Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours is a legacy story that follows a bunch of crazy, outspoken, strong women as they try to survive life and each other.  It all began one February with a broken wrist and a new Sims 3 Expansion Pack and the rest is history.  Started in Sims 3 and continued in Sims 4, Eternally Yours is a rollercoaster for the characters, the readers, and most definitely the author.

Below you’ll find the complete list of chapters for all generations in the legacy.  Click the link to the chapter you wish to view.  Unlinked chapters are not published yet but will be published within the next week or so.

Generation One: Lydia Lox

Chapter 1.1
Lydia Aglovale introduces herself and her boyfriend Victor Lox.  We learn about her past and what she hopes for her future.

Chapter 1.2
Liddy tries her hand as an Alchemist.  Victor casts a love charm with unfortunate results for Liddy.

Chapter 1.3
Liddy heads to the doctor for a pregnancy test.  Victor has a surprise of his own.  Do they both get what they want?

Chapter 1.4
Victor plays games with Liddy’s heart.  Who will win?

Chapter 1.5
Wedding Bells are heard in Moonlight Falls!

Chapter 1.6
Vic and Liddy get makeovers.  Liddy makes a big decision regarding family.

Chapter 7
Liddy finally sells a potion.  Victor finds them a home for a family.

Chapter 1.8
Liddy and Victor realize they cannot afford their dreamhouse.  Liddy takes to making potions.  Victor resorts to drastic measures that cost him more than he bargained for.

Chapter 1.9
Liddy is suffering after Vic’s untimely death.  She makes the decision to pack her things and make a new start.

Chapter 1.10
Liddy moves into the house she was going to buy with Victor.  She makes a startling discovery.

Chapter 1.11
Marigold comes over and talks some sense into Liddy.  Liddy gets an odd phone call about her husband’s body.

Chapter 1.12
After taking Victor’s body to the hospital, Liddy get a surprising visitor at home.

Chapter 1.13
Liddy and Victor remarry.  Liddy gets the flu.

Chapter 1.14
Victor and Liddy are robbed on their wedding night.  Liddy takes a pregnancy test.

Chapter 1.15
Victor takes over all of the housework.  Liddy enjoys pregnancy.

Chapter 1.16
Victor and Lydia welcome baby Mollie Annette Lox into the world.

Chapter 1.17
Liddy has trouble adjusting to being a new mom.  Victor wants another baby.

Chapter 1.18
Mollie has a birthday.

Chapter 1.19
A new family moves to town.  Victor and Liddy throw a party to welcome their new neighbors.

Chapter 1.20
Liddy thinks another baby would be a good idea.  Kia has some interesting news for Liddy and Vic.

Chapter 1.21
Liddy learns she is pregnant.

Chapter 1.22
Liddy starts nesting.  She and Victor welcome Oliver Basil Lox into their growing family.

Chapter 1.23
Liddy and Victor fight about money and the kids.

Chapter 1.24
iddy and Vic are not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to their family.  A date night is in order.

Chapter 1.25
Liddy finds out she has a secret admirer.  Victor’s absence makes things difficult for Liddy.

Chapter 1.26
It’s a party for Mollie and Oliver!

Chapter 1.27
It’s Leisure Day in Moonlight Falls!

Chapter 1.28
Mollie has a sleepover with friends.

Chapter 1.29
It’s another birthday for Mollie and Oliver!  The house gets a makeover.

Chapter 1.30
Liddy pulls some strings for her daughter.  Mollie repays her by having a teen party and the cops were not invited.

Chapter 1.31
Mollie graduates from high school.  Victor has a birthday and a mid-life crisis.

Chapter 1.32
Mollie gets an unexpected gift during the annual Snowflake Day party.

Chapter 1.33
Mollie leaves for University.

Chapter 1.34
Mollie writes home from University.

Chapter 1.35
More emails from university!

Chapter 1.36
More university antics from Mollie!

Chapter 1.37
Mollie makes bad decisions.

Chapter 1.38
Mollie graduates from University.  Oliver has a birthday and heads off to boarding school.

Chapter 1.39
Mollie has a bachelorette party.  Garrett has a bachelor party with odd results.

Chapter 1.40
Mollie gets married and the torch passes to Generation 2.

Generation Two: Mollie Hanks

Chapter 2.1
Mollie wakes up the morning after her wedding convinced she’s got an heir on the way.

Chapter 2.2
Mollie and Garrett enjoy the calm before the storm.

Chapter 2.3
Garrett tells his father-in-law about the bun in the oven,

Chapter 2.4
Mollie’s mommy sense tingles for the first time.

Chapter 2.5
Liddy welcomes a daughter and two grandbabies!

Chapter 2.6
Mollie and Garrett buy a house.

Chapter 2.7
Mollie learns that parenting twins is not really her thing…

Chapter 2.8
Mollie gets job to get out of the house but there are unexpected consequences.

Chapter 2.9
It’s a birthday party for twins…everything is twice as fun!

Chapter 2.10
The summer festival is in town and the Hanks family goes to play!

Chapter 2.11
Toddlers are much easier than babies and Mollie finally settles into motherhood.

Chapter 2.12
Mollie gets new job, a new car, and a new look.  Is there a new baby in the works?

Chapter 2.13
Making a baby is harder work than Mollie anticipated.  She heads to China to take a break from home.

Chapter 2.14
Mollie’s trip to China

Chapter 2.15
Mollie and crew leave home and move to the big city.

Chapter 2.16
Mollie’s first update from Starlight Shores.  So much has changed for everyone!

Chapter 2.17
Fertility troubles are complicated by some unexpected news from back home.

Chapter 2.18
Mollie has a fight with her mother and learns that her daughters aren’t so little anymore.

Chapter 2.19
Little Oliver gets married!

Chapter 2.20
It’s a Halloween party.  Oliver gets a big surprise!

Chapter 2.21
Spooky Day has arrived!  The girls go Trick-Or-Treating and Mollie meets her nephew.

Chapter 2.22
The twins are having a birthday soon!  Time to plan a party!

Chapter 2.23
Two little girls become teenagers!

Chapter 2.24
It’s boy trouble for two boy crazy teens.  And Mollie learns you are never too old to be yelled at by your mother.

Chapter 2.25
Olivia’s secret is out of the bag.  An adoption begins.

Chapter 2.26
Oliver and Company welcome twins.  Mollie tells the girls about their new sibling.

Chapter 2.27
Little Adam joins the Hanks family for a Christmas to remember.

Chapter 2.28
Mollie gets an unexpected Christmas gift during the annual Gift Giving party.

Chapter 2.29
Food poisoning hits home since Mollie is too pregnant to worry about cleaning.

Chapter 2.30
Garrett and Mollie welcome baby Lucy to the ranks.

Chapter 2.31
With anew family member the house is a bit cramped.  Remodeling happens.

Chapter 2.32
Penny and Liv prepare to age up and head to college.

Chapter 2.33
The twins have a birthday party fit for queens.

Chapter 2.34
Mollie spends time with both her daughters before they head off to college.  An heir is announced.

Chapter 2.35
Garrett reflects on things before Adam’s birthday.

Chapter 2.36
It’s a Feast Party and a birthday for Lucy!

Chapter 2.37
Garrett plans a massive 40th birthday party for Mollie and buys her a hugely unexpected gift.

Chapter 2.38
The girls return home from University just in time for Christmas.

Chapter 2.39
Mollie hosts her final Gift Giving Party.  It’s her biggest party yet but a glitch with the gifts creates an unlikely situation.

Chapter 2.40
Mollie and crew celebrate Christmas as a family.  Garrett interviews Penny’s new “friend” and Olivia drops a bombshell.

Generation Three: Penny Hanks

Penny’s Letter from University — Year 1
Penny writes home and tells her parents everything that has happened to her during her first year of college

Penny’s Diary — Year 1
Penny confides to her diary everything this didn’t write home about during her first year of college.

Penny’s Diary — Year 2
Penny heads off to her final year of university without her lifelong sidekick, twin sister Olivia.

Penny’s Prologue
Penny returns home after graduating from University and is met with many changes: a new cousin, a wedding, and the arrival of a long-awaited baby.

Chapter 3.1
After Mollie’s startling news, Penny gets the heck out of dodge and buys her own home.  After realizing it is an awful house, Penny does the unthinkable.

Chapter 3.2
Penny explores Egypt!

Chapter 3.3
Penny takes China!

Chapter 3.4
Penny falls in love with France.

Chapter 3.5
Penny returns home and gives the house a full blown makeover.  Adam moves in with his sister.

Chapter 3.6
Three months after returning from France Penny finally gets a job.  She visits with Liv and Bug and gets a double dose of heartbreaking news.

Chapter 3.7
Penny and Adam have a tough bonding moment.  Penny gets a makeover and teaches Adam how to drive.  Adam heads to Prom with his new girlfriend.

Chapter 3.8
Penny gets robbed, catches up with family, and heads to the Fall Festival.

Chapter 3.9
Penny goes in for her procedure.  Afterwards she goes to visit the most important person in her life

Chapter 3.10
A year later Penny has mellowed and matured.  Bug is growing up and Liv’s family is growing.  Penny gets a new roommate.

Chapter 3.11
It’s Love Day in Starlight Shores and Penny is off to meet her nephew Pickle.  Xander has a surprise for Penny but is advised against it by Mike.

Chapter 3.12
Penny wins a competition and brings home a nice prize which she uses to update her house.

Chapter 3.13
Penny has a rough day at work.  Xander and Penny finally plan a wedding.  Penny reaches the top of her career and achieves her lifetime wish.

Chapter 3.14
Penny and crew pick a wedding venue!

Chapter 3.15
Penny, Liv, and Mollie head to the big city for one last single fling.  Oh, and to find a wedding dress for Penny.

Chapter 3.16
Penny gets married.  Oh Sob!  Oh Cry!

Chapter 3.17
Adam plans to head off to University.  Bug has a birthday.

Chapter 3.18
Spooky Day arrives and Penny has to have another party.

Chapter 3.19
Snowflake Day is here!  The family comes over (again) and someone finally cleans up for Penny!

Chapter 3.20
Adam’s birthday is here!  He graduates with huge honors and Penny makes a promise she doesn’t want to keep.

Chapter 3.21
Finally!  A honeymoon!

Chapter 3.22
Penny and Xander are busy enjoying their honeymoon when Penny gets bad news.

Chapter 3.23
A funeral.

Chapter 3.24
Xander drops a bomb on Penny and Penny makes an announcement.

Chapter 3.25
Penny drops a bomb on Adam.

Chapter 3.26
Moving day has arrived!

Chapter 3.27
Penny becomes a mother!

Chapter 3.28
Routine, routine, routine.

Chapter 3.29
Penny finds a house and Adam becomes a first time father!

Chapter 3.30
Penny gets her dream house.

Chapter 3.31
Penny has a day out with her favorite nephew.

Chapter 3.32
Birthday cakes and puppies.  Nuff said.

Chapter 3.33
Harper learns to walk and Hannah has an announcement and a gift.

Chapter 3.34
House updates, college plans, and a new nanny round out this chapter.

Chapter 3.35
Penny gets a makeover and goes on her first date in years.

Chapter 3.36
It’s finally time for a proper Christmas celebration in Storybrook County!

Chapter 3.37
Penny hosts the annual Christmas bash with her whole family in attendance.  After the party Penny gets invited on a Christmas date.

Chapter 3.38
Penny goes on a date, learns some things about Pete, and Bug comes home from boarding school.

Chapter 3.39
Bug proves challenging as teen and she and Penny have a major fight..

Chapter 3.40
Pete shows his true colors.

Chapter 3.41
Bug attends prom.  Penny and Pete spend some alone time together

Chapter 3.42
Bug has quite the surprise for Penny

Chapter 3.43
Everyone pitches in to help Bug through her pregnancy.  When that baby comes along everyone is in for a big surprise!

Chapter 3.44
Three years after the birth of Kayleigh and Kennedy everybody is growing up.  Katie is graduating from college and Dylan is moving out on his own.  Peter and Penny have a surprise for Katherine and the twins.

The Engagement
Peter and Penny’s engagement story!

Chapter 3.45
Despite the empty house and the need to downsize, Peter has a surprise for his bride.

Chapter 3.46
The family works to get settled in after their move.

Chapter 3.47
It’s time for a much needed family outing at the Spring Festival

Chapter 3.48
Penny ends up getting a part-time job to make a little cash before the wedding.  Peter and the girls party it up while mom’s away.

