Chapter 3.92

Life on the ranch gets crazy after Finn turns 40!

Note from SweetPoyzin: Super short one today.  I thought being out of college would mean more time to write.  Apparently, I was wrong!

Finn’s birthday was upon us.  He was hitting the big 4-0!

I had planned a big party for him and invited as many friends and family as the bar would allow.

It was quite an event!

We packed the place full with my family, Finn’s family, and all of our friends!

Finn was honestly excited to finally reach 40.  He was looking forward to feeling like “an adult.”  Let’s be honest, though, he’ll always be a kid at heart…Ellie was going to make sure of that!

I must admit, I’m not complaining about him being 40 either.  I think he only got better with age!

Even though he was ready  to be 40, Finn had a bit of a mid-life crisis.

He ended up quitting his lucrative veterinary job in order to pursue life on the ranch with me.  Needless to say, with two kids in very expensive boarding schools and a fairly new baby, I was more than a little pissed.  Finn told me to give him a chance and if he couldn’t make it on the show jumping circuit he’d get his old job back.

I threw him on Juniper and told him to show me what he could do.

Much to my surprise, he was really good!  Although, to be fair, I think it was more Juniper.  She was quite the jumper in the international ring.

I told Finn that if he could turn Blister into a champion jumper by Christmas I’d let him stay on the ranch to train jumpers.  He’s got 4 weeks to show me he’s worth it in the ring and I know Blister will be a challenge.  I’ve been training her for 2 months now and she still can’t come in past 2nd.

Sadly, the whole purpose of the ranch is to train these horses and sell them.  There was a bidding war over Lucan and he hadn’t even seen a racetrack yet.  We ended up getting $20,000 for him and $35,000 for Juniper.  With Tiberius quickly aging I’m going to need to track down a new stud racehorse soon!

Chapter 3.91

Even though we all missed my mom terribly, it was nice having Dad around.

Ellie really was the light of his life.  Grandpa doted on that little girl something fierce.

And I wasn’t about to complain.  I mean…what mom of three kids ever has a chance to really shower?

Muppet was cool with it, too.  She got to enjoy some nice long walks around town.

If only everything was going as smoothly.  Alas, it rarely does.  Turns out that Owen’s grades were slipping because he was skipping school.  That explains why my genius son was getting C’s.  He won’t be skipping any time soon.  I put the fear of Mama into his little heart.

There was no shortage of work to be done on the ranch.

I kept running across the most beautiful mare and I was determined to have her be my next jumper.

The only problem was that she was determined to NOT be my next jumper.

I’d never been thrown from a horse before.  Tiberius never threw me.  Coquette never threw me.  Juniper never threw me.  This horse IMMEDIATELY threw me.  Too bad for her I wasn’t about to give up.

Finally after several weeks of coaxing her in the wild she gave up and came to live on the ranch.  Despite being an incredibly skilled jumper right off the bat, she had a knack for coming in 2nd during competitions.

So I named her Blister.  She shows up after all the work is done.

I had no real plans to breed Blister yet.  Lucan was still a foal and he’d need to start training before too long.  I only have so many hours in the day.

A couple of months after she was born, Finn and I took Ellie over to meet his parents.

They were overjoyed with another grandbaby.  Mr. and Mrs. McNamara were racking up more grandchildren than my parents!  Finn’s sister, Sarah, just had triplets and that was in addition to the three children she already has!

Even their dog was excited.  But Hoover loves babies.  Just one more kiddo who will drop food on the floor for him to vacuum up.

I must say that my father was not always a good influence on my boys.

He had a tendency to keep them up past their bedtime and encourage them to chase their dreams.  I’m all for dream chasing but I was not prepared for the courage he gave them to ask about boarding school.

“You guys, it’s 11pm!  Why in God’s name are you still up!”  I don’t know how Finn managed to get all that out between yawns.  He was dead on his feet after a 36 hour emergency shift.

Then the back and forth twin whispers started up.

“You tell them!”

“No, you!”

“Shh.  Shh.  Don’t tell them!”

“We have to tell them or we can’t go.”

“Alright you two, get over here and tell us whatever it is so we can all get some sleep.”  I herded the boys and my husband over to the couch for a family meeting.

Even Muppet joined the conversation.  She’s a decision-making member of this family, too.

“Ok.  Ok.  So O-O and I want to go to boarding school.  Like…I wanna go to the Florence Artist’s Academy and Oey wants to go to Fort Lawrence Military Training Camp for Boys.”

“YEAH!  Gramps was telling us how much we would learn there!  Like real specialized stuff!  You know how badly I wanna be a fighter pilot, Mom!  And Aiden really, really wants to be a painter one day!  We could get a jump-start and be really good later and stuff!”

“Please, please, Mom?”

“Well, honey?  It seems like a good idea.  And we could afford the tuition.”  Finn looked at me with eyes that were pleading nearly as much as the boys!

“Oh alright.”

So I sent my boys out into the world way before I was ready.  Then I made plans to kill my father.

Just kidding.  Mostly.

Chapter 3.90

Goodbye, Mollie.

Note from SweetPoyzin:  Contains language.

Also, I’m sorry.

My family slept soundly as fall crept over Eden Grove.  Little did we know that the world as we knew it was about to implode.

Early in the wee hours of October 20th my phone rang.

“Penny?  It’s daddy.”  My dad sounded half awake yet startlingly lucid for 1 o’clock in the morning.

“Daddy?  What’s wrong?”  A feeling of dread started to form in the pit of my stomach.

“Honey…your mom.  She — she passed away.”

“Daddy?  Daddy, I have to go.”  I dropped the phone as pain ripped through my body.

“FINN!  Get up!  Mom’s dead.  Baby coming.  GET UP NOW, ASSHOLE!”

Finn rolled over and and looked at me through bleary eyes.  “What?  You’re mom’s fine.  She was here last week.  And Ellie isn’t due until November 3o.  Come back to bed.  Bad dreams.”

Of course then my water broke and Finn more or less figured out that this mess was not, in fact, a bad dream.

“FUCK!  SHIT!  You’re mom can’t be dead!  Damn it!”

“Not really my main concern, Finley.  Call Liv.  We have to go!”  Part of me was glad he was reacting so harshly because I could not.  In fact, I had little time to mourn my mother’s passing at all.  Ellie was coming early whether we wanted her to or not.

I’m not a huge believer in angels or whatever but someone, I’m guessing my mother, was on my side in that delivery room.  Even though Ellie was more than a month early, she was perfectly healthy.  After 72 hours of observation, Danielle Jayne was allowed to come home with us.

Thanks, Mommy.

Liv and Finn had spent those three days hard at work on Mom’s funeral and Dad’s future.

They had decided to have the funeral at our house before going on to the cemetery.  Everything was set on that end.

With the new baby added on top of the boys and the farm work, it would be easier to have extra help at home.  Nobody wanted Dad to spend his first weeks without Mom alone in their house — filled with memories.  So Finley decided to put our attic to good use.

In just three days Finn, his father, brother, and brother-in law worked with grandpa, Adam, and Mike to turn our attic into an apartment for Dad.  It had a private entrance, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…everything for Dad to live with us but still on his own.

Finn went above a beyond that first week.  He took care of most of Ellie’s needs.

He cleaned the house and took care of the horses.  The boys really stepped up, too.

I’m glad they were all here to deal with the fallout while I wrote Mom’s eulogy and prepared for the burial with the cemetery.  The funeral was upon us.

We had the funeral at our house.  It was small, just family.

Despite her perpetually blue clothing, Mom’s favorite color was yellow.  We had yellow flowers, even a yellow urn for her final resting place.

Dad came over early and we all left him alone with Mom for a few moments.

I couldn’t imaging what it would be like for him now.  He and Mom had been married for 35 years.  All it took was one heart attack, one minute, to rip them apart forever.

Finally he called us all back down to be with him.  Seeing my father sobbing over the remains of my mother was too much.  I didn’t want to cry in front of the boys but I did.  And then that made them cry which only made me cry harder.

Finally, I pulled myself together so I could talk to my dad.

“The apartment is ready for you whenever you are ready to move in, you know?”

