Remembering Penny (Hanks) Sutton-Pagano-McNamara

Bring your tissues — this one is a doozy.

Did you all bring your tissues?  You’re going to need them — I know I did.

Typically, the lead’s partner also get s a video when the pass away.  However, Penny and her three husbands create a bit of a special predicament.  And since Violet took off like a banshee, who knows if we will Finn again before he passes.

Regardless of who is alive and who isn’t and this and that, all the leading men get a video.  Let’s be honest, they all touched us whether we loved them (Peter) or hated them (Finn) or felt indifferent about them (Xander).

Stay tuned for those adorable tear-fests.  Is adorable the right word?

Chapter 3.98

We did Ellie Jayne’s birthday a little different this year.

Instead of the huge family event, it was just Finn, Owen, and I.  Out little baby was growing up.

“Blow the candles, Ellie!  Like this!”

“Like dis?  Whoooooooooo!”

And little Miss Ellie Jayne became a beautiful little girl!

“What’s that, Pugsley?  I’m your best friend!  You’re mine, too!”

“We’re going to have the best adventures!  We will be friends forever!”

And this is where we leave Generation Three.  When Eternally Yours returns, we will be 10 years into the future.

Thanks for the memories, everyone!

Chapter 3.97

Ellie was not going to be little forever.  In fact, her birthday was just around the corner.

Ellie had captured the hearts of the entire family.  Even Muppet was thrilled by her existence.  It was exciting to think that this little nugget might one day hold all the family cards.

Finn and I decided to take a family trip to the park while Owen was in school.  He misses out on all the fun.


Finn always had a way to make little Ellie Jayne light up with giggles and wiggles.

“Oh no!  Now she’s got a car!  Come on Muppet we gotta bolt!”  I’m not sure my husband ever grew up!

After running around, Finn hurt himself (the man is no spring chicken) and he went off to sit on the bank of the lake and fish.  I took Ellie to ride the bouncy animals.

“Danielle Jayne, you will get off this ride now!”


“Yes, you will child.”


“See, I told you!” Finn yelled.  “She’s just like you!”

“Uhm, no, she’s not, Finley!”  Idiot doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

We finally sat down for lunch by the lake before heading home to a pouty Owen, sad that he once again missed out on all the fun.

Later that summer I ended up taking Lucinda baby shopping.  It wasn’t quite as weird as I thought it would be.

We headed to the bot shop to get a “Nanny Bot.”  Everyone agreed it would be easier for my dad if there was a third person there to help with a newborn.  We tried to pick a bot that looked the least terrifying.

I had been working on my bot building skills and after we chose a body, I took it upstairs to customize it for them.  I made sure it could cook, clean, nanny, and entertain.

I loaded the bot in the car and drove over to Dad’s house only to find him in a panic because Lucinda was in labor at the hospital.

I told Dad I would take him to meet Lucinda.  He seemed relieved and jumped in the car.  Even after five kids with Mom, Dad still sucks at labor and delivery.  He was in his pajamas and barefoot when we got to the hospital.

18 hours later, Garrett Anthony Hanks was born.  We all agreed he would be Tony to keep the confusion low.  I got endless joy from joking that if everyone said “Garrett wet himself” that it could be either Dad or the baby.

My sons get their sense of humor naturally.

Even though this was baby #6, my Dad still beamed as if he were bringing Olivia and I home from the hospital 43 years ago.

Chapter 3.96

Since we sent Aiden back to Florence Artist Academy, we decided to get Owen a gift of similar value.

So we bought him a car.  I should say, we bought him something that will be a car, if he puts the work into it.  So far he loves souping up his new “ride.”

Mommy got a new car too.  It’s more of a post-mid-life crisis thing but whatever.

Now that Owen is old enough, he’s eager to get his driver’s license.  Finn decided to give Owen lessons.

“Eyes on the road, son.”

“But, Dad!  That chick is hot!”

“If you crash this car because of a hot girl I will kill you.”

He’s not really so bad.  He does chores around the house.

And he takes excellent care of Ellie Jayne while Finn and I are working.

And Ellie Jayne just adores her big brother.  Their’s will be a strong bond.

A few months after getting settled, my Dad called me to come over to visit.

I thought the old geezer might have lost his damn mind.  He invited me to come over at 7am alone.  Who does that.

Shortly after arriving, he went outside to cry and left me with some woman.

“Why, hello there!  You must be Penelope.  Your father has told me so much about you!  Gray?  You best come in here and properly introduce me!”

Who was this woman?

“Daddy, what’s going on?”  I had a sinking feeling that I knew what was going on.

“Honey, this is Lucinda Hines…well, Lucinda Hanks.  Sweetie, Lucinda and I are married.

Well, fuck.  The woman was probably just a little older than me.  She was the complete opposite of mom.  And Dad still managed to look at her just like he used to look at mom.  Crap crapity crap.  Ugh.

I supposed I had to make the best of it.  “Welcome to the family, Lucinda.”

“Thank you, Penelope.  And please, call me Lu.”

“I’m so glad you two will get along!  That will make it so much easier when the baby arrives.”

Neutral face.  Neutral face.  Neutral face.

Chapter 3.95

Note from SweetPoyzin: I’ve had one heck of a time with my previous Eternally Yours save file.  I ended up having to move the family not just to a new house but to a new town.  Basically, they live in the same house they would have in Eden Grove, except now it’s Winchester Landing.  I took some of these photos before they left Eden Grove and some after and I changed the house a little but I was too tired of fighting with my game to retake the photos.  Sorry.

We finally finished moving!  Not only did we move houses, but we moved to a different city!

We bought a beautiful one-level, three-bedroom house in Winchester Landing.

We actually got the idea from my dad.  He wanted to move somewhere small and peaceful.  So he moved to this island.

We went to visit him on the way back from France and we never left.  I mean, how could we?!

The kids will even attend this little red schoolhouse!  The education is top-notch and the horse racing is just as good as it was in Eden Grove!

We bought a small plot of land down the road from our house and set up the training grounds.

Everything is coming along nicely.

We have most of the house decorated already.  Muppet has claimed her sleeping spots.

The only problem is that I keep forgetting that Aiden returned to boarding school.  I continue to set a plate of food for him at the table.  it’s really getting sad.

Owen is handling his missing twin just fine.  He’s rocking all of his classes and apparently has a girlfriend.  I have yet to meet the young lady but I hear from my dad that this mystery girl has purple hair.  Great.

Miss Ellie Jayne is taking full advantage of her new arrangement.  Once Owen heads off to school, she has Mommy and Daddy all to herself!  She has story time with Daddy.

And when she gets really lucky, Mommy takes her to the beach.

We also got a new puppy.  Poor Muppet is really getting on in years and I can’t bear the thought of not having a critter with us.  So we adopted Pugsley.

Despite her old age, Muppet does her best to keep up with her new playmate.

Ellie isn’t too sure about Pugsley but I think they’ll be fast friends.

Ellie is also showing her powers.  She’s a witch!  I don’t have to tell you how much of a relief this is.  If I didn’t get a witch daughter Finn and I would have to keep trying.  I’m 42 years old.  There will be no more babies for us.  I’m both happy and sad about that.

Our only real issue these days are the burglers.  We had TWO break-ins since moving here.

I kid you not, Owen took both of them down.  Apparently, he’ll make a good watch dog one day!

France: Day 7

Our last few days in France!  I was going to miss this place!

We spent the day boating again.  It turns out we really enjoy it as a family!

All of my men are anglers so we fished from the banks of the island across from our cottage.  It turned into a contest, as many things do with boys, so I abandoned their silliness.

Instead I took to skipping stones only to have Owen challenge me to a rock skipping contest.  Boys!

When we got back to the cottage, I made frogs legs for dinner.  It seemed a fitting last dinner in France.

The boys offered to clean up for Finn and I so we could have some alone time together.

“Dude, Aiden!  Did you grow up in the barn?  You gotta sweep the crumbs onto the plates.  You don’t sweep them on the floor, assclown!”

“Get a vacuum, bro.”

“We wouldn’t need to vacuum if you did it right.  You vacuum!”

“I’ll vacuum if it gets me outta this kitchen.  Get a room you two!”

“Yeah!  We didn’t offer to clean so you  could get nasty down here.  Go upstairs!”

So we took their advice.  Smart boys!

They got into trouble on their own, too.  Oh well.

Finally, it was time to head home.

We had the boys pack their trucks early in the morning so we could explore and then head to the airport.

We spent most of the day snorkeling and swimming.

Finn learned to windsurf.

And Owen brought home this sassy ass bird to go with the lizard he found.

Finn and I continued our tradition of making the boys uncomfortable.  They’ll be leaving before we know it so I might as well make the most of our time together!

France: Day 3

After our adventures at the winery, we decided to take it easy.  Well, that is to say, the men decided to take it easy.

I, however, was busy looking for things for us to do.

Aiden was eager to get back to the Florence Artist Academy. He spent every free minute he could painting.  Owen decided to forego his high school years at military school in order to have a more traditional upbringing at home.  I was just fine with that.  I missed my boys when they were away.

Finally, I located some ruins where tourists were allowed to excavate for a small fee.  I loaded the family into the car and off we went.  We found some interesting pottery, though most of it was broken or destroyed.

“HEY!  Hey, you guys!”  Aiden was calling to us from the bottom of the hill.  He’d found a secret door to a tomb!  Being the irreverent family that we are, we didn’t tell the authorities.  We explored it ourselves!

“Dude.  Don’t hurt yourself old man.”  The boys loved to tease their parents.

“Aiden, if you keep that up, you’re going to be the one that’s hurting!”  Sadly for them their parents had been there, done that and could dish it up right back at them!

“Yeah.  You pull shit for awhile, sonny boy!”

“Crap!  Dad, this thing is heavy!  Help me, will ya!?”

“Don’t hurt yourself, young man.  You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself when a real man has to do it for you.”

“Oh my God.  You suck, dad.”

“Yeah.  You love me though.  Too bad if you don’t ’cause you’re stuck with me.”

They were able to make nice with each other long enough for family pictures.  Owen looks just like his Daddy.  I think Aiden looks like my dad.  I still can’t believe how grown up they are!

When we got home that night I noticed the boys had found a new creature to take home with us.

That’s when I came to an important conclusion: I drink because I have children.

The next day we went for a boat ride through the canals of France.

“So…does France make you feel the love, Baby?  If it doesn’t, I’ll make you feel it!”

“Oh my God.  No, Dad.  No.  So much nope.  Dad.  Ew.”

“I can’t help it son.  Your mom is just so HOT!”

“Can I just swim home?  Or even better…can I just drown?  Is that ok?”

Finally we made it to our destination just before lunch.  We had packed a picnic basket and enjoyed a family picnic on the island.

Our plans were sadly interrupted by some uninvited guests.  We headed for the cottage shortly thereafter.

We spent the evening together as a family.  Aiden back at his easel and Owen and Finn at the chessboard.  Things were going to be ok.

France: Day 1

I couldn’t believe we finally made it to France!

In lieu of staying in a hotel, Finn and I rented a small cottage just outside of town.  It was an amazing three-bedroom house right near the river.

The view was unbelievable!  We were so glad we chose this rather than staying in the city and sharing a space with other guests.

Finn and the boys immediately started clowning around.  I guess we’re all in need of a little break!

Owen is part mermaid, I swear.  He pretty much made a bee-line for the water and spent most of the morning swimming.

That afternoon, the boys rented a boat and were out fishing the rest of the day.

I felt bad for Finn.  The boys left him all alone.  The poor man had nobody to play with anymore!

“DUDE!  I caught one!”

“Yeah, I think you caught a goldfish, bro.”

“Well…it’s still big.”

“And it’s still just a goldfish.”

The boys camped out on the island across from our cottage so Finn and I made good use of our alone time.

The next morning, though, we needed a game plan.

“You guys!  We came here on a family vacation.  So we’re going to spend time together if it kills us!”

Before they could protest, I threw everyone in the car and we went to the winery on the other side of the city.

Not gonna lie, the adults were ready for a drink at this point.  However, I had other plans.

“Owen?  Aiden?  Go stand in front of that fountain.  I need some family pictures from this vacation.  Pretend you are happy!”

I may have been a little…demanding?

“Honey?  I thought we came here to drink?”  Finn asked, concern in his voice.

“Not now, Finley, or I will take your picture too!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

In the end we did enjoy some yummy French wine.  We even let the twins imbibe a little, too.  When in Rome…er, France…as they say.

We spent entirely too much money on wine while we were there.  Each of us, the twins included, bought at least 10 bottles!  It’ll find a good home sooner or later.

And because we hadn’t spent enough money, we headed for dinner and souvenirs in the town square.

After chowing down on frog’s legs, we dropped another $500 on goodies to take home.  Thank goodness it’s just the boys on this trip.  Ellie Jayne would talk her daddy into buying the whole damn city!

Chapter 3.94

Later that autumn I headed over to the ranch and got a nasty surprise.

Someone had dumped a wicked mean stallion in the exercise yard.  He was 800 different kinds of nasty and nearly kicked me for just approaching.  I threw the other horses into the stables so he wouldn’t hurt them and then I set to figuring out where this thing came from.

After he tried to kick me again I lost my patience with him.

“NO!  This is not how we behave here, damn it!  This is a respectable ranch!”

Suddenly, Tiberius was by my side.  I think he was trying to protect me.  The sad thing is, the poor guy is so old that I don’t think he’d be able to do much, but I appreciated the effort.

I was still trying to figure out what to do about this intruder when my phone rang.

“Did you find the horse, Mrs. McNamara?”  The voice on the other line was melodious and full of a rich Southern accent.

“Excuse me?  Who the hell are you?  And you can’t just leave this monster here!  He’s dangerous!  Also, if you want me to train him there are fees and contracts!”  I was livid that someone would take advantage of the ranch and my time like this.

‘If you don’t take him, Mrs. McNamara, we’ll have him put down.  We’ve heard about your prowess in the ring.  If you turn this horse into a prize-winning racehorse, we’ll make it worth your while.”

I couldn’t just abandon the horse knowing they were going to euthanize him.  Crap.

