Chapter 4.4

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter and the next chapter are kinda short.  I probably should have combined them…but then I didn’t.  I was sure I had more images but I don’t.  Sorry!

“Ok, well.  That was a nice try, Danielle, but we really need to work on your posture, your speed, your jumping.  Oh, who am I kidding.  You need to work on everything.  Good thing you have all summer, kiddo.  We’re going to need it!”

Ever since I stole her horse and went on a joy-ride, my mother has had me in her training ring.  So now she’s riding my ass day in and day out.  According to my mother, my lack of friends is concerning so I need to learn a skill instead of hanging out with Oscar at home.  She calls it “character-building”.

I call it “being a bitch.”  Well, I don’t call it that out loud.

“Damn it!  Mom!  Control this horse before it kills me!”

“You need to do it, honey!  Remember, you are learning to ride the horse!”

I hope this horse kills me.  I cannot deal with my mother this whole summer.

“Come on, Ellie Jayne!  Get a move on!  We have all day but you need to make some progress!”

I wonder if I can learn to command the horse to run over my mother…

I was not going to spend three months training horses with my mother.  I needed a plan.

Naturally, I convinced my dad to let me spend the evenings at school.  I gave him some bullshit story about summer school classes.  Of course he bought it because I’m the good kid.

I had only a vague idea of what I was trying to do.  I’d heard a rumor that it was possible to make a potion that turns imaginary friends into humans.  I have a genius IQ so I assumed that I could create the potion…no problem.

Well, turns out it is a problem.  Several explosions later I realized I needed a new plan.  I needed a test subject.

Luckily, my parents had produced the perfect test subject.  I mean…that’s kinda what little sisters are for.

I found my poor, unsuspecting test subject presiding over a tea party.

“Annie.  I need your help.”  I gave her my best whiny, pleading voice.

“What’s in it for me?”  She eyed me suspiciously.

“My undying love and sisterly devotion?”

“Mama didn’t raise no dummy, Ellie Jayne.  You gotta do better than that.”  Shit.  I wasn’t planning on my little sister playing me.

“I’ll do  your homework for a week.”  I crossed my fingers behind my back.

“Six months.  And if this has to do with your fake summer school classes then you have to add another 3 months onto that to keep me quiet about your secret.”  Ugh.  Smart ass little brat.

“Fine.  Come out back so we can plot.”

“Do you really think that making your imaginary friend real is going to get mom off your back?”  I had no idea my kid sister had such a mind.  I kinda wished she stop asking me questions though.  She was poking holes in my half-assed plot.

“Yes, in fact, I do.  And with any luck he’ll take me to the homecoming dance when school starts again.  Then I’d have a friend AND a boyfriend.  That will shut mom up quick!”

“Yeah…or your imaginary friend becomes real, realizes you’re a huge loser, and dumps you.  Which is probably gonna happen since, you know, you are a huge loser.”  It was too likely a possibility.  I had to shut the kid up.

“If you just stop talking I’ll do your homework until you go to high school.”


Chapter 4.3

Note from SweetPoyzin: I may have found my dear Ellie Jayne’s voice!

Even though I was able to ride out my mom’s guilt to get a new bedroom set, that guilt stopped at “Can I have a car?”  Instead, I was gifted with this POS car.  Mom felt that it would “build character” if I had to spend my own MONEY turning the car into a functioning vehicle.  Instead it’s just made me broke and grumpy.

Dad’s gotten weird lately.  It could be the fact that all his kids are growing up and he’s got a shit ton of grandkids now.  He’s just a year away from old age and retirement.  You’d think the man would be excited or something.  Instead he just burns food and gets in the way.

We all try to be nice about it.  It kinda sucks though because that means I have to eat burned omelettes for breakfast and burned spaghetti at dinner.

I’ve made some friends lately, though.  Being in such a small town, making friends is tricky…especially when your brother and his wife end up being the scandal of the town.  I mean…there’s like 30 people who live on this God forsaken island so it doesn’t take much to alienate people.

Also, my parents bought every business in town so…awkward.

Ok, so people can’t actually see my friend.  His name is Oscar.  I swear he’s NOT imaginary though.

