Memory Lane Challenge!

Memory Lane Road Sign

Sorry this is so belated.  The images I wanted to showcase got lost to the horrible Photobucket troll so I had to abandon this for a bit.  But thanks to the awesome Chrome extension, I can now bring you my favorite memories!

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Oh my goodness.  This challenge was DIFFICULT!  I’m glad I got nominated twice because I needed the extra memories (even that still wasn’t enough).  After nearly five years with this family I have so many memories, some good, some not so good, but they are all important.  As we are nearing our Generation 5 heiress reveal, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time  So, without further ado, here we go!

Memory #1


Introducing Lydia to the world is one of my favorites.  I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my broken wrist and I had no idea of the rough year that was ahead of me.  You guys kept me sane and cheered me on throughout my struggles and here we are four-and-a-half years later.  I didn’t know that I’d still be writing this story and I didn’t anticipate becoming friends with so many readers.  Thank you all for that.

Memory #2


When Adam joined Generation 2 I had no idea what a large role he would play.  He was Penny’s rock for a long time.  This picture is one of my favorites since Garrett and Adam will always be my favorite Eternally Yours men.

Memory #3


Speaking of favorite men, we cannot forget Penny and Peter’s wedding.  Good Lord I loved that man (and I know so many of you did, too)!  Peter was perfect for Penny after all her struggles and I was terribly sad to see him go after that awful hard drive crash.  I was so excited to bring him back in Generation 4 even if he and Penny did not get their happily ever after.  It was just nice to see him again and to know that he was well after all these years.

Memory #4


Owen and Aiden brought a new beginning to the legacy after all of Penny’s struggles and losses.  Born in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, they were a special gift for two of my favorite legacy leads.  Even though they aren’t in the story as much as they used to be, they will always hold a special place in my heart!

Memory #5


Since we are on the topic of births, who didn’t love when Garrett showed up at Ridge Hall to help Dani through the birth of her daughter?  I pretty much love all the memories that involve Garrett but this one was very special.  It was one of his final appearances in the story and it was a really powerful one.

Memory #6


Continuing my Garrett theme, one of my all time favorite memories was getting to reunite him with Mollie.  It was awful losing him in the story but we all know that he place is with his forever love.

Memory #7


Penny deciding to sacrifice herself for the good of the legacy was probably the most hated post I’ve ever written.  You all seriously made your thoughts on that known.  In a rare turn of events I changed my mind and decided to spare our beloved lead.  But it’s still one of my favorite memories because of Penny got to spend time with her brother and sister and Mollie and Garrett even got to make an appearance.

Memory #8


I love a good wedding and so much happened at Lucian and Dani’s.  Finn showed up to walk Dani down the aisle.  Lucian told Dani he bought them a new house.  Penny decided to move in with the crew.  And the family grew by two little girls.

Memory #9


I loved creating Alice Bee and Hadley Rose for Dani and Lucian.  I knew they needed more kids but I also knew that Dani would never become pregnant again (I had decided that during her time at Ridge Hall).  They officially joined the family following Dani and Lucian’s wedding.

Memory #10


Last but not least, Garrett’s last hurrah.  Definitely one of my favorite chapters to write since it featured food, dancing, family time, and a jam session with some of my favorite characters.  Any time Liv shows up you know there will be fun.

So there’s our walk down memory lane!  Do you have any favorite memories from the story that I didn’t mention?  Please share them in the comments so we can continue this journey!

Chapter 4.56

Our final chapter of Generation 4 has arrived.

Whoever wrote the song Silent Night did not have teenagers.  How do I know?  Because it’s Christmas Eve and my house is anything but silent and holy thanks to my teenagers.  Well, just one teenager really.

“What do you mean you don’t know where my father is?  I really don’t understand it, Mother.”  Violet had been in spectacular form lately.  If she wasn’t harping about being heir she was complaining about her lack of biological father.

“Are you kidding me, Violet?  It’s Christmas Eve.  Now is not the best time for this conversation.”

“Yes, it’s totally the best time, Mom.  Imagine how happy I will be tomorrow if you just tell me where my dad is!”

