16 days until the end of the semester.  Then ya’ll get a month of SweetPoyzin.  I have nothing better to do but play and write.  Get ready.  It’s gonna be a good month.  I have so much planned.  Until then…some bloopers.

Some of these are warm fuzzy moments and some of these are just plain silly.

REALLY, PETER!?  This is like the third picture I have of him homing in on Penny’s boobs.

When I can’t fine Pete in the house I always check the sandbox.


Favorite grad pic from Katie’s big day.

It’s cool.  Just a freezer bunny watching TV.

That seems like an acceptable work outfit for a chef.  Good call.

It followed us to the new house…

Super old pic of Dylan and Harper hanging out in the treehouse.  Still cute though.

Yep.  Nope.

Katie right after the twins were born.

Oh mah puppies!

You don’t have a pimp come over to clean your house?  No?  Just me then…

Liv is all “Dude…it’s just your wedding.  Get it together.”

Let’s not even talk about random baseball cap boy.

I tabbed out to this.  Adam’s looking like “Giggidy”

There is so much here LOL.

“What is this whippersnapper going on about?”

It’s not a party until great-grandma Liddy whips out her drum set.


I hope you all are enjoying Eternally Yours as much as I am!  These past few posts have been a bit intense to write but I really am enjoying them.  In the meantime, here’s some bloopers to tide you over.

There’s a puppy in there somewhere…

Creepy dog gnome is creepin on you in your sleepz.

Cousin Jonah comes over to do homework.  He was invited inside but apparently he’s too good for that.

Creepy Freezer Bunny Gnome is just creepy.

Behind the scenes Penny worked in the Showbiz career.  This was her career outfit.  Because…why wouldn’t it be?

Penny went over to visit Hannah and this crazy ass old woman showed up.  Just walked right in the door and then proceeded to get angry that nobody would let her upstairs to sleep.

I missed documenting the birth of this one.  Hannah surprised me with both the pregnancy and the birth…and then the birthday.  Meet Azalea Kalliope Hanks (AKA Kallie).  She is literally an evil genius and will probably break many hearts.  Girl is gorgeous.

Oh…hello there Meri.  Just go back to the fiery pits of hell that you came from. kthxbai.

Meanwhile Pippin stares awkwardly as Penny tries to get her groove on.

I see what you’re after Peter…

And apparently Dylan is not amused by Aunt Penny’s antics.


Stay tuned to the end of this post for an exciting announcement!

Penny’s put on some weight since the baby and her boobs keep getting in EVERYONE’S way.

There are so many awesome faces happening here.

So the puppies came to live with the crew before their official debut.  It killed me that this did not end up in the story.  Holy crap.

Also…this.  PUPPIES.  Please be aware that all my blooper posts from this point on will have so much puppy cuteness spam.

That chipmunk is like “Dear Christ pleas don’t look at me!”

Also…I heart this kid.  This is why I killed Olivia.  I didn’t want to miss these moments.  Sorry.  I’m horrible.

So Queenie’s sim Gavin wanted to be buzzed up to Penny’s apartment.  She told him no but that didn’t stop him from creeping in the lobby for 8 hours.

Some adorbz from when Adam met Hannah.  Thanks to Illusie for creating this awesome sim MONTHS ago and she is finally getting her moment in the sun now!

Oh Adam.  This kid is amazeballs.  I cannot believe he’s now married with two children.

I realize I sound crazy because I’m talking as if these guys are my own family.  I may or may not like them better than my own family.

Well hello Penny’s creepy-ass Imaginary Friend who I killed when Penny was a toddler.  Hell.No.

I killed him with fire.  Literally.  I set his ass on fire.  Now his creepy-ass red ghost floats around Storybrook County.

More puppies!  They greet Penny when she gets home.  I lurve them.


You made it to the end of this post.  Congratulations.  You win an exciting announcement!

In previous generations the torch passes at Chapter 40.  Our darling Penelope is at Chapter 33 which means her time is ending.

Except it isn’t.  I don’t feel like her story is done yet.  I think Penny’s life is going to begin at 40.

I think she deserves more time to find her happily ever after, don’t you?