Chapter 3.49
Mollie, Katie, Liddy, and Linzy show up a week before the wedding to give Penny the gift of a lifetime!

Chapter 3.50
It’s wedding time!

Chapter 3.51
Penny and Peter are in wedded bliss and decide to add to their family.

Chapter 3.52
Young Simon Alexander Pagano joins the family.

Chapter 3.53
The family decides to send out summer in style and Penny gets an unexpected blast from the past.

Chapter 3.54
Fall has arrived and Spooky Day is here.  Penny and crew enjoy the haunts and throw a Feast Day party.

Chapter 3.55
Winter is just around the corner and Penny is getting ready for the holidays.

Chapter 3.56
A stroke of bad luck hits just in time for the Christmas.

Chapter 3.57
Peter and Penny make a bet.

Chapter 3.58
Peter gets some really unexpected news.  He and Penny struggle to process this new development.

Chapter 3.59
Penny and Peter host the annual Christmas party.

Chapter 3.60
Peter and Penny welcome their fourth child.

Chapter 3.61
Peter and Penny go to find out the sex of their baby.  Simon has a birthday party.

Chapter 3.62
Penny goes to meet with Xander about Harper’s birthday.  She wakes up to some startling news.

Chapter 3.63
Penny learns the extent of the damage to her life.

Chapter 3.64
Penny tries to move on by moving away.

Chapter 3.65
Penny reassess her finances and decides she needs to make some personal changes and some occupational changes.

Chapter 3.66
Penny heads to work at the bar and meets a mystery man.  She plans her family Christmas party and sets up a meet and greet for Muppet’s new sibling.

Chapter 3.67
Penny meets Dr. McNamara and her new puppy.  She hosts the family Christmas party and gets accepted to college.

Chapter 3.68
Penny decides it is time for an upgrade.

Chapter 3.69
The men of the legacy rock Penny’s home renovation.  Penny brings home Copernicus Hanks.

Chapter 3.70
Penny goes on her first date and then signs on for a second date which ends…a little strangely.

Chapter 3.71
Penny decides the third date is going to be a big one but first she needs a pep talk from her ladies.

Chapter 3.72
Finn spends the night but then uses a loophole to get Penny to tell him about her past.

Chapter 3.73
Penny and Finn go on their biggest date yet and it could change everything.

Chapter 3.74
Penny makes a big decision.

Chapter 3.75
Penny and Finn invite the family over to get to know everyone.  Finn and Garrett have a surprise for her.

Chapter 3.76
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties for EVERYONE!

Chapter 3.77
The wedding!

Chapter 3.78
Penny and Finn Honeymoon in China!

Chapter 3.79
Penny and Finn get back into the swing of things

Chapter 3.80
Some big news for Penny and Finn

Chapter 3.81
Penny and Finn find their new normal.

Chapter 3.82
Penny and Finn throw a Feast Day party for family and friends.

Chapter 3.83
Welcome Owen Finley and Aiden Grey!

Chapter 3.84
Finn goes back to work leaving Penny alone with the twins.  Finn returns with a gift for Penny.

Chapter 3.85
The twins disappear!  Finn and Penny decide to expand the family.

Chapter 3.86
Finn and Penny try for a baby (several times).  They decide to take on some big business ventures.

Chapter 3.87
The boys have a birthday

Chapter 3.88
With the boys in school, Penny enjoys some alone time…but not for long.

Chapter 3.89
Summer fun, gender reveals, and a photoshoot

Chapter 3.90
Welcome Ellie Jayne!  Goodbye Miss Mollie!

Chapter 3.91
Garrett moves in with Penny and crew.  The twins have a surprise for Mom.

Chapter 3.92
Finn has a birthday and a midlife crisis

Chapter 3.93
A bazillion birthdays

Chapter 3.94
Penny gets a new horse and a new house

France: Day 1
Family Vacation Album

France: Day 3
Family Vacation Album

France: Day 7
Family Vacation Album

Chapter 3.95
The big move

Chapter 3.96
Owen learns to drive and Penny gets some startling news

Chapter 3.97
Penny and Finn take Ellie to the park.  Penny takes Lucinda baby shopping.

Chapter 3.98
Ellie has a birthday.  End of Generation 3.

Generation Four: Dani McNamara

Generation Four Introduction
Meet the new faces and get reacquainted with the old.