“For the last time: I don’t know, Violet.  Now DROP IT.”

“I will not drop it, Mother.  You’re being unfair by keeping him from me!  Tell me where my Dad lives!  I know you know!”

I probably would have been able to keep my cool but her finger pointing was too much.

“STOP!  I really don’t know where he is.  Yes, he was an imaginary friend but it’s not like I put him in a fucking box in the attic, Violet. ”

Violet crossed her arms and stared me down.  She looked like she was going to open her smart mouth again so I kept right on going.

“Your father was also a real person.  He saw you as a baby and then he vanished.  Literally.  He turned into his toy form and walked off and I’ve never heard from him again.  If you want to find him be my guest.  His name is Oscar Friend.  Go ahead and try.  See if I care what you do.”

“FINE!  But you’ll be sorry when I find him and I leave!  I HATE IT HERE!  I HATE ALL OF YOU!”  Vi turned around so fast I could barely see her as she stomped off and slammed her bedroom door.

“Mama?”  A tiny voice whispered from around the hall door.

“Hadley!  What are you doing down here so late?”

She rushed out and hugged me so hard she almost crushed me while knocking me down.

“I heard noises and I thought it was Santa so I came to see him but then I heard you and Vi fighting and does she hate me and is she really gonna leave?  Will Santa leave her any presents?  She was really mean but she didn’t mean it.  Please, please don’t let Santa forget her!”

“Come here, honey.  Shhhhhh.  Santa’s not going to forget anyone in this family.”  I snuggled Hadley under the Christmas tree.  “Vi’s just mad.  She’s a teenager and they get weird.  She doesn’t hate anyone.  Especially not you.  Okay?”

“Okay.”  She sniffled.  “I think I’m gonna go up to my bedroom so Santa can come.”

“That’s a very good idea, Hadley.  I’ll come up and tuck you in.”

“And, Mama?  I promise I won’t ever be mean to you when I’m a teenager.”

If only.

Time has this habit of plodding along even when you aren’t ready for it to move on.  Before I knew it, my birthday arrived.  It was a big one.  40.  I kinda thought I would have more of my life together but whatever.  Can’t have it all I guess.  I have most of it so that’s better than nothing.

I didn’t want anything extravagant.  Just the family.  Not even my siblings or aunt and uncle.  A quiet passing of time.  Let’s be honest, I just have too much going on with Violet to deal with more people.

I had to come up with a birthday wish on the spot.  It wasn’t difficult.  I’d tell you but then it wouldn’t come true.  Yes, it probably involved Violet.

“What do you mean you sold my bug?  I’ve had that car for 20 years, Lucian!  How could you sell it without asking me!?”

“Just stop and listen to me for a minute, Dani!  I’m trying to tell you –”

Violet ran in the door from work and interrupted our argument.

“You guys!  Who’s visiting?”

Nobody, Vi.  Why?”

“I just didn’t recognize the car in the drive way.  Is it for me?  It totally is, isn’t it.  Where are the keys?”  She ran out the door still babbling in excitement.

“I’m pretty sure it’s for me, Violet!  Get away!”  Mom was out the door next also still chattering away.

“You better get out there, babe, before someone steals your birthday present.  I was trying to tell you your bug got upgraded.”

Oh boy did it.  My very old, very loved bug got traded in for a very expensive, very shiny Aston Martin.  I have no idea how Lucian was able to afford this beautiful little creature but, you know, I think I can learn to love a new car.

I hopped in the driver’s seat and cranked up the radio.  I needed a break.  I started the engine and headed off to parts unknown.  Or the library.  It’s a small town.  You gotta take what you can get.

Author’s Note: This is the official end of Generation Four!  What lie’s ahead?  Who knows.  Ok, well I know and before long you will, too.


Chapter 4.55

Parties & Arguments

It was so nice having Violet back with us.  She jumped right into family life by playing with (and picking on) her siblings.  I think they missed her even though they will never admit it to Vi’s face.

Violet got a job in R.O.T.C. and has been taking it very seriously.  She works every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to noon.  While it leaves her extremely tired, she still has time for her after school activities.

One of her many extracurriculars is speech team.  She loves it (I hate public speaking).  I hear her talking to herself every day while she practices for her next competition.

Her most recent challenge is her driver’s test.  I’m only willing to work with Vi during the day.  I’m too nervous to teach her to drive during any conditions that are less than perfect.

So Lucian takes her driving in the rain, the snow, at night.  Basically all the time.

We would have to divide and conquer soon, however.  It wasn’t long after Vi got back that little Bee had a birthday.

Now we had two teenagers so I was going to have to teach someone to drive regardless of how the road looked.

It was time to upgrade the family portrait.  We hired a very nice lady to take our photo at the beach near our house.  It was scary to think that in just another couple of years I’d be middle-aged and have THREE teens but here we were nonetheless.

With the summer suddenly upon us, I realized the girls had little to do.  I was able to convince Bee to come work at the bakery but Vi was having none of that.  I was mostly ok with it since she still had her R.O.T.C. job but that still left five days a week with nothing to do.

“So do you have any plans today?”  I had lured Vi to the bakery with the promise of free lattes.

“Actually, yes.  I’m going to the aquarium with Nana.”

“Oh, really!  Well, that sounds fun I guess.”  My mom had been trying to bond with the girls more.  It’s so difficult these days with everyone running in 900 different directions.

“Yeah, she said they had some new shark or something?  I dunno.  I wasn’t really listening.”

Of course not.  Teens.

“Nana.  This is so, I dunno, boring.  It’s just a bunch of fish tanks.”

“What did you expect, Beanie?  It’s an aquarium!  It’s not like the fish can roam around.”

“I guess I just expected like a dolphin show or something.  This is lame.”

“You’d better hope that your life is not boring and lame, child.  It could be so much more interesting if you wanted it to be.”

“Whadaya mean, Nana?”

“You mother is refusing to pick an heir to carry on our legacy.”

“A what?  For what?  Nana are you turning senile?

“You have much to learn, Little Bean.  Let’s grab some lunch while I fill you it.”

“I’m not hungry yet.”

“It’s a long story, child.  You’re going to want some food and once I start I’m not stopping until we’re finished.”

Sunday mornings at Snickerdoodles are always quiet.  It’s the best time for me to collect my thoughts, order supplies, and just bask in gratitude for what my life has become.  It’s rare for anyone to show up let alone my children but Violet is full of surprises.

“Mama?  Have you thought about who you might name has heir?”

My head whipped around so fast I hear my neck bones crunch.

“What did you just ask, Violet?”

“About your heir?  Like who is going to carry on the next part of things?”

“I’m not picking an heir, Violet.  We’re done.  I’m the last.”  I stared her down until she looked away.  I hoped that was the end of things.

“But Nana said –”

“Oh, so this is your grandmother’s doing.  I should have known.  She’s been doing her job too long, Violet.  She’s forgotten what’s important.”

“What do you mean?”


“I’m not choosing and heir because it will own you.  You are prisoner to this family, our story.  You can’t ever be you.  I didn’t want this role and I made a promise to never force it on my children.”

“But, Mom –”

“No buts, Violet.  There is no heir.  We’re done here.”

Chapter 4.54

Dani finally opens her bakery and someone makes a semi-surprise return!

Soon after deciding to open the bakery, I got serious about things.  First, I needed to know how to bake.

Luckily, I was in good hands with Mom.  She had tons of old family recipes and she let me try them out for myself.  Soon I was flipping crepes and pancakes over my head.  They didn’t always land back in the pan but the ones that did were at least edible.

Mom surprised me further by buying me a baking oven.  It really made things easier when it came down to it.  I wasn’t sure why she was being so generous but maybe she’s just mellowing out with age.

Lucian found the perfect little bakery for my new dream.  It wasn’t too far from our house and was right next door to a sweet little community park.  I had so many dreams for this place.

Which was good because the inside needed some serious TLC.  It was a dated little place and pretty run down.  Apparently that was how Lucian was able to get it so cheap.  He neglected to tell me that it had been on the market for about 15 years.

I tried to setup shop there but the place just wasn’t me.  After a few days I closed the place so Lucian and I could do some major renovations.

Again, Mom stepped in and just rocked things.  She cooked and cleaned and took care of Alice and Hadley while Lucian and I managed things at the bakery.

And, let’s be honest, things were not going spectacularly at the bakery.  Everything we touched was broken.  One day, I was trying to wash God-only-knows what off my hands and the sink pretty much exploded.  Needless to say, I did as well.

I took my frustrations out on all the appliances.  I upgrades those bad boys with all the magic I had in my body.  I don’t use it very often, but when I am moved to spell cast, ya’ll better watch out.

After six months of around-the-clock work, the bakery finally came together.  It just needed some new paint.  And wallpaper.  And upholstery.  And flooring.  Well, it needed everything.  But it was so worth it and it turned out better than I ever even dreamed it would.  Snickerdoodles opened up just in time for the Spring Festival.

I had a computer area and books shelves.  I also set up some retro arcade games.  I started small with the baked goods — only some cookies and cupcakes.  Tina manned the bakery station while Lucia was my master barista.

I think she drinks way too many of her own creations.  That woman talks a mile a minute at 6:30 in the morning.  I can’t even comprehend most of what she says.  It doesn’t matter as long as my customers are happy.

And speaking of customers!  I got one!  It wasn’t too long before word spread that there was finally a new bakery and coffeeshop in town and people showed up in droves.  I’m even made enough to pay someone to manage Snickerdoodles so I could finally take a break for the kids.

Bee was becoming an exceptional photographer and painter.  I had to fight her for the easel most days.  I knew what we would be getting her for her birthday!

Hadley was excelling at music.  She had already mastered the guitar and drums and had moved on to the piano.  Thank goodness she was musically gifted or I never would have wanted to paint while she was practicing (which is all the time by the way).

When we finally had a free day together, we decided to hit up the Summer Festival.  We had been there most of the day when I realized I had several missed phone calls from Violet.

“Mom!  I’m home.  Where are you guys?  Did you seriously forget about me?”

Shit!  I had forgotten that Violet was due home from boarding school.  That’s why the day was free.  Now it all made sense.  I rounded up the crew and we headed home to meet the long-lost child.

Well, I guess she’s not much of a child anymore.


Bakery: Old L.A. Globe Bakery by Floraflora2

Violet’s Pose: Specially created by Bmit (find her other poses here)

Chapter 4.53

Pets, Trick-or-Treating, and Money…Oh, My!

We finally completed the renovation on Hadley’s room.  It only took six months but she didn’t complain too much.  That was probably because she got to spend it in Violet’s old room.  Oh, and we promised her a pet of her own if she dealt with our slow pace.

I think her choice of pet is mocking her parents.  Whatever.  I’m going to be adult about it.  Anyway.

She picked a turtle and named him Sheldon.  He’s actually quite cute all joking aside.

Lucian isn’t quite as attached to him as Hadley and I.  Might be due to the fact that Hadley always forgets to feed and clean the little bugger.  We should maybe be more proactive in teaching her responsibility but we’re picking our battles these days.

She’s isn’t always irresponsible.  When trick-or-treating is involved that girl will rack the whole backyard for free candy.  Do not get in between a girl and her candy.

She refused to dress up, though.  She said it was too immature.  Hadley is such an enigma.  I’m not sure I will ever have her figured out.

Alice, on the other hand, was stoked to go around the neighborhood.  She had her costume on most of the day and was pre-wired with sugar and excitement.

Mom and I stayed home and gave out candy to the kids.  It’s a bit of a bummer since the only other kids in the neighborhood are the Cohens next door.  They must not like each other because they came over to visit one at a time.  At least it spread out my work!

I gave the girls a fairly early curfew.  It was their first time out alone in the neighborhood and even though we know everyone, I figured better safe than sorry.

Plus, I was making my traditional Halloween chili for dinner.  That alone was enough to get them back in the door an hour early.  I wonder if that will work when they are teens?

One of my favorite parts of being mom to Hadley and Alice, is listening to them chatter.  This is made even more fun by the fact that Bee is a fairy and is prone to tricks.

Tonight she was testing out her frost throwing get-up.

