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Dear Readers,

Chapter 72 marked the 100th post here on Eternally Yours.   As I prepare to finish out Mollie’s part in this saga and move on the the next generation I am filled with many emotions.  Gratitude for you, my readers, is at the top of my list.

This has been a very important project to me over the past year.  My personal blog, which  has been around since 2010, has fewer posts than this legacy.  Writing this story has sparked a creativity that was snuffed out years ago.  I just needed a boost to get the juices flowing again and now here we are nearly 80 chapters later.

My readers have stood by me through thick and thin.  You’ve dealt with my disappearances, my whining, my writer’s block.  You’ve helped me stand again after my surgeries, the death of my grandmother, and changing colleges and majors.  You’ve listened, you’ve cheered, and you’ve mourned with me.

Most of all you’ve been my friends.  For that I am forever grateful.

Please join me on a walk down memory lane as I take a moment to remember the Lox family and the Hanks family.

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So, there you have it.  The Lox-Hanks legacy through the years.  I appreciate you sticking around for this walk of remembrance.  There will be an official birthday post in the coming days.

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Chapter 1.40

Finally the big day arrived for Mollie and Garrett.

Garrett was ready early.  He didn’t seem nervous at all the little scamp!

Victor took Garrett to the venue while I stayed at the house with Mollie to help her get ready.

After making sure Victor was ok to drive after his ridiculous night of partying I went to help my daughter get ready.  I found Mollie giving herself a pep talk in the mirror.

“You can do it.  You’re gonna get married.  You’re not gonna puke in Garrett’s face.  You’re gonna be fine.”

“Oh, Honey, you will be just fine.”

“I love you, Mommy.”

“Ready, Honey?”

“Yeah.  Let’s do this!”

I couldn’t help but take one last look in the mirror before driving Mollie to the church.  Was I ready for this?

“MOOOOOOOOOM!  I’m gonna be late for my own wedding!”

I guess I don’t have a choice!

“Mollie, you look wonderful.  Garrett is a lucky man.  Don’t let him forget it, kiddo.  And you can always come home if you decide he’s a jerk.”

“Thanks, Daddy.  Are you ready?”

“No, but you are.  Go get married.  GARRETT YOU BE GOOD TO HER!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

After the ceremony I couldn’t help but be amazed at how grown up my beautiful daughter had gotten.

Cutting the cake seemed insignificant  to Mollie and Garrett.  They did it because it was tradition then snuck off to dance alone upstairs.

That’s how I found them.  Dancing together, lost to the world around them.  They were so lost in each other that I couldn’t help but watch in amazement.  I knew that my part in Mollie’s life was over.  Not entirely of course but now she would be on her own and I would take a backseat role.  I’m ok with that.  She will be just fine.

Author’s Note: This is the end of Generation 1.  Lydia and Victor will now just be minor characters in the story.  Mollie and Garrett will take over as Generation 2.  I hope you will stay on for Generation 2 and the story of Mollie.

Chapter 1.39

Mollie and I had been spending a lot of time together in the car.  Between dress fittings, cake testings, and checking out reception venues I felt like we pretty much lived in that stupid car!

A week before the wedding Mollie and I went for her final dress fitting.  I also got a makeover as Mother of the Bride.

So much was going on that things got kinda jumbled in that last week.  Oliver was packing for Art School and Mollie’s friend Dannette talked her into having a bachelorette party the night before the wedding.

Of course the men were not allowed but before going out on their own Garrett got Mollie good.

Being the wild women that we are…we played dominoes for most of the night.  Then Kia wanted to give a toast.

“Alright, alright.  Quiet down.  I have known Mollie since she was just a toddler. She and Garrett grew up together.  Actually, Garrett had a lot of her lovely, pink hand-me-downs.  That was a special time in his life.  Anyway…Mollie you have grown into a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, outspoken young woman.”

“I am so glad that Garrett chose you to be his wife.  I cannot wait to welcome you officially into my family, even though you have been an honorary member since the day we met.”


I swear to you there is so much fizzy nectar in my carpet it will be sticky for the next 70 years.

As I stood there watching my best friend and my daughter and my daughter’s best friend I was in awe at how much love there was in our life.  I was infinitely happy at that moment and knew life would be wonderful no matter what came our way.

The boys were at The Toadstool getting a little drunk.  Victor was completely unprepared to marry off his daughter the next morning.  Lucky for Garrett, Vic was feeling talkative.

“Now, Garrett, my daughter wants to be an astronaut.  She got a technology degree so she could join the army and do just that.”

“I know, sir.  I was there with her.”

“Shhh…I’m speaking.  Now I know you two are all doing the hanky-panky already.”


“Oliver…shhh…the men are speaking.”

“I am so ignoring you now, dad.”

“Anyway, Garry…if you get my daughter pregnant you better be ready to raise some kids cuz she’s gonna be an assronaut.  I dun care wat you want…she’s gonna go to the moon.  MmmKay?

“Yep.  Yes, sir, Mr. Lox.  Why don’t I drive you home now?”

“Oookie dokie.”

“Ya know, hunny…you look tasty enough to eat in that dress and you smell like fizzy nectar.”

“I think you have had enough nectar, Vic.  Go to sleep.  You are gonna be miserable enough tomorrow with the wedding.  You need to head off the hangover before we get there.”

“Ookie dokie.  Night night.

All in all the day was a success.

Chapter 1.38

Author’s Note: Mollie really did graduate.  Due to a glitch in my game, however, no pictures were obtained.  Sorry!

It was really nice having the kids back at home.  Their diplomas look fantastic on our wall.  We’ve just come accustomed to Garrett being here all the time.  He’s pretty much just moved himself in (that’s just fine with me).

Shortly after Mollie arrived home it was time for another big event…OLIVER’S BIRTHDAY!  I could not believe my little boy was aging to teen.  I was happy and sad at the same time.  Pretty soon we would be empty nesters.

And with another crazy, magical, terrible, incredible sparkle…

…My baby boy got one step closer to being a man.

It didn’t take long for us to settle into our old routine.  Mollie was living with us while we were planning the wedding.  I was glad to see she and Oliver were still close and got along well.

“So what’s going on with school these days, baby bro?”

“Well, I got a full ride scholarship to LeFromