Chapter 3.82

Penny plans a gender-reveal party for her family and friends!

With the progression of my pregnancy, we were able to find out the sex of the babies.  We were going to share the information at the party.

I bought a new shirt for the party.  It was going to serve as my pregnancy announcement.

“Pregnant!  Sis that’s amazing!”

Owen Finley and Aiden Grey were the talk of the party (which was the whole point).

And I was like a human Buddha and everyone needed to rub my tummy for luck.

Even Katie was excited about meeting her new cousins.  It was a blast gathering everyone in one place to celebrate the upcoming births.

With two dogs, a horse, and twin boys on the way, Finn and I realized we were going to need a bigger house.

I started looking online but Liv was the real savior.  She mentioned a farmhouse for sale right next door to her.

Finn and I went over to look at it and we knew as soon as we pulled in the driveway that it was meant to be our own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It was a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a barn and a huge backyard for the kids.

We bought it and immediately started in on the renovations.  Finn wallpapered with leftovers from my old house and we set to updating the dark woods.

After a few weeks we were ready to move in for good.

While I still loved my white furniture I realized it was not going to cut it with twin boys running around.  So I did a blue, yellow, and white theme.

The kitchen was a wonder.  I loved that I had a way to bake again.  This was going to be the place where we raised our kids.  I wanted it to be perfect.

We did the boys’ room up in a jungle theme.  Now all we needed were some babies!

We weren’t far from meeting Aiden and Owen.  We had just a couple weeks left in the pregnancy.

Finn and I were taking advantage of the last few quiet moments we’d have together.  Copernicus was a little jealous but at least he got the stick out of his ass and was behaving like the good dog I raised him to be.

Were we ready to be parents?  I didn’t know but we were going to give it a damn good shot.

Chapter 3.81

Penny gets used to the idea of being a mom again but has a close call at the festival.

We were slowly pulling our new lives together.

I was totally in love with my new fryer.

For the first three months all I ate was fried food.  Poor Finn had to work out twice as much as usual to burn the weight off.

Muppet knew something was up but she didn’t quite know what.

We made sure she got some extra love these days.

Copernicus was still enjoying his aggressive streak.  We were going to have to break that before these babies arrived.

Before I knew it I was nesting.  Quite literally actually.

I found a falcon during one of my outings and I was compelled to befriend the little fellow and take him home.

Finn was a good sport.  We named him Freddie Falcon and set him up in the living room.

Finn was a good sport about a lot of things.

The ice cream maker and fryer caused huge messes but he lovingly cleaned them up without complaining.

I cleaned Freddie because I felt like I should do something to alleviate the burden on Finn.

Finn and I decided to head out on the town.  We heard there was a SimFest at the fairgrounds and we wanted to see what all the hype was about.

The magician was only so-so.  He really left a lot to be desired.

The singer, though?  She rocked the socks off the park!

While there, we ran into our dads and decided to partake of some festival games together.  It was a little weird because I hadn’t yet shared my pregnancy with the family.  Luckily, I wasn’t showing that much and my dad isn’t super perceptive.

I was a little concerned when a bout of morning sickness came on but my dad seemed to think it was from the hot dog eating contest.

When Finn and his dad went off to play horseshoes, my dad and I sat down to play chess.

After the festival closed, Finn and I played on the playground.  We decided it was time to tell the family about the twins so we planned a party for the weekend.

Chapter 3.80

After a few weeks back home we settled into a routine.

We actually started enjoying quiet nights at home jamming together in a makeshift band.  By makeshift band I mean we were playing two different pieces because we both suck at music.

I’d picked up a bout of something funky since coming home from China.  Finn was certain it was some sort of parasite since other countries may or may not have the same kind of food inspection practices that we do here.  I had an inkling it was a parasite, too…just not the kind of parasite that Finn was thinking.

I had a very strong sense that our quiet Sunday mornings in the reading room were going to be short lived.

This feeling was only growing stronger with each late night pizza craving.

Finally, I hardened myself to the task.  I had to take a pregnancy test.

It was positive.  I knew it would be.

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  Happy did not rank high on the list.

So I did the only thing I could think of…I burst into tears.  I heard Finn coming up the stairs so I tried to compose myself.

Of course it didn’t work.

“Honey!  You’ve been crying!  What’s wrong?  Are you ok?!”

“So you know how you thought I had a parasite?  I do.  Except it isn’t a worm…it’s a baby.”

“Oh!  Penny that’s WONDERFUL!”

“What the fuck do you mean?!  WONDERFUL!?”  I’m not ready for this!”