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP it!  MOM, make her stop!”

Well, lucky for Hadley, Alice’s trick backfired.

It was fine though and they resorted to giggle fits over the whole ordeal.  I couldn’t help but start giggling myself.

Finally we all managed to sit down to eat.  Alice still refused to take off her costume.  I was worried she might want to wear it to school the next day.

“Danielle, what’s this about wanting to open a bakery?”

I hadn’t told Mom about the bakery immediately but I had talked to the girls about it.  Apparently, one of them is a rat.

“I just thought I would try something different for awhile, Mom.  I know you’ve done the same.”

“Yes, but I always did things I had experience with, dear.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you back so much as a tub of frozen cookie dough.”

“It’s all about attitude, Ma.  I think I can, so I will.”  I was setting a good example for my kids tonight.

“You’ll burn the damn town down, you will.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ma.”

“Of course, dear,” she smiled.

My chili might have been a little too hot.  Mom even started shooting fire and that lady LOVES spicy food.

I might have some lessons to learn before I try this bakery thing.

And because my family is a hot mess, Hadley went outside and destroyed all the leaves we spent the morning raking up.  Mom life for real.

In between our crazy adventures, Lucian and I were still trying to figure out how we were going to pay for a bakery.  Mom to the rescue!

She randomly bought a lottery ticket one day because she “had a feeling.”  Lo and behold, she won the jackpot.  After initially teasing me about my idea, she gave Lucian and I the money for our bakery.

“The only stipulation is that I’m not cleaning up your damn bakery!  There’s enough money there for a maid too, ya know.”  She mumbled as she cleared the table.  Lucian and I were too busy celebrating and planning to notice.

Chapter 4.52

Dani and Lucian finally get some alone time.

It might sound weird but with one kid out of the house, Lucian and I were really able to reconnect.  It might have something to do with Hadley not needing me every hour of every day but it doesn’t matter.  The point is,  Lucian and I were finally on the same page in the same book.  We survived.  Our marriage survived.  The kids were a little worse for wear though.

“Can you guys, like, not kiss anymore?  It’s like the third time in 10 minutes.”

“Yeah, it’s way gross.”

“How about your mom and I take this outside?  Watch the stars, maybe?”

“I don’t care where you go.  Just stop kissing in here, ya nasties.”

“Are you sure you still want to become mortal?”  Mom and I were getting scary close to completion on the potion.  I hoped he hadn’t changed his mind in all the time since we first talked about it.

“More sure now than I was before.”  Lucian reached for my hand.  “I can’t imagine living one day without you or the kids.  I don’t want to live another thousand years alone.”

So it was decided.  But there was still something between us.

“I don’t want to be a doctor anymore.”  It was finally out in the open.  I was burned out and ready for the next big adventure.  Or at least a smaller adventure that didn’t involve so much sadness.

“Well, what do you want to do then?”  Lucian, always practical.

“I want to open a bakery.”  Up until I said it I didn’t actually know that’s what I wanted to do.  Once it was out of my mouth though, I realized I really wanted to open a bakery.  Go figure.

“Alright.  We’ll open a bakery.”

His faith and support is kinda scary.  We’ll have to see how this goes.

“WHY are you guys kissing, again?!”

“Why are you in our bathroom?”  This is a valid question when you kid is in your bathroom at 7:30am.

“Because you guys have the best bathtub and I need to take a bath.”  She also has a valid point.

We left Bee to her bath.  I had final preparations to make anyway.

“I got the final ingredient so you should be able to convert him tonight.”  Mom has always gotten straight to the point.  “I’ll leave it in the coven room and you can prepare the potion whenever you feel like it.”

“I guess I’ll work on it tonight.”  There was one small issue.  “Will you take the girls to the park or anywhere but here?  I’d hate for them to be around if we screwed this up.”

“If you screwed it up, Dear.  I just gathered the ingredients.  You’re making this thing.  But, yes, I will take the girls to the stables.”

“Thank you.  And thanks for the vote of confidence.”


Work seemed to drag on for-ev-er.  Seriously.  When you are eager to quit and eager to get home to turn your vampire husband human, things just seem to take longer.