So I hate to spam you all but I’m going to spam you all this weekend.  I have a backlog of posts and now that I have finally gotten Penny and crew moved over to the new town I’m ready to dump these posts and get on with the story.

Sorry.  Here are some funnies to make you feel better.

The repo man stole our washing machine back when Penny first moved to her new house.

Ericka was screaming so Penny picked her up to soothe her.  Garrett and Mollie stood behind her as if to say “Are you sure you know what you are doing?”

And then Mollie proved that even after five kids she still doesn’t know what she is doing.

This is an old photo of Adam but HOW AWFUL IS THAT CLOWN!?  No wonder Adam cried.

Turns out someone is a witch.  She is shocked by this news, too.

This is wrong for so many reasons.  Mollie and Garrett made another baby in Penny’s bed during a party.  Lanya is creeping on their moves.  Dude.  No.

Not so much a blooper as Awwww.  This is Holly and Collin (Lydia’s last two kidlets).  Adorbz.

This was Adam’s first choice of Halloween costume.  He looks more proud than he should.

Adam just wanted ice cream.  Instead Xander impaled him.  Poor guy.

Penny stealing some DNAz from Liv.

Liv does not like the karaoke singer.

Every time Penny tried to get a gardening dragon she got the death dragon.  Hatred.

So all of the doctors stood around screaming at the hospital. They were trying to get into the hospital but the hospital was blocking the path.  Because…sims.  After several sim minutes of this Athena Sutton grabbed her keyboard and they all stopped yelling and listened to her play.  She is also wearing a wedding veil to work because…sims.

I am sure many sims died that day. If only the hospital hadn’t been in the way…

Xander caught a crocodile and put it in the fish bowl.  He’s kinda cute.  Xander named him Steve.

This guy happened.  This is Colleen’s cat Biscuit.  When she moved with Penny to Storybrook County, Biscuit transformed into a dog.  Except he failed.


“STFU, Granny Liddy.”

Break it down now.  I wanted a picture of them dancing together but it just looked like they were comparing boobs.

Adam got in one final prank before aging up.

Olivia was calling the mothership during Adam’s birthday party.  I don’t know if they answered.

Wedding Bloopers

Here’s some mushy-gushy, sentimental stuff from Penny’y wedding.

Mom seeing Penny for the first time on her wedding day.

Mollie looks like she wants to clobber Staci.  I have no idea what their beef is.  Ever since that darn Bachelorette party Mollie has had it out for Staci.

Another “OMG I LURVE PENNY” photo.  Seriously…I love her.  She will dominate this legacy.

Xander’s little sister if anyone remembers Noble Cause.  This one is Seraphina.  Isabella is off at boarding school.

They randomly started this “break it down now” move under the wedding arch.  Too cute!

Staci kept looking across the aisle at…

Isaac.  He kept looking back at her too.  It was sweet.  They may be divorced and married to other folks but they still love each other.  Awww…

She looks so happy!

Family dance party!  Mollie and Adam thought this was a good time to swim in the ocean.  They missed out.

And this guy crashed the wedding.  He actually bit Olivia while she was trying to take wedding photos.  Asshole.


As we head into Generation Three I just wanted to throw a huge THANK YOU out to all my long time readers, followers, lurkers, and anyone who has ever stopped by just to take a peek!

I have LOVED writing this legacy and I hope you have enjoyed reading it just as much.  You may notice some things have changed on the menu bar lately.  I have changed the format of somethings to streamline things (more or less).

Now that Generation Two has expanded to five kids and three of them have children of their own I decided to make a Cast page.  Click a name in the drop down to go to that Generation.  All direct family members of the Generation Lead will be listed along with pertinent information.

Also, the Family Tree is back.  Please check it out.  It seriously took forever to track down all the family members of husbands and wives of the main family.  I’ll love you forever.  Oh, and the photos are gone.  Let’s be honest…I don’t have time to track people down every time someone ages up or has a baby.  Sorry.