“I–I don’t know what to say, Penny.  I really don’t want to impose.  I don’t want to be a bother.”  He looked so small.  Life had crushed him.

“Daddy, you are never a bother.”

“Please, please say you’ll stay Pop-Pop!  Someone has to teach me to play chess!  Mom always beats me but I know you’ll let me win!”

“Of course I’ll stay, O. O..”

And so Owen had his chess grand master and Aiden had his guitar hero.  The only thing missing was Mom.

I eulogized the shit out of Mom.

She was the most amazing woman I’ve ever known.  She raised three awesome kids and threw one hell of a party.  If I turn out half as wonderful as she is…I’ll be lucky.

Stay tuned for “Remembering Mollie Hanks: A Life in Pictures”

Chapter 3.89

Note from SweetPoyzin: Long and picture heavy

Baby #3 brought massive cravings.  Early in the pregnancy it was peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Midway through it was spicy foods.  Now…all things fried.

Owen loves fried food so he was my partner in crime.

I’m not 100% sure of his sanity at this point.  He assures me he’s fine…he’s just hanging out with his imaginary friend Rosco.

When he’s not making faces with Rosco, Owen helps Aiden with homework…although you’d never know it since both boys have C’s in school.

Summer hit us with another heat wave but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our time together.

We took off for the summer festival early one morning.  Finn even had the day off so we were getting to spend it as a family!

We enjoyed a family eating contest.  Finn ended up beating us hardcore.

Later that afternoon my boys took on my man in a water balloon fight.  I sat that one out thanks to my growing belly.

The boys whooped their dad’s butt.  I sat in the sun and enjoyed a new novel by world famous author Peter Pagano.  Funny where life takes you, huh?

“Penny?  Penny Sutton?  Oh…clearly you are Penny Somebody-Else now.  Sorry.”

I couldn’t quite place the voice that was calling to me but I knew it from somewhere.  When I saw the little girl who was now an expectant mama herself I finally recognized her.  Seraphina Sutton.  Xander’s little sister.

I hadn’t seen her since the short funeral service for Xander so many years ago.  She, too, had felt the need to run away after the death of her brother and she lived in downtown Eden Grove with her husband.  We caught up briefly and promised to meet for coffee after the babies arrived.

The boys decided to skip the big fireworks show in lieu of having their own private show.

Owen had traded in his tickets for sparklers so we stood out on the back porch and played with the fireworks as a family.

On the ranch Juniper and Tiberius were getting along swimmingly.

The pregnancy went smoothly but we were both ready for her to foal.

In the wee hours of the morning, she did.  She gave birth to a healthy male we named Lucan.

I wasn’t sure we’d be able to sell him as planned.  As soon as I walked over to the stall to check him out, my baby started dancing around and Lucan seemed to sense the pregnancy.  I think they both bonded in that moment.

Being pregnant was no excuse to ignore work on the ranch.  Luckily I had some extra helpers.

Always an animal lover, Aiden was quick to jump in to care for Lucan.

Even the Tiberius wouldn’t hurt a fly, Aiden was wary of the big guy.  Owen is the braver of the two boys so he cared for Tiberius.

Midsummer meant it was time to find out the sex of the baby.

The boys and their trusty guard dog took off down the road to my brother’s house where his oldest was going to babysit for us.

She wasn’t much of a kid anymore though!  She and Katie were leaving for college in the fall.  Of  course, Adam and Hannah still had Haley, Harmony, and Henry to keep them busy.

And my own boys, too.  We didn’t have a pool…but Uncle Adam does!

Finn and I took off for the doctor’s office.  My parents were meeting us at our house later for lunch and long-overdue family photos.

“A girl!  Oh, how wonderful!  Does she have a name, kiddo?”

“Danielle Jayne.  Ellie.”

“Hi, Ellie…it’s grandpa.”  My dad loved his grandkids something fierce.

And even though Finn is keenly aware of what the grandkids are up to, my dad still filled him in.

“Oh, honey, I can’t wait to meet you.”

After the excitement wore off, my brother brought the boys home and we headed to the attic where I had set up a little photo studio.

We spent several hours rocking the camera.

We got some great family photos to keep for generations to come!

Chapter 3.88

The boys took full advantage of the backyard play area.

What they did in the treehouse, I don’t know, and I’m not sure I want to know.  It involved a lot of explosions which were later blamed on pirates.

They still remained the best of friends even as they grew to be more different.  Owen was athletic, brave, and logical.  Aiden was more creative and a bit of a joker.

I had to admit I enjoyed our family breakfasts more than ever.  It’s nice to sit and enjoy a meal without toddlers screaming at us.

Weekends were more laid back, too!  The boys could enjoy their own activities these days.

Aiden really loves to paint.  Perhaps one day he’ll be better than Aunt Liv?

He’s also an animal lover.  He loves to feed the dog, clean the bird, and brush the horses.  He’s a huge help!

Both boys are light sleepers.  They spend the entire night tossing and turning.  God only knows how they get rested.

Now that the boys had started school, I found I had oodles of time for myself.

I was able to get all the chores done both at home and on the ranch in just a few hours now that I wasn’t also chasing after toddlers (who also had a real talent for running in opposite directions…I swear they planned that).

I was actually able to do some things for myself!  I spent one entire afternoon working on my tan!  Not that you could tell since I am perpetually purple.

I broke out Henrietta and went for a drive down to the beach.

I even got to do the grocery shopping in record time!  Amazing what you could do without toddlers hanging off your arms and legs!

Several months into my lonely adventures I started craving weird foods.

I mean, I’d always loved a good peanut butter and banana sandwich but never to the point where I had to eat on…NOW.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  We’d been trying to get pregnant for nearly 4 years.  I knew my mom dealt with infertility and I just assumed that was my lot as well.

Still…I found myself hopefully drawn to the resale shop.

I told myself I was just there to pick out stuff for the boys.  No biggie.

Eight positive pregnancy tests later I finally had the courage to call the doctor.  I didn’t tell Finn I was going because I didn’t want to see his face if it wasn’t true.

One blood test later and I had all the reason I needed to head back to the resale shop.

I spent the rest of the day painting furniture.  After dinner that evening I told Finn I had a surprise for him.

“The hell…?  OH MY GOD!  Penny!  Does this mean what I think it means?!”

“Yes, sir-ree.  You’re gonna be a daddy again!”

I think he was pretty darn happy.

Chapter 3.87

Note from SweetPoyzin: Remember how I said things might get a little wonky…well, they got wonky.  I forgot spring.  At least I’m not the only one who has experienced this phenomena.  It happened to the Knights of the Round Table, too!

Summer reared its ugly head again and Eden Grove was engulfed in a heat wave like never before.  Even though it was blistering hot, we took the boys to the Summer Festival for their first fireworks show.

It was a tiny show…  But we thought it would be fun anyway.

“Cover your ears, boys!  Cover your ears!”

“Look!  Look, boys!  Look boys!  It’s going to start!  Pay attention, you’ll miss it!”

They were totally not amused by our fireworks.

So we headed home where I grilled some steaks and Finn played with the kids in the backyard.

Summer flew headlong into a rough Fall.

Our chinchilla Pancho died.  Even Muppet was sad.

I still wasn’t pregnant so I took it out on Finn by training him.  It was a love-hate relationship for him.

Hadley and Katie dropped by for Trick-or-Treating.  They were heading off to college next Fall!  Even though I’d already seen Katie become a young woman, it was fun to watch her get a do-over, too (even if she didn’t know it).

In between everything else, Finn and I kept trying for that baby.

Winter meant big things for our little family.

The biggest event of the year was happening at our house that Christmas.  The boys were having a birthday.

“How ya holding up, twin?”

“So-so, Liv.  We just hoped to be pregnant by now.”

“Don’t you worry.  By this time next year, I’m sure there will be another little rugrat to celebrate with us!”

“Hannah!  Come over here!  We need more positive Mommy Power for Penny’s uterus!”  My sister is so eloquent.

Luckily, Owen distracted his aunt so nobody else got near my uterus.

Finn got the birthday business rolling with Owen up first to the cake.