“How worth my while?  I’ll want at least…$50,000 for this one.”  I started large knowing they’d go lower.

“We’ll pay you double, Mrs. McNamara.  See you later.”

What the fuck was that?  I didn’t even know who I was working for but $100,000 was worth the mystery.  I got right to work.

This horse has one purpose: he’s here to kick my ass.  Of that I am certain.  I named him Fury.  I have no idea if he already has a name but for my purposes he needs a name and Fury is pretty much perfect.

I’m sure I can break him in time.  It’s going to take a lot of horse granola and ice packs but this horse is going to be a winner if it kills me…and it might.

Winter rolled around and with it came bucket of snow.

I wasn’t too upset about it, though.  If fact, I was downright elated!

I was up before the sun baking cookies and pies and cinnamon rolls.  Why?

My boys were home from boarding school!  We had so much planned for the brief two weeks they would be back.

Our first adventure was a family breakfast followed by a trip to the Winter Festival.

We all piled in the van and headed to the city square.

I had to laugh.  Owen is quite athletic but he was not having the ice skating.

I took it upon myself to show the boys how their mom still rocks even though she is now “old” and “uncool.”  Put that in your sock and sniff it, kiddos!

Not to be outdone by her mom or brothers, Ellie Jayne was a badass bull rider.  Perhaps she’ll be the one to take over my legacy when I’m gone?  She sure seems like she might be an equestrian!

Finn says he sees a lot of me in Ellie Jayne.

I have no idea what he is talking about.  Pfft.

Later that evening we hosted the annual Snowflake Day party.  Twenty of our family and friends showed up to celebrate.

I noticed how empty the house looked.  Not only were Finn, the boys, and I leaving for France in the morning, but we were also moving in the spring.  There was no reason for the huge house anymore.  My dad was staying on to watch Ellie while we were in France, but he was eager to get out on his own.  He had purchased a house and was ready for the next phase of his life.  The boys would be leaving for college soon.  Finn and I weren’t getting any younger and a three-story farm just wasn’t going to work forever.  It was time to downsize.

I realized this would be the last of the huge parties.  Everything was changing.  I felt a stab of nostalgia.  Alas, life goes on whether I want it to or not.

Chapter 3.93

Note from SweetPoyzin: So I lost track of time in game and to keep things relatively in order we’re skipping way, way ahead.  Oops!

Three years later…

Our giant year of birthdays started off with Ellie Jayne.

Being the baby of the family we threw her a pretty large birthday bash.

Back when Mom died, we all expected Dad to stay just a few months but he’s still living in the attic apartment.  I love having him around and Ellie Jayne just adores Grampy.

He’s super patient with her, too.  He relentlessly tries to teach her new things even though it doesn’t always go according to plan.

The first thing Finn tired to tackle was potty training.  Muppet attempted to help but she kept getting distracted by the birds.

In the end, Ellie has us all wrapped around her little finger.

She also looks a lot like Mom.  Aside from Finn’s eye color she’s fair skinned.  Finn tells me the black hair and pointy ears come from me (he’s not wrong) but I still can’t help but wonder if Mom’s in there somehow.

Sadly, we lost Maggie shortly after Ellie’s birthday.

Patrick spent a lot of time at our house after that.  We offered him the basement in the barn but he refused.

Instead he just made things awkward by crying every time he came over which upset all of us.

Later that year, we had another birthday party.

The only difference was this one was for dogs.  Miss Muppet was getting on in age and we thought she should have a party as well.

All the best dogs were invited…which meant just Copernicus and Dinky.

Poor Muppet was just a tiny thing in comparison to the others.

It didn’t seem to matter, though.  She rocked the puppy party in style.  She’s still my #1 girl after all these years!

And, as usual, Grandma Liddy was pregnant…again.

I honestly don’t know which number baby she’s on at this point.  Regardless, she went into labor at Muppet’s party because that’s how she rolls.

Miss Ivy Leigh Lox joined her older sister Morgan Fae Lox and a slew of other family members.

Sadly, she’ll be the last little girl for Grandma Liddy.  After a very, very, very long life, she’s finally become a senior.

She’s still pretty much the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

Last but not least, Liv and I rounded out the birthdays.

Liv was excited but these days she’s up for anything.  I was not feeling middle age so I was less enthused.

Finn threw a HUGE party for the two of us…much to my chagrin.

“Oh I don’t know what to wish for!!!”

“You best pick something, Penn.  You don’t have a choice!”

She was right.  Before I knew it, I was spinning around into middle age.

And my wish came true.  I wished that I would still be one hot mama.  I made out ok.

Finn was quite pleased with the way things were turning out for us.  I had to agree with him.  Our boys would be home from boarding school soon, our daughter was thriving, the ranch was taking off.  Everything was perfect.

“May I dance with the birthday girl?”

I’d have to say this was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.