Like…you can’t get your ass kicked by an imaginary friend.  He ALWAYS beats me at pillow fighting so clearly he’s real.

Recently we were studying together and mom walked in.  Ugh.  She’s one of the main people who do not believe in Oscar.

“Look, Danielle.” You know it’s about to get real when she’s whips out Danielle.  “You’re 16 now.  If you run around talking about your imaginary friend like he’s real, you’re going to give your nieces and nephews the wrong idea.”

Let me jump in here and tell you about these nieces and nephews:

Bradly is 9 now.  He doesn’t have an imaginary friend so I haven’t ruined his mind.

Little Christopher is too logical for an imaginary friend.  I mean the kid is 3 and he is already smarter than I am so he’s not all corrupted.

Ivy is 8 and she’s a future doctor.  She and her sisters have an imaginary friends as well and we chat about them all the time.  But THEY brought their friends up first so not MY fault.

Lily is a sassy pants so she likes to talk about the IF around Mom just to make me look like I’ve corrupted her.

Clover is just like Owen.  She’s super military minded, if that makes sense.  She knows when to talk and what to talk about and leaves it at that.  She’s my bestie among the nieces and nephews.

Daisy is a mama’s girl and is too young to really care about friends.

And Basil rounds out the family.  He just likes to pick his nose at this point.

Anyway…back to the living room.  Mom finished her rant/lecture about how I am destroying the fragile little mind of her grandkids.  Then Dad walked in to make the day even more interesting.

“Ellie…maybe you should put some clothes on today?”

“Daddy, I am wearing clothes.  Have you changed out of your pajamas recently?”

“Well, no.  But I work from home managing the businesses so I don’t need clothes.  I can see your back and arms and belly button and neck.  So…clothes.  NOW, young lady.”

Totally the straw that broke the camel’s back.  It was time…

I was going to run away.

I grabbed mom’s newest horse.  I don’t even know his name.  I grew up on my mom’s ranch but oddly enough, I’m not a natural when it comes to riding.

Once we got it sorted out though, I was off.  I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do when I got there.  Also, we live on a fricking island.  I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get far.

Horse (I asked but she refused to tell me her name) and I took off for the coast.  I asked her if there was a possibility that she might be able to fly or at least float but she ignored me again.  She’s a silent one.

I pondered the idea of how to get across the vastness of the ocean but I couldn’t come up with a workable plan.  So Horse and I just camped out for the day.

Back home…

“Finley!  Where’s Ellie Jayne?  A storm is rolling in?”

“Dunno, dear.  She ran out, grabbed a horse, and bolted.  HEY!  Come check out this castle!  It’s the best I’ve built yet!”

“DAMN IT, FINLEY!  She’s never ridden before!  And if she took the chestnut mare she’s in trouble!  She’s a nasty horse when she gets spooked!  FINLEY!  HELP ME!  We’ve got to find Ellie before the storm hits land!”

“Be right there, Penny!  If the storm is as bad as you say, I’m going to need to shore up the foundation and walls of Castle Beast!”

“FORGET IT!  I’ll find her!”


Shit.  It’s mom.  Act natural.  So I whistled because that’s what people do when they “act natural” in the movies.

“Child.  You are in so much trouble.  You steal my horse.  You run off.  You don’t tell anyone where you are going.  You are so very grounded.  And since you clearly do not have enough to keep you busy and you apparently want to ride horses, you will be training with me every day for the rest of the summer.”

Great.  Just great.

Chapter 4.2

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter is oddly disjointed.  Bear with me as I get the hang of writing with Ellie Jayne in my head.  I feel bad since you’ve all been patiently waiting and then I present you with this crap.

Even though she was my kid sister, Annie wasn’t all bad.  Yes, she was a brat but she still pretty much worshiped me.  Of course, now that Annie I were getting along better the shit had to hit the fan elsewhere.

Mom broke the news to us during dinner one night.

“Well.  That was your brother on the phone.”

“Which one?”  I asked jokingly.  Owen was at boot camp for another week so I knew he wasn’t calling.

“He’s leaving Kari.  He’s met some woman named Arrietty and they’ve moved in together.”