“Ready, Monster?  One, two, three! Ooooooo”

Aiden was next!

After the festivities, Owen ran off with my dad and grandpa to play mah-jong.  Aiden stayed down with the family.

He was totally enraptured by Finn’s stories of life on the farm.

“You mean, you say a baby horse come out of a grown up horse!?  EWWWW!”

“Just wait until Juniper foals next month!  You can watch, too!”

“OH MY GOD!  Dad!  That’s so yucky!”

The best part of the night?  I didn’t have to clean up!

Chapter 3.86

Note from SweetPoyzin: So the doctor prescribed some medication that makes me a little…wonky.  I’ve tried to keep the plot and timeline straight but I fear it didn’t work out the way I planned.  Sorry!

Finn and I spent the rest of the summer working on that baby.

We even got a little creative in our efforts.  I mean, it couldn’t be all work and no play, right?!

Meanwhile, the boys just kept on growing.  Before we knew it they were wandering around the house on their own two feet!

Everyone’s favorite part of the day was when Daddy got home.  That meant a story for the boys and they loved taking turns as the page turner.  Did I say loved taking turns?  I meant they loved fighting over who got to be the page turner.

Story-time with Daddy meant Mommy got to take advantage of the distraction and restore some sanity to her living room.

As summer turned into Fall, Finn and I made some big business plans.

The boys of course had no knowledge of what Mommy and Daddy were planning for the future and that was ok for now.

Let’s be honest, if they saw their Daddy looking like this…well, it’s just best they didn’t.

What were we planning exactly?

Despite his goofy antics, Tiberius was ready for breeding.  He was now an International champion in racing, jumping, and cross-country competition and we were ready to capitalize on his offspring.

I’d been combing the wild horses in the area and found the perfect girl for Tiberius.

She was a beautiful brown and white paint and I’d seen her run several times (often from me) so I knew they’d produce speedy offspring.  The trick was gaining her trust.  I worked on that task the rest of the summer.

Finn spent his free-time across the street building a barn on the empty lot we purchased.  I decided to put my experience to good use and make a living as a horse trainer.

We planned to open Wild Horse Ranch in the spring.  I could train at least eight horses, though if I wanted to really produce good results, I planned to house only four breeding adults and their offspring.

Finally, just before winter set in, Juniper came home to stay.

The winter was pretty uneventful.

The boys were nearly ready for a birthday party.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t pregnant yet but I wasn’t going to dwell on it.  I still had work to do.

They walked.  They talked.  They still peed their pants.  Potty training was our last major milestone.  I was getting concerned that I was going to have to send my boys to kindergarten in diapers.  They came through at the last-minute though and learned to use that potty with style.

Finn is not really handy (remember…he sets himself on fire nearly every time he gets near a tool bench or an upgrade).  He is nurturing though which is good.  We had a rash of issues at home that winter so Finn diligently took care of the boys while I dealt with the fallout.

First it was the washing machine.

Then the dishwasher went on strike.

We broke the shower ourselves.  I think it was telling us to get a room.

Chapter 3.85

My boys were growing quickly but unfortunately life wasn’t slowing down for us.

Finn and I did find a day where we could take our boys to the park to explore.

We even got out photos taken in the photobooth during the Spring Festival.

But like I said, time didn’t slow down for us.  Coquette still needed training if she was to be reading for the upcoming competition season.  Finn and I maximized on the training schedule I set up.  He came to the training grounds and examined the horses while the boys chilled on their play mats.

Coquette and I had been race training for several hours when I decided to give her a rest and feed the babies.

The problem was that the boys had gone missing.

“OH MY GOD!”  I was screaming and carrying on and really losing my shit.  Then I went numb.  Tiberius kept on whinnying and when Finn heard the commotion he came running from the barn.

“They’re gone, Finn.  They just vanished.”  It was all I could muster.

Suddenly, Coquette took off across the training grounds.

“Finn, she knows something!”

“I think you’re screaming scared her, honey.”

“No.  She knows something.  She wants me to follow her.”

I broke out into a full on run behind Coquette with Finn reluctantly following a woman he thought just lost her mind.