“Ok, ok.  Breathe.  We can get through this.  Yes, I realize what this means for your given everything you’ve been through.  Ok…but this baby is real.  And I’m real.  And I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you and this baby.  Nothing is going to happen to any of us so long as I have a say in it.”

And then for some reason I got really excited and flung myself onto Finn with a kiss.

“I’m going to chalk that up to your hormones.  We’ll be ok, Penny.  You’ll be ok.  We’ve got this.”

I was only 10% sure he was right but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I was too nauseous to argue.

He humored me though.

Finn found us an OB/GYN in town as soon as he could.  Given my history I asked for an ultrasound at the first appointment.  I needed to see my baby.  I needed to know it was real.

I was roughly 8 weeks pregnant and more nervous that I’ve ever been.  I was so nervous in fact that I even let Finn drive my car!

I darted into the hospital with Finn hot on my heels.  Two hours and several tests later, it was confirmed.  I was pregnant.

“That’s right, Mattie!  TWINS!  Penny’s having TWINS!”

“FINLEY!  Hang up the phone!”  I wasn’t ready to share this with anyone.  I needed more time to get used to the idea myself.

Twins.  It was too early to tell the sex but there were definitely two babies in there.  I always thought twins skipped a generation but apparently not always.

After swearing my husband to secrecy I asked him to get me some greasy food truck food.

I loved it so much and Finn was so excited he bought me a fryer and an ice cream maker on the way home.

“I wished you looked at me like that!”

“It’s not me looking at the ice cream like that.  It’s your spawn forcing me to look at ice cream like that!”

“Hello, babies!  Daddy’s home!  Do you like ice cream?”

“Well, what do they say, Finn?”

“Shh…I’m listening.”

“They said that they love ice cream but they love their Mommy even more!”

Ok.  His excitement was infectious.  The more he talked to my belly the more I wanted to meet these babies.  Maybe it would be ok after all?

Chapter 3.78

Note from SweetPoyzin: Sorry that everything happens at night.  I always cheat on vacations because I want my sims to DO ALL THE THINGS and this usually results in me just making them go everywhere regardless of the time of day.  I only realized this after I uploaded the photos and by that time they were home again.  Oops!

We arrived in China late in the afternoon!  It was so beautiful!  Granted, I have a thing for France but I just couldn’t say no to seeing China again.

Contrary to popular belief, Finn and I did not spend all of our time inside.  I mean, sure we spent some time inside but with all the glory of China right at our fingertips…well we figured we had our own house to get jiggy with it in.

Our first excursion was to the Dragon’s Cave just right up the hill from our campsite.  I did a TON of tomb exploring during the trip.  Finn…he is not the bravest in the bunch.  He was content to wander the gardens while I got my hands dirty.

We goofed off together, too.  We took a bunch of silly selfies at pretty much every location.  God only knows what the locals thought of us.

We also spent some time chilling by the pools.  I knew once we got home it was back to work for Finn and back to horse racing for me.

“Are you even awake, Finn?”

“Hm?  What?  Yes, of course you can buy that book, honey.”

Finn is an avid outdoorsman.  He spent a lot of time fishing in the local lakes.  He caught us some really great fish to keep in our aquarium at home.

He also loved the knowledge garden.  We spent huge amounts of time there while he searched the sky with his telescope and I practiced my karate and chess skills.

Of course sometimes I snuck away to explore some tombs.  I founds some pretty great relics that would be wonderful in our house.

I also found some nasty bugs but that was no biggie.  I just shrugged them off.  Finn would have run screaming.

Which is why he whiled away the hours reading in the Forbidden City.

One evening I came up from the tombs and found him skinny dipping in the Forbidden City lakes!

So I did what any good wife would do…I stole his clothes.

I thought he would be really embarrassed about it…

Instead he just went streaking around the Forbidden City grounds!

I gave him back his clothes just in time for us to head up to the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall.

I totally made him stand and pose for awkward photo ops.

We really cherished the time there since we knew we’d be leaving to return to real life in the morning.

Chapter 3.77

Note from SweetPoyzin:  Sorry for the random lack of photos.  I got really excited that Penny was getting married and I had Liv follow her around to snap photos for Penny’s house and in doing so I forgot to get blog photos.  My bad.

Finally the big day arrived.  I say finally when really it was only a few weeks.  We were eager to just get the wedding done and so we invited our close family and decided to get married at sunset in the local park.  Easy-peasy.

We also decided to buy a cake.  I totally could have made one but given that it was my wedding day I figured I could be off the hook for that business.

Next I hopped across the street to get my wedding makeover.  I was a wee-bit concerned about looking pudgy in the dress I got at the second hand shop but it turned out ok.

At 5pm we headed to the park to get married!  The whole gang was there, minus poor Hannah who was pregnant (AGAIN!!!) with her third daughter.  Poor Adam!

“Penelope, I promise to protect you, love you, and make you laugh until the end of time.  You are my light, my life, and my soul mate.  I’ve known since the day you showed up on my doorstep to adopt a dog.  Jenna knew before me when she called me over to order for her at the bar.  Of course, I’m an idiot and wasn’t paying attention that day or I would have noticed, too.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

“Finley, unlike you I had no special moment when I knew you were the one.  If I were being really honest I’d still say I don’t know.  But that is because I am afraid.  I’ve lost so much in such a short period of time that I don’t know how not to be afraid.  However, I do know this: with you I am not scared of the future.  I know you will protect me by your life or by your death and you will love me eternally.  This feeling of safety tells me that you are the one for me whether I know it now or not.  I will love you forever and a day.”

And with that we were pronounced husband and wife!

My dad cried.  Finn’s dad cried.

Everybody and their brother cried…including my brother.  My mom was pretty darn excited though.

Everyone threw rice at us which I still don’t understand.  I was not really all that interested in the rice.  I wanted some CAKE!

I’m pretty sure you can tell from my face that I was really happy to be at the cake-eating part of the ceremony.  I hate being up in front of everyone…and then having to kiss?  No, thank you.  Just gimme my cake reward and call it good.  I think my dad was really happy about the cake too.  Like father, like daughter.

We all got down to dancing after that!  We had a great time and this venue rocked our wedding!

It was super cute when Mike started dancing with mom!

Then Finn asked my mom to dance and I took off solo on the dance floor.  I was just over-the-moon happy with the way things were turning out for me!

Finally we ended the night with a couple dance.  Mom and Dad made everyone’s heart melt.  It’s so cute they are still so in love after 5 kids and 30 years of marriage!

Liv followed us around like a creepy stalker.  She volunteered to take the wedding photos for us.  To be honest though, Finn and I didn’t even notice her.  We danced until the sun came up and were lost to the world.

We would pay for the dancing later since we were scheduled to leave for China at 9am the next day!

Chapter 3.76

Note from SweetPoyzin: This isn’t so much an actual chapter as it is a bunch of fun shots from the bachelor/bachelorette parties.

The number of times I was sprayed with fizzy nectar at my bachelorette party?


It’s never a party until someone dances on the counters.  Usually this person is not an old lady but you never know with my family.  At least Grandma Liddy kept the drums to herself this time.

I did some of my own counter dancing, too.

I did a lot of counter dancing.

“Hey!  He’s got a fine ass!”


Even Liv enjoyed her some counter dancing while mom got down with the stripper.

Liv and I even enjoyed a twin tango.

I danced ’til I dropped.  Literally.

The boys had more of a man-cave style party.

They enjoyed some man time.

Finn thoroughly liked the stripper.

My dad was just confused about the whole thing.  I think it started when he got dressed for the party.

There was a rousing speech by Adam.

Which resulted in some fizzy nectar fun.

Then they spent the rest of the night gambling.

Luckily Finn didn’t lose any money but rather earned us enough for a honeymoon.

Chapter 3.75

Moving in with Finn was a great idea.

We really are a cute couple.  We got ourselves settled in together in about three months.

And with Spring in full swing we decided to celebrate our new romance with a huge family barbecue.

bought salmon (with Finn’s steady job I don’t have to rely on my iffy horse competition income) and we invited over both our families.

My parents put everyone to shame with their insane love for each other.  I’m just glad the party kept them too busy to sneak away to get busy.  It wouldn’t have been the first time that’s happened at a party of mine.

While dinner was cooking, Finn and my mom challenged my dad and Finn’s sister to a Sim Gnubb match.

Then we all sat down to eat.  Well, not all of us.  Adam and Finn’s dad, Patrick, were busy keeping the nieces and nephews out of trouble.

Mom, Grandma Liddy, and Liv dragged me into the kitchen after dinner.  They demanded that I learn how to make lobster thermidor immediately.  I didn’t quite see why it was important but they insisted so I went along with it.

“Mr. Hanks?  I know this is going to seem out of left field since I’ve only known your daughter for less than a year but I love her.  I mean, I really love her.  Like she’s the one kinda love.  Do you know what I mean, Mr. Hanks?”