Chapter 4.1
Catch up on the last 10 years and get to know Ellie Jayne a little better.

Chapter 4.2
Divorces, redecorating, and pool parties!  Oh my!

Chapter 4.3
Ellie Jayne gets a lecture from Penny.  When Ellie Jayne rebels, Finn’s issues come to light.

Chapter 4.4
Ellie Jayne can’t deal with Penny any longer so Ellie concocts a plan with Annie.

Chapter 4.5
After further testing, Ellie’s plan comes to fruition.

Chapter 4.6
Ellie Jayne updates us on recent events in the McNamara family.

Chapter 4.7
Ellie Jayne takes Oscar out on a date and then to meet the family!

Chapter 4.8
Ellie Jayne plays the dating game with Oscar!

Chapter 4.9
It’s homecoming!

Chapter 4.10
Auntie Liv is here to stay!

Chapter 4.11
Christmas Eve adventures with the crew.

Chapter 4.12
Get your tissues ready. Christmas has arrived in Winchester…among other things.

Chapter 4.13
Welcome to Ridge Hall!

Chapter 4.14
Dani learns the Ridge Hall routine while dealing with her constant companion: morning sickness.

Chapter 4.15
Dani finds out her due date and tries to make some decisions about the future.

Chapter 4.16
It’s Dani’s turn to find out what she’s having!

Chapter 4.17
Baby Noah’s on his way!

Chapter 4.18
The world shatters for the girls at Ridge Hall

Chapter 4.19
Baby Beanie arrives!

Chapter 4.20
Birthdays and bittersweet goodbyes.

Chapter 4.21
Dani returns home and must confront her parents.

Chatper 4.22
Dani heads to town for her graduation party

Chapter 4.23
Dani registers for classes and gets used to life on her own.

Chapter 4.24
Dani has to face the music and make some tough choices.

Chapter 4.25
Now that she’s a free woman, Dani gets a makeover to start her new life.

Chapter 4.26
Dani’s first day of college has arrived!

Chapter 4.27
Dani learns some hard lessons about being a teen mom.

Chapter 4.28
It’s finals crunch time!

Chapter 4.29
Summer’s end means family fun!

Chapter 4.30
Dani finds out her grandfather has passed away.

Chapter 4.31
Moving Day!

Chapter 4.32
Unexpected phone calls

Chapter 4.33
Dani plays the dating game!

Chapter 4.34
House hunting!

Chapter 4.35
House party!

Chapter 4.36
Pasts and Futures

Chapter 4.37
One of those days

Chapter 4.38
Welcome back to Uni!

Chapter 4.39
We return to find a lot has changed for Dani

Chapter 4.40
Family Adventures with Dani and crew!

Chapter 4.41
Family outings at the summer festival

Chapter 4.42
Major decisions must be made

Chapter 4.43
Paris: Week 1

Chapter 4.44
Dani and Lucian prepare to return home

Chapter 4.45
The hunt for the potion is on!

Chapter 4.46
Wedding planning begins!

Chapter 4.47
Changes on the home front after some sad news

Chapter 4.48
Wedding Bells!

Chapter 4.49
Moving Day!

Chapter 4.50
The Orfeo family makes new human and animal friends!

Chapter 4.51
Vi heads off to military school and Hadley has a birthday.

Chapter 4.52
Dani and Lucian reconnect and Lucian’s potion is finished!

Chapter 4.53
Spooky Day has arrived and Penny helps Dani achieve her dreams.

Chapter 4.54
The grand opening of Snickerdoodles and the return of Violet!

Chapter 4.55
The legacy hangs in the balance and Vi and Dani clash over the heir.

Chapter 4.56
Generation Four comes to a close with a fight and a birthday.

Generation Five: Violet Friend42044219450_c904e9a425_b

Generation 5 Prologue
Some potion making seals the deal for the new lead.

Chapter 5.1
Violet begins her formal training as a witch

Chapter 5.2
It’s prom night!

Chapter 5.3
Break-ups and Birthdays

Chapter 5.4
Welcome to Simbrook University

Chapter 5.5
Violet has a rough time at University

Chapter 5.6
Violet goes home for the holidays

Chapter 5.7
Violet runs away to start a new life

Chapter 5.8
Roughing it

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