I was right.  Call it mother’s intuition or just a rider in tune with her horse.  Call it whatever you want but Coquette found the boys.  Time did not slow down for us and before I knew it my babies were crawling.  Suddenly they were on the move.

We weren’t entirely ready for toddlers.

That being the case, I headed out early one morning to get to the resale shop before all the good stuff was taken.

I left Finn in charge of my morning gardening while I was out.

I was more than a little overwhelmed by the resale shop.  Despite having coma dream babies, I didn’t know the first thing about real-life toddlers.

There were so many choices!  Why couldn’t there just be one type of playpen, one type of bed, and one type of walker?  Why did there need to be so many?!

When I came across the toys I was more in my element and the rest of the shopping trip went smoothly.

I’m pretty sure I managed to throw together a room any little boy would love.

After getting their room set up, I did the customary toddler photoshoot.  You can already see their budding personalities!  Owen is more quiet and contemplative whereas Aiden is my giggly joker.

Even though they are quite different, the boys are closer than close.  They love spending their time together in the playpen just goofing off.

My house will never be the same.

Spring rolled into a hot lazy summer.

For Leisure Day we decided to just chill in our own backyard.  The boys toddled around in the their little cars While Finn and I took advantage of our yet unused swing set.

“Hey, Finn, I’ve been thinking…the boys are getting older.  And well, I think we should have another baby.”

Finn was quiet for a long while and I thought maybe he was never going to answer.

“That’s a great idea!  I know Mattie was a toddler when I came around and I was a toddler when my parents had Sarah when I was a toddler.  We were all really close.  Let’s make a baby, Baby!”

Chapter 3.84

FInn goes back to work for the first time since the twins arrived but he has a surprise in store for Penny.

Spring arrived and our little farm was springing to life itself.

I was outside taking care of things when Finn came to tell me exactly what I didn’t want to hear.

“Honey, I have to leave for work in an hour.”

“You can’t!  You cannot leave me here alone with the twins.  I’m not…I can’t…”

“You can though!  You can and you will!  We don’t really have a choice, honey.  We have two dogs, two babies, a horse, and a huge mortgage.  If I don’t go back to work we’ll have two dogs, two babies, a horse, and a cardboard box instead of a house.”

“What if something goes wrong?!”

“Call me, Penny.  I’ll be home in 10 minutes or less.  I will move mountains to reach you three.”

And then he left for work and I was left alone with the boys.

I ran upstairs to check on them.  They were, of course, fine.  It’s not like they can get into trouble…yet.

So I took advantage of the quiet to get some house work done.

Two hours later though I’d gotten everything done at home and needed to go grocery shopping.  So I left my 3 month old sons with a babysitter for the first time ever.

Thank goodness my sister lives next door.  She promised to drop in and make sure the babysitter wasn’t leaving the kids under a bush or anything crazy.

So I went grocery shopping.

While I was there I dropped in next door.  They had a daycare center called “Mommy’s Day Out.”  It looked super fun but we’d have to wait until the kids were a little older before they’d ever get anything out of it.

After that I rushed home to check on my boys.  They were totally fine.  I only got to be home for an hour before I had call Katie to come watch the boys again so Tiberius and I could go run our first race in a year.

We hadn’t practiced at all so I wasn’t thinking we’d win.

Tiberius surprised me and we won both races.  We had finally gained international prestige.  Someone offered me $25,000 for Tiberius after the race but I’d never part with such an amazing animal.

When I got home, Finn had prepared dinner for me and he was cleaning the house.  I married a kickass man.

After I finished eating, Finn told me he had a gift in the barn for me.  A token of appreciation for birthing such awesome little boys.

“Her name’s Coquette.  Tiberius might be a racehorse, but this girl will fly over jumps.”

“Oh, Finn.  She’s beautiful!”

I wasn’t about to tell him I had too much to do already.  And she was a gorgeous creature.  Maybe I could make this work?

As spring edged closer to summer, my work load only increased.

My garden was taking more and more of my time.

I had two stalls to muck out every day.

Two horses to maintain.