“Good for him!”  Dad was weird lately.  I’m pretty sure he just heard my mom talking but didn’t actually listen.  After nearly 30 years with her I guess that’s his right.

So my brother hooked up with a new woman.  I mean…it’s not like that should have been news.

Kari spent most of her second pregnancy sleeping in my bed.  That just spells trouble to me.  But what do I know?  I don’t even have any real friends much less a boyfriend.

My parents felt super bad that their son turned out to be such a douche bag.  I mean, he totally moved the new woman into his marriage house and left his ex-wife homeless.  So my parents bought Kari a small house for her and the boys.  They are good people.  Annoying, but good.

I also capitalized on their lack of parental skills by informing them that I had  no other choice but to feel unloved by the fact that I lived in Owen’s old room with his old furniture.  So they redid my entire room.  Master of the guilt trip!

Sadly, summer was coming to an end.  We decided to throw a big pool party to celebrate.

Dad was all about the lounging while the girls rocked the pool.

I challenged mom to a breath-holding contest while Annie showed off her disgustingly good diving skills.

Finally, the party kicked into high gear.  Everyone came…including Kari and Aiden’s new girlfriend.  Oh, and by girlfriend I mean fiance.  It wasn’t as awkward as it could have been because Grandpa also brought his NannyBot so people were distracted by the robot in the pool.

Everyone finally left around 10pm but Grandpa, Owen, and Aiden all felt the need to keep the party going.  I don’t understand those men.

Chapter 4.1

Note from SweetPoyzin: This is just a short chapter to introduce you to our heiress and get to know her from her point-of-view.  It’s also a nice little catch-up post since it’s been about 10 years since you’ve seen everyone!

And it’s raining again.  It always rains in this stupid town.

Whatever.  I think I’m supposed to like fill you in on shit -er- I mean stuff.  Sorry.  I’m kinda new to this job.

So Owen got married to this awesome artsy chick named Maureen but we just call her Mo.  He met her at the high school here.  She was literally the only girl with purple hair in the whole school if you can believe that.

Anyway, they’d been dating for a long time and then Owen decided to join the military.  Mom nearly shit a brick — I mean she really freaked.  But then Owen got called up for basic training and he and Mo had a super quick wedding in the chapel in town.  It was a good idea because she’s totally preggers now.

Speaking of preggers, Aiden got married, too.  Except we didn’t know until later.  He spent time traveling after boarding school and college and he met Kari.  Well, she got knocked up and then Aiden married her and brought her home to Mom who is mega-excited to be a grandma.

I think Dad almost exploded with joy or something because he spends about more of his time visiting with Kari’s belly than he does with Aiden or Kari herself.  She’s super cool about it though.  I guess she’s ok.  I really don’t know her.

OH.  And speaking of getting knocked up.  Mom and Dad had another baby.  Oops.  I guess they thought that since they were both in their mid-40s that Mom wouldn’t get pregnant.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  In fact…they probably weren’t thinking at all.

Whatevz.  So Annie was born and she’s kinda a snot.  Like for real.  She’s such a little diva.  She’s a total brat.  And I don’t mean that because she’s my little sister.  She’s a real jerk.

The highlight of my life to date is learning to drive.  Owen started teaching me before he left.  So…that’s kinda it.

Uhm, I guess you might want to know more about me.  I’m a straight-A student and captain of the soccer team and president of the art and chess clubs.  I don’t have a boyfriend.  I have a part-time job.  The only really rebellious thing I’ve done is get my nose pierced.  Dad is certain it will keep me out of medical school.  I think it’s cute.

For some reason Mom chose me to be her heir or whatever.  I don’t know why since I’m clearly an afterthought.  The house is full of pictures of Owen and Aiden and yet I’m the one Mom chose.  All I want is a date to prom but instead I’ve got to figure out how to lead a legacy.


Generation 4: Introduction

Meet the cast of Generation Four!

Welcome back, dear readers!

Generation Four will be a little different.  We will start off with a mix of voices as I summarize the past 10 years.  We’ll hear a little from everyone before our heir finally takes over leadership of the family.

Since we’ve jumped so far into the future, we’ve got some new faces and our old ones have changed quite a bit.  So we’ll start off like civilized people and have some introductions.

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