Crystal Court — 2BR, 2BA

  • Lot Size: 40×30
  • Price: 70,100
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • No CC
  • Traits: Fast Internet, Bracing Breezes, Chef’s Kitchen
  • Origin ID: SweetPoyzin


A crystal palace for a small family.

This is a smaller but nicely decorated home. A large living room and foyer greet you as you enter. Featuring a large fireplace and lots of storage, this is sure to be a place of happy memories. The living area opens into a large “family” hub with the kitchen, dining room, and office space all in easy reach. There’s a laundry room off the kitchen.

A spacious master bedroom with private bathroom is ready for your sim. A kid’s room set up for two boys is down the hall. A 2nd bathroom is available for guests

Outside is where the real magic happens. There’s a large outdoor space with plenty of room for entertaining. A grill on the deck is a great place for parties and if opens to a delicate patio. You also have plenty of backyard space and an area for gardening.

You’re going to want MOO on before placing this one.

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