Side Story: I Found the One

Side Story: Meet Chip’s father, Alistair Worthington Jr.

“Hello?  Hello, Dad?  Yes, I need you to come over right away.  I’ve found her.  I’ve finally found the one.”

“Alright, boy, tell me about this one.” Alistair Worthington Jr was not thrilled about being yanked away from his morning paper for another one of his son’s escapades.

“She’s perfect, dad.  She has no desires of her own, only future plans that center around her dead grandmother or some shit.”

Alistair perked up at this news.  “Go on.”

“Well, that’s about it.  There is one more thing, I guess.  She’s smart, Dad.  She already figured out I was a Worthington.”

“DAMN IT, Boy!”  Alistair threw his coffee cup across the room.  “You’ve got to do better than that.  We need this to work.  We can’t manipulate a smart one.  We need a sheep who hangs on your every word.”

“No, Dad!  This is better.  She’s smart which means she’ll see reason.  If we give her reasonable explanations, she’ll do it.”

“Intriguing.”  Alistair Worthington Jr stroked his chin.   “Perhaps you aren’t a waste after all.  Do you think she’ll marry you?”

“Of course she will.”  Chip gestured around the kitchen.  “Who wouldn’t want this?”

“Does she have any living family?”

“Dunno.  All she talked about was dead grandmothers.”

“Watch out for family ties, son.  They could be the downfall of the plan.”

“It’s alright, Dad.  I’ve got this.  It will work this time.”

“You’d best hope so, boy.”  Alistair got up to leave but turned back and looked at his son.  “You’re inheritance is riding on it.”  And with that he left.

Side Stories: The Kid with the Melting Problem

More fun with the crew from Eternally Yours!

If you’re wondering why the girls didn’t have any proper prom photos with their dates…

The poor Cohen boy had an issue with a collapsing spine for awhile.  He’s since worked out his issues but it made for some exciting photos.


He aged up normally (I guess — he’s not in my household so I had no control on that).  However, he kept collapsing in on himself.  If you went to talk to him though, he’d pop right back to normal size.


Here he is next to his brother and Dani.


He was supposed to go to prom with Bee but he seems to have missed the limo.

Side Stories: Lucian and the Fireflies

Additional fun with the crew of Eternally Yours!

New posts will be coming soon!  Next week is midterms and I’ve given myself permission to play again at that point.  I need to fix up a few issues with the next chapter and to do so, I need new pictures.  But have no fear, new posts are coming.

In the meantime, you can check out Twice Upon a Time.  Oh Em Gee!  Yes, it’s been a year but Jackie has returned!

Now, without further ado, I give you the Majestic Lucian.

I have a mod that allows sims to “auto collect” stuff.  Basically, I tell them what I want and they go get it until there is no more left on the map.

Well, Lucian wandered off to explore the catacombs and got into a fight with a bear about the time I needed some bugs for my alchemy adventures.  Here is the outcome of that little outing:


So burnt.  So color.


Meanwhile this guy in ripped clothes is looking at Lucian as if that’s the weirdest thing he’s seen all day.  Also it looks like a firefly is landing on Lucian’s nose.


So majestic.

Side Stories: The Saga of Kiki and Branden

More fun with the crew of Eternally Yours!

More Eternally Yours to come soon!  Life is hectic at the moment so I only have time for snippets.

Since I have NRAAS mods installed, I get all kinds of fun notifications.  When my saves get too big and unruly, I turn these off and miss out on a bunch of stuff.  Luckily, Van Crest is still pretty small and there are only about 10 families running around.

Enter: Kiki and Branden.

These two are pretty much the main reason that I started the Side Stories section.  Every time I go in game, these two are having a soap opera of a relationship.  It makes for some great notifications though and I had to share.




Look for more on Kiki and Branden to come.  Last time I was in game they had gotten back together but then started fighting in front of the movie theater.  Will they stay together this time?



Side Stories: Trick-or-Treating with Kids

More adventures with the Eternally Yours crew!

Welcome to the first installment of SweetPoyzin’s Side Stories!  I always end up with some weird pictures that pertain to the main blog but not really enough to include them in chapters.  It’s not quite enough for a bonus post but they are fun and deserve to see the light of day.

While trick-or-treating with Hadley and Bee during the last chapter, they had some amazing commentary so I grabbed it to share with you.

Alice was clearly excited about this adventure.

This crab-ass lives across the street and I often see her complaining about getting stuck in the bushes.  Oh, and she’s often in her underwear.

But Miss Crab-ass had no problem giving Alice some awesome loot.

Anyway, nothing Earth shattering here.  Just some fun hilarity in the midst of real life (or real-sim-life as it might be).