The day finally ended and I rushed home to get to work.  Lucian didn’t know that Mom and I had completed the potion yet.

Most of the ingredients were easy to get.  Your typical potion fare: eye of newt, blood of toad — you know the drill.  By this time I knew the recipe by heart and threw in the goo.

The final ingredient: life blood of a witch.

See, we had previously read that as “all of a witch’s blood” but it turns out you just need a little.  Turns out that all blood is life blood so there you go.

I’m so glad I’m not the one drinking this stuff.  I mean, really.  Probably not going to tell Lucian what’s in this one.


Once I had the stuff mixed and bottled, I ran inside to pour it into a normal glass.  Nobody wants to drink a smoking, green, glowing goo.  Well, some people might want to but let’s be real, this is too nasty for the special effects.

As soon as Lucian walked in the door I thrust the glass at him.

“Is this it?”  He looked nervous and excited.

“Drink it and we’ll find out.”  I smiled sweetly but it might have been more of an anxious grimace.

He drank it.

“Jesus Christ.  This shit is awful.”

“I rarely hear you curse so I’m inclined to believe you.  More importantly, do you feel like you might die?  Explode?  Violently vomit?”  I watched him carefully and intently.  He seemed okay.

“I feel fine actually.  In fact…I feel kinda magical.”

And just like that, Lucian conjured an apple.

“ABRA CADABRA ALAKAZAM!”  Lucian’s wand fizzled some sparks but it wasn’t the magical explosion he had hoped for.

I rolled my eyes.  “That’s not really how it works, you know.”

“Well, how was I supposed to know?  I’m kinda new at this.  I’m a tiny baby witch.  Just an infant learning to explore the magical world.”

“Oh my god.  Alright, come outside and let me show you how it’s done.”

So, spoiler alert.  I’m only like a level 5 witch — maybe less.  I never work on my powers so I’m nowhere near as badass as my mom.  I really had no idea how this was going to go.

Turns out that I am actually pretty badass when I’m trying to out do my husband.

“And that’s how you do magic.”

Chapter 4.51

Some birthdays

I’m always amazed at the conversations my kids have with each other.  Equally amazing is how closely the older girls listen to their younger sister.

“Sheeps and goats are the same, Vi-o-let!”

“I don’t think that’s how that works, Red.”

“Yes, a hipperpadamis is a rhino-saurus with horns so goats are sheeps with horns.”  Hadley was really quite adamant on this point.

“Wow, Hadley, you put a lot of thought into that.”  Luckily, Bee is a peacekeeper.

“Duh, Bee.  It’s cuz I’m smart.”

“Well, Violet is too so why don’t we all go look up sheep and goats in the encyclopedia?  Then we can know for sure.”


Off they all traipsed to find out whether sheep and goats are the same animal.  I was ready to jump in and stop my scrappy youngest daughter from brawling but it wasn’t needed.  Hadley was happy to soak up knowledge from her older sisters while she still had them both around.

Just a few days after the Chair-Fort Conference of 2017, Violet headed off to military school.

It’s not like we had to send her due to behavior.  She really wanted to go.  She wants to get a jump start on being an astronaut.  We could afford it and Violet had begged for the past year so off she went.  All by herself.  While I stood at the end of the street and watched her march off into independence.

I totally went inside and hugged my mom.  I really took her for granted as a kid.  Mom-ing is harder than it looks.

I still talked to Violet almost daily.  I tried really hard not to call her but I’m pretty sure she could tell.  I’d be sitting in her room remember when she was just a wee one and my phone would ring with some exciting news she had from school.

She won marching awards and some award for having the best bed corners.  She loved every minute of military school.  As difficult as it was for me, I was really happy she was finding her own way.

Despite being down one child, things were still as busy as ever at home.  Bee and Hadley were able to spend some one-on-one time together.  The older girls were always good about including Hadley but she often came off as the tag-along sister.  Hadley wasn’t going to complain about being the sole focus.

Before long, though, little Hadley had to grow up.  We threw a tiny party for her — just family.

She’s quite the cutie.