“Why, yes.  Yes, I believe I do know what you mean, son.  Are you asking to marry my daughter?”

“Yes, Mr. Hanks, sir.  I am asking for you permission to marry Penny.”

“Of course you can!  Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m out of it.  You may have only known Penny a few months but when you meet the one you just know.  And if you say she’s it then I’m going to believe you.  I’m also a little biased and think that my daughter is pretty great so if you didn’t marry her I’d have serious questions about your judgement.”

“OH THANK YOU!  Thanks so much, Mr. Hanks!  I’m going to propose tonight.  The women are in on it.  They knew I was going to chat you up and they’re keeping Penny busy.”

“Shh!  Shh!  Here they come.  Good luck, son!”

I came outside to find my dad and Finn giggling like school girls.  I’ve known my dad a long time but I still have this weird feeling that he’s not all there all of the time.  Could just be the former teenage Penny is still in me though.

“What are you boys getting into this time?!”

Instead of answering, Finn grabbed me and swung me down into a dip kiss.  It was about this time that I realized my entire family and Finn’s entire family were watching us.  I turned about 15 different shades of pink (which is a trick given the fact that I am purple).

“Finley…wha–what are you doing?”  I had a growing idea of what he was doing but refused to believe it until it happened.

“Penny, we’ve only known each other for a few short months but I’m so completely over the moon in love with you.  So, I thought tonight, with our families here, would be a good time to ask you a question…”  He started to get down on one knee and I was certain he was going to tie his shoe.

“Penelope Lynette Hanks…”

“Oh my God…Finley!  Seriously…what are you doing?!”

“Will you marry me?”

I made some high pitched noise that was indecipherable.

“So…is that a yes?”


I continued my high pitched squealing for several more minutes while I bounced around in a circle.

Finally I got it through my head that I should hug Finn or something.  So I did.

After several more minutes of bouncing and squawking, Adam came over to give me the biggest bear hug ever.

“You deserve this, sis.  He’ll be good to you and for you.  He’s a good man.”

And Adam is never wrong.

Chapter 3.74

The aliens returned me unharmed but weirded out.

Life returned to normal pretty much immediately.  With all the normalcy I discovered something about myself…

I am lonely.

I decided to host a dinner party.  So I called some peepz and told them to be at my place at 5pm sharp.

Of course, I didn’t tell Finn he was coming over to meet my parents until he showed up for dinner.  We were both super nervous so we sat together on the couch in awkward silence until my mom and dad showed up for dinner.

I made potato and truffle tort which is my dad’s favorite.  I was seriously trying to butter him up so he’d be less against me having a guy in my life again.

It seemed to work.  While Mom and I cleaned the dishes, Dad and Finn chatted.  God only knows what they were discussing but they were laughing and not screaming so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Meanwhile, Mom and I had a powwow in the kitchen.

“Mom, I think I really like this guy.  I might let him marry me!”

The days continued to drag on and my bank account continued to remain empty.

I did the usual.  Fished for my dinner.

Grabbed honey and produce from the garden.

I even took to selling some of my possessions.  Anything to make money.  It sounds silly but when you have a horse money goes way faster than when you just have a dog.  That $36,000 was gone in like a month and the stupid wishing well won’t cough up another car.

I decided to meditate for an answer.  Copernicus didn’t understand the whole sitting quietly thing.  Mostly because I don’t think he understands the purpose of quiet or sitting.  I’m not sure those things are in his program.

I came to a conclusion during my meditation and set my plan in motion.

I asked Finn to come to the Spring Festival with me.  He had to wait for me though because I had some important egg finding business to deal with before I could talk to him.

After I found all my eggs then I allowed him to lose to me in horseshoes.

Finally, I stopped being a weirdo and got down to business.  We had our first slow dance among the spring flowers.

“Hey, Finn, uh…hm…well…do you want to move in with me?”

“Oh!  Er–well.  Yes.  Actually my house was feeling rather lonely since the dogs and horses finally got adopted.  I’d be nice to have someone waiting for me at the end of the day again.”

And so…roommates!  Only sexier.

Chapter 3.73

I was running out of money again.  This seems to be an ongoing issue when you don’t have a steady job.

Luckily, it was finally spring and the gardens were in bloom.  I went to the community garden near the beach and grabbed me some fruits and veggies.

It’s an all-in-one kinda place so I was able to get some eggs and honey, too.

And being near the beach I got some salmon for dinner.  So a good trip but this is not a sustainable lifestyle.  I needed a plan.

My plan was simple: I went to  the wishing well.  It was worth a shot.

