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Remembering Penny (Hanks) Sutton-Pagano-McNamara

Bring your tissues — this one is a doozy.

Chapter 3.98

We did Ellie Jayne’s birthday a little different this year. Instead of the huge family event, it was just Finn, Owen, and I.  Out little baby was growing up. “Blow the candles, Ellie!  Like this!” “Like dis?  Whoooooooooo!” And little Miss Ellie Jayne became…

Chapter 3.97

Ellie was not going to be little forever.  In fact, her birthday was just around the corner. Ellie had captured the hearts of the entire family.  Even Muppet was thrilled by her existence.  It was exciting to think that this little nugget might one…

Chapter 3.96

Since we sent Aiden back to Florence Artist Academy, we decided to get Owen a gift of similar value. So we bought him a car.  I should say, we bought him something that will be a car, if he puts the work into it….

Chapter 3.95

Note from SweetPoyzin: I’ve had one heck of a time with my previous Eternally Yours save file.  I ended up having to move the family not just to a new house but to a new town.  Basically, they live in the same house they…

France: Day 7

Our last few days in France!  I was going to miss this place! We spent the day boating again.  It turns out we really enjoy it as a family! All of my men are anglers so we fished from the banks of the island…

France: Day 3

After our adventures at the winery, we decided to take it easy.  Well, that is to say, the men decided to take it easy. I, however, was busy looking for things for us to do. Aiden was eager to get back to the Florence…

France: Day 1

I couldn’t believe we finally made it to France! In lieu of staying in a hotel, Finn and I rented a small cottage just outside of town.  It was an amazing three-bedroom house right near the river. The view was unbelievable!  We were so…

Chapter 3.94

Later that autumn I headed over to the ranch and got a nasty surprise. Someone had dumped a wicked mean stallion in the exercise yard.  He was 800 different kinds of nasty and nearly kicked me for just approaching.  I threw the other horses…

Chapter 3.93

Note from SweetPoyzin: So I lost track of time in game and to keep things relatively in order we’re skipping way, way ahead.  Oops! Three years later… Our giant year of birthdays started off with Ellie Jayne. Being the baby of the family we…


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