Of course, being cute doesn’t stop anyone from being the annoying little sister.  I should know.  Hadley immediately took to dressing and acting just like Bee, much to Bee’s chagrin.

The girls did attempt to start a band.  Bee wanted to play the drums which meant so did Hadley.  I was not about to have two drum kits in my house so poor Hadley has to play keyboard.

So we’re not completely peaceful.

Mom also had a birthday!  She was not entirely thrilled about this.  She also didn’t try to hide that fact!

We did try to get Aunt Liv to come out for their birthday but she was busy helping Katherine with her new baby so it was just us.

Mom immediately decided to go full-on cat lady in her old age.  The only issue is that we only have one cat.

In lieu of cats, she’s taken up horse training again.  She’s been out at the stables training the girls’ horse in hopes that someone will follow in her footsteps.

I keep telling her she’s going to bust a hip on that horse but we all know where mom told me to stuff that advice.

As for me, I’m still a doctor though I don’t want to be one anymore.  I’ve was hired to paint some murals around the town and I’ve gotten into baking again.  I’m not sure where that will lead me but one never can tell with this family.

Catching Up

Hi all!

I’m finally caught up on reading your blogs and answering your comments on my own.  I’m a really lame friend and reader and I wish that I was more diligent about reading and commenting in a timely manor.

In other news, I’m starting to feel like me again.  My funk is receding and the fog is clearing.  My health is rebouding and I’m just feeling good again.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be writing more.  I want to but we know how those promises will go.  I do have some photos saved up but I need to organize them before I post.

Anyway, I have to run (again) but I wanted to check in and let you all know I’m still bopping around.

Chapter 4.50

Mom friends, pets, and summer fun!

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re making breakfast while the kids are playing in the backyard but then you hear their treehouse explode?  No?  Just me then.

Well, no matter.  The important part is that they girls are fine.  Apparently they were playing pirates and imagined some epic battle that resulted in explosions?  I’m pretty darn dubious of that explanation, especially given my own chemical history but as long as they don’t injure themselves or others they can do as they please when they play.

“Hey!  Those kids are outside now!  Go over and grab them, ok?”

“Do you think we should ask mom first?”

“Nah.  I’m pretty sure she wants us to make friends.  We’ll tell her later.”

“Ok.  Be right back!”

I went outside to grab the girls for breakfast and found some extra kids.

“Boys, where do you live?  Does your mom know you are here?”

The green-haired kid looked at me just long enough to say, “Next door.  And no.”  He quickly went back to chattering with Violet about chess.  The little rocker-looking kid was soon talking to Bee about what music was best to dance to.

Needless to say,  I headed next door to find out what kind of woman lets her children run wild around the neighborhood.

“I’m so sorry they bothered you, ugh, Mrs.?”

When I came over prepared to give her what for, I found Rebecca (I learned her name later) up to her ears in laundry and dishes.  I found out Rebecca was the single mom of three boys: Lucifer is 13, Xantus is 11, and 9-year-old Upton.  The two eldest were hanging out at my house while Upton was “helping” his mom at home.  We all know how helpful kids can be.

“Just call me Dani.  And they’re not a bother at all.  Do you need a hand?”

I had a feeling I might have made my first mom friend in Van Crest.

It seemed that my daughters had made some friends as well.  Either that or they had developed some hardcore crushes.

When we moved, we had to leave the dogs behind with Aunt Liv.  There was just too much transition happening and with the remodel, having dogs running around just seemed like bad news.  We promised the girls we would get a new pet as soon as things calmed down.

Well, here he is.  Zapp Rowsdower.  How could we pass up that face?

Little Rowsdower immediately took to Violet.  She still misses Cerberus and we hope to get him home soon but for now she’s got a new shadow.

And because my life isn’t crazy enough, I kept trying to adopt a wild foal.  I saw him at the lake near our house one rainy night.  He was all alone.  I tried to get near him but the poor thing kept running away from me.

Eventually, he let me get near him but I still was unable to put a halter on him.  I asked Mom about it one night while we were cooking dinner.  She was a wonderful horse trainer back in the day so I was hoping she could give me some tips.

Instead, Mom went out to meet this foal on her own.  Just walked right up to it and said hello.