I wished for good fortune.

The wishing well granted my wish and dropped an effing car in the garden of the museum.  I sold it for a nice $36,000 and took it as a sign of good things to come.

I thought it was time for a 5th date.

We went to a local bar and dance club and I ordered us some wings.

“I promise, Penny.  Whatever you’ve got to tell me about your past I’m not going to run away.  Not immediately at least…I’ve gotta finish these wings!”

I sat there and thought about whether or not he was serious about the running.  I mean…I’d run from me if I could so what would stop him?

“Ok, well…”  I told him everything.  From the very beginning with Olivia’s death to the very end when I woke up at Whispering Pines.  I told him about Peter and the kids.  About Xander being the one who actually died.  I even told him about being a world famous brain surgeon at 25.  And that I feel so screwed up these days because I have no idea who I am anymore.  I told him why I ran away and that everyone in my family followed me here to this country miles and miles and miles away from my hometown.

I couldn’t even look at him when I finished.  I had this feeling that he was looking at me like I’d lost my mind and might still need to be locked up at Whispering Pines.

Finally he broke the silence.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Did you not hear me, Finn?!  I’m a total nutcase and you are probably just feeling sorry for me.  I don’t want a pity dance.  You can run now.”

“Oh come off it, Penelope.  We’ve all got a past.  If you think mine is all rainbows and unicorns you’re mistaken.  No, I’ve got a teenage son out there somewhere from a one-night stand I had after my senior prom.  My high school girlfriend had the baby while she was away at college but since we went to two different schools she didn’t have to tell me until the kid was safely living with some other family.  I was so angry!  I wanted that baby even though I was only 19.  Granted, my story is nowhere near as terrible as yours.  But…you’ve got to move on sometime.  Why not now?”

He was right.  I had to move on.  Would I ever stop loving my kids despite the fact that they were only a figment of a damaged mind?  No.  But that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for more love.

“So let me ask you again, Penny.  Would you like to dance?”

And so we danced.

“Hey, Finn…would you like to come over again tonight?”

We hopped in my car and drove through the country with the top down and some good rock n’ roll playing.

We even made out in the car like teenagers!

And then I got my ass abducted because Finn didn’t think I was weird enough already.

Chapter 3.72

I packed my sisters up and sent them home so I could prep for the big night.

Naturally, my sink got all buggered up right before I had to start cooking dinner so I had to deal with that disaster.

FINALLY, I set to cooking the tri-tip steak I was making for dinner.  I had just gotten it into the oven when I started pondering what the hell I was doing.

I mean, did I really want to seriously start dating a guy or did I just want a fling?  Luckily Finn showed up so I didn’t have too much time to sit around and think.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him through the front door.  He is quite handsome.

I set him straight to eating.  That way I had an excuse not to talk.  I have serious issues around this guy and the last think I wanted to do was scare him off before he even saw me naked.

After the steak I stuffed him with cupcakes.  My no talking idea was working.

Of course, eventually he finished eating and I had to talk to him.

Except I didn’t.

Rather than talking I just lured him up to my bedroom.  That makes me sound like a creeper.  He totally went willingly.

“You know, Penny, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.  I can just sleep here or something.”  The man was really quite a gentleman.  Unfortunately, I’m not a lady.

“If I didn’t want to do anything, I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the night, Finley.  I mean, really…did you honestly think I kissed you and led you up here so we could hold hands?  Back out now if you feel rushed.”

“Well, why don’t we just take it slow.  For your sake.  I don’t want to ruin something that might be good because of hormones.”

“Of course, Dr. McNamara.  The doctor is always right.”

So we took it slow.

But not that slow.  He didn’t take much convincing.

I woke up to an empty bed the next morning.  I was certain I scared him off.

I found him though.  He was in the spare room.

“So do you have kids then?”  Oh if only that were an easy question.

“I told you before, Finn.  Five dates.  Five dates before you get anything too personal out of me.  We’ve only had three.”

“Oh but I think we’ve had FOUR dates, Ms. Hanks.  Last night’s dinner was three.  Today is a new day…that,my dear, makes four dates.  Loophole FOR THE WIN!”

That was not so gentlemanly.

I headed downstairs to start breakfast and again found myself pondering this issue.  Do I dump his smart-assy behind or do I wait this out?

The timer went off and my train of thought went with it.  We sat down to breakfast and I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t have to talk again.

I was saved by the bell, or the beeper really.  Finn was called into an emergency at the ranch and had to dine and dash.

Thank goodness for small favors.  Now I had time to think.