And Coquette was not proving easy to train!  She fought me every step of the way.  I was glad Finn missed out on all the times she tried to throw me.  I knew she could be a prize winning show jumper.

She’d jump a couple of times and then try to throw me.  Jump and throw.  This was the way things continued every day, every week.

She was a ham though and I loved her despite her stubbornness.  Obviously, she was meant for me.

But Tiberius was still my boy.  We continued to win races in between training Coquette.

And I continued to put out fires on the home front.  Literally.  My husband is not the inventor he thinks he is.

Chapter 3.83

Welcome Owen Finley McNamara and Aiden Grey McNamara!

Christmas was just a few days away.

We didn’t do much decorating this year but I figured that was acceptable given the fact that I was very, very pregnant.

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning on December 23rd it happened.

“FINLEY!  Grab the bags we’re having some babies!”

We reached the hospital just as the sun was coming up.

We brought our boys home on Christmas Eve morning, just in time for Santa leave them some goodies.

We’re aren’t going to count our chickens before they hatch but…

Owen Finley and Aiden Gray are pretty mellow little boys.  Of course, they’ve only been home for about 12 hours and they’ve slept through most of that so it’s kinda hard to discern any real personality.

They were the best little Christmas gifts ever so naturally we had to put them under the tree.  However, the world doesn’t stop because we happened to have two very new babies.

Despite the fact that it was 7:30 at night the boys were very much awake…but they weren’t crying.  Finn and I decided to take advantage of this by getting the house ready for the Christmas party were hosting the next day.

Finn cleaned.

I cooked.  I figured everyone could just deal with pre-cooked Turkey.  I knew my family wouldn’t hold it against me once they saw my adorable new sons.

Around 9:30 Finn and I were able to grab some pizza.

“Oh My God.  Penny.  We can’t eat this.  The boys are going to pick up on our terrible eating habits!”

“They are 17 hours old, Finn.  I’m pretty sure they have barely picked up on the fact that they are no longer inside my uterus.  You’ll eat that pizza now or go hungry once they realize where they are!”

After dinner, the boys were still holding it together so I took the opportunity to make Christmas cookies.

Oh course, that’s when Owen decided he was done with the outside world.

“I’ve got him, P!  Shhhh.  Shhhh.  Daddy’s here.”

As soon as Finn got Owen to relax, Aiden burst into tears.  This only upset Owen again and Finn wasn’t sure what to do at that point.

“Do you need help, hun?”

“Uh…no?  Yes.  Definitely yes.”

We were able to get both boys in bed by midnight.  Naturally, they woke us both us again at 3am and then at 5am.  It was a rough first night.

And then there was Muppet.

Bless her heart.  She’s totally unaware of the tiny screaming humans in the next room.  She had no idea when she woke us up at 6am that we had spent most of the night awake with the boys.

But wake us up she did.

“You check on the boys, hun.  I’ll have the coffee ready when you get downstairs.”

Finn knows the way to my heart.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

“Shh, Finn.  Coffee.”

“Finley.  We are going to need to double our coffee budget with two babies.  My mother is a saint.  Did we get her a good Christmas gift because I think I owe her one.”

After breakfast I dumped the boys in their baby swings and decided to take advantage of the quiet.

Finn apparently beat me to it.  My Christmas party was in three hours and I wasn’t even sure I’d be awake for it.

We woke up in time for the party.

Although, the snow had melted at that point.  I never thought I’d miss a white Christmas but I did.\

We invited a lot more people but I’ll be honest, I’m glad that it was just mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa who stayed.  Liv, Mike, Adam, and Hannah all stopped in to meet the twins and drop off presents but they figured we didn’t really want a house full of people.  Thank God for them.

We kept the party short, sweet, and to the point.  I got some really great baby gifts.  I gave my parents the biggest hugs ever, and then everyone went on their way.

The boys gave Mommy and Daddy the best gift of all that night.

Uninterrupted sleep.

“You don’t think Santa stole them, do you Penny?”

“I already checked.  They are both in their cribs, alive and well.  Don’t question it, Finley.  For the love of Christ, don’t question it.  You’ll jinx it and they will never sleep again.”