I’m going to come right out and say that I love Penny WAY more than any of my other sim members.  She’s gorgeous, has killer skills, and I’ve been writing her section since she was a toddler.  So her part in this story is really going to be huge.  It will probably be more than 40 chapters.  She’s also got another diary post and prologue.  My bad for the Penny spam.

And now, have some bloopers.

Mollie doesn’t like Garrett…

Or her mother…

Or herself…dem menopause hormones are really getting to her.

HOLY BUCKETS IT’S LYDIA!!!!  Just in case you ever wondered who Mollie really looked like.

Her seriously cried for like 20 minutes after this stupid toy incident.  I thought I might cry too.  That thing is freaky!

So this happened at the Christmas party…

and this…

Oh come on now!

And then Liv pulled one of these while using Pose Player.

And Penny flunked Medical School with a full progress bar and passing all exams.  I made that face, too.

Good times with The Sims, good times.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

We have a legacy!

So, after much ado and frustration, Eternally Yours is back in business.


The last time I backed up my save file was September so while I didn’t lose everything I still lost a lot of ground.  The good news is: Everything is back in working order.  The bad news: everything that has to happen prior to writing again.

It looks something like this:

  • Remodel the office into Penny and Liv’s teen paradise
  • Remodel Baby Adam’s Room into Office
  • Age up Penny and Liv to YA.
  • Attend University (again)
  • Remodel Teen Penny’s room in to Child Adam’s room (DONE!)
  • Remodel Teen Liv’s room into Toddler Lucy’s room
  • Age up Adam to child
  • Mollie gives birth to Lucy
  • Age up Lucy to Toddler
  • Age up Mollie to Adult
  • Rebuild Mollie’s Art Shop
  • Remodel Town (Done)
  • Remake Penny and Liv’s YA homes
  • Have Mollie take all of the adorable in game photos
  • Find Suttons (they randomly vanished during the restore)

Oh the joys of game restores.  I am hoping beyond hope that I can have it up and running by Sunday so I can resume the story with Penny’s Generation 3 some time next week.  In the meantime…some bits, bobs, and bloopers.

Adam didn’t know what to do on his birthday.  So he did this…

Oh, we adopted the spawn of Satan…that’s cool I guess.

Garrett and Adam…oh the feels.

Oh I love these boys!

This is hard…maybe I’ll just be a stripper…?

This was the moment when I questioned Penny’s ability to be heir…

Meet your Generation 3 husbands.  Synchronized bowling fail.

Mollie’s street art was found by Penny at University!



OK…Oliver’s wife NEVER removes her coat at parties…EVER.  I always have to force it.  I have given up.

Garrett tries out a new look.

Also, I don’t have a screenshot but I got the Woohooer mod installed right before the crash.  During Adam’s party, Oliver and Lanya decided to try it out for me.  They left the party expecting baby #4.

See you soon, friends!


This past weekend was an awesome time for bloopers.  Enjoy!

Don’t let the door hit you in the…face?


Garret really respects Mollie’s opinion.

I really don’t know what was going on with his face all weekend.

This is just awesome because she really looks like she is doing battle with the shower.

Toddlers are gross.

Excuse me, Liv, but I am about to be taken over by a demon.  BRB!

This is the wrong way to upgrade a toilet.

Yep.  Definitely wrong.  Hammers probably shouldn’t even enter the toilet upgrade equation at all.

Thanks for reading!  Regular chapters will resume on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


I sure love a good blooper reel.  I also love the word blooper.  Here’s some recent mishaps from my legacy.

I seriously have NO IDEA why Mollie is making this face.  NO IDEA.

They both ran over to watch Mollie working with the Gem Cutter and…well…they melded.

Not my sim but this was kinda a funny scene.  She could not get to her job in the hospital because…the hospital is in the way?  She ended up just walking home.

This is what happened when Mollie went into labor.  Men are completely useless during sim births.  Holy cow.

Both Mollie and Liddy made this face when the pregnancy announcement occurred in game.  What the heck?!

Obviously very happy to learn she is pregnant?

This was the face Lydia made when Mollie told her she was pregnant.  She is super happy about her daughter’s pregnancy.

Just a normal day in Moonlight Falls…UFOs and all.