We brought him home that night.  The girls named him Percival.  They continuously fight over who gets to bottle feed him.  The little guy has a big name to grow into but I think he’ll be fine.

With summer upon us, we spend our days hanging out at the beach behind out house.  Vi and Bee are taking some summer school courses so they have homework but they have no issues working on it while Hadley and I play in the water.

Hadley loves the water.  She’s part fish I swear!

Vi and Bee are bonding.  They are going to be closer than close I think.  They spend long summer nights whispering to each other in the treehouse and giggling on the swings.

Bee still makes sure that Hadley gets plenty of sister time, too.  I love hearing the amazing stories Bee makes up for Hadley.  Hadley hangs on every word.

I love this life.  It’s perfect.


Rowsdower and the Cohen boys are created by CatLover800 for her legacy.

Chapter 4.49

Moving Day!

I’d like to say that we had plenty of time to bond as one big happy family.  I’d like to say that…but I can’t.  We had so much to do for the move.  Of course once the big day arrived it snowed!  In friggin’ October!

On moving day the girls did their best to be helpful by staying out of the way.  We had enrolled them in an online elementary school to finish out the semester.  We just didn’t see any reason to move them to a new school right smack in the middle of things.

The girls were initially excited to hear they would be home-schooled.  I’m pretty sure they thought they would get to run around and play all day.  Ha!  They were sorely disappointed by the reality.

The saddest part about moving is looking at all the empty rooms where we made so many memories.  I was a little heartbroken when I noticed Hadley sitting on the living room floor watching TV.  She’ll never get to know this lovely house!

The tears really came when I wandered into Vi’s old room.  She had grown up in that room and now she was just a year from being a teen!  I don’t even know how that happened.  She’d been pushing us to send her to Military School for the next couple of years.  How was I supposed to let her go away for two years?!

Since I was so lost in my thoughts, I was glad mom was around.  She was outside with her loud speaker (in the falling snow!) ordering the movers around.  Before noon all our boxes were stuffed in the truck and we piled in our cars to head to our new town.

Van Crest is a quiet town nestled between mountains and oceans.  It has an old fashioned town square, good schools, and a great hospital.  It was perfect for our family.

Lucian had found us a house at the end of a cul-de-sac in a newer neighborhood.  Most of the houses on the street were still empty so I was hoping any new neighbors would be family-friendly and not criminals.  Only time would tell.

Our house was a beautiful five-bedroom house with enough room for the kids to roam.  Mom even had her own private section of the house on the main floor.  Lucian outdid himself with this find.

The living area was wonderful!  It was so spacious and roomy.  It was going to take us a few months to get the walls repainted and the floors redone but I knew we could make it our home — if we didn’t kill each other during the remodel.

We did survive the upgrades I’m happy to report!  It took us through Christmas and the New Year but by spring we were set!

One of my first tasks was to get the girls to pose for a family portrait.

I knew exactly where I wanted to hang a picture of my three daughters.

Once we were settled, we finally had a chance to mesh as a family.  Mom was still the best cook I’ve ever met and she often threw together Sunday breakfast for everyone.  She decided to get a job as a chef at the local tavern.  It was nice that she was able to get out.  I liked the hours to be honest.  She works nights which means free babysitting for Hadley during the day!

We did get into some sibling rivalry issues as well.  Bee was forever trying to keep up with Vi academically and Violet was constantly trying to beat Bee in dance contests.  Pretty sure the look on Bee’s face speaks volumes.

Everyone’s favorite day was Saturday.  We made it a priority to spend every Saturday together.  We took turns picking the activity each time.

Lucian always picked video game contests.  I think it’s because the girls always beat him.  He pretended to be mad every time they won just so Bee and Vi could poke fun at him.

loved having a toddler again.  It was so much fun to watch her experience things for the first time.  She fits in with our family so perfectly, it’s like she was meant to be my daughter.

And I’m enjoying having Mom around more than I thought.  She can annoy the hell out of me but the kids love her.  Yeah, I also love the food and babysitting, too.  Sometimes though, it’s just really nice to have mommy around.

I think things are gonna be ok.