You know…in case it was Victor trying to tell me something that night.  The dog vanished just like Victor.  If I see him again I’m adopting him.  I know it’s Victor.

After caring for my friends the plants I came back inside to find the fireplace has started a fire.  Luckily I was able to put it out before it spread.  I was more concerned about our wedding picture than I was the house but at least I saved it all.



Chapter 1.9

The police did a formal investigation.  I listened to what they said but it didn’t stick.

I read the story in the newspaper as the pieces came together.  Victor had purchased a Transmutation Machine.  I didn’t even realize they were real machines.  I’d only heard about them in passing at the alchemy shop.  Even the most skilled alchemists don’t mess with those.  They are quite dangerous.  If you mess up the incantation, it’s very complex and easy to fumble, you…end up like Vic.

I wandered around Moonlight Falls in such a fog for the next several weeks.  I visited the beach a lot.  Victor loved the beach and there was a great fairy house there.  I was never alone with those sweet fairies by my side.

But I kept having these horrible flashbacks to Vic’s death.  Me…standing there…staring while the Grim Reaper took my husband from me.  I should have tried to stop it.  If only I hadn’t been so caught up in dreaming.  I should have asked what he bought.  I should have done so much more.

I was washing dishes one night when the sink broke.  I totally lost it.  I screamed at the sink and then broke down crying.


I phoned the bank and got the biggest loan they would give me.  ThenI got on the phone and called our real estate agent.

“Karen…?  It’s Lydia Lox.  Put the offer in on the house.”

I was approved the next day.  I packed up what was left of my life with Victor and I got the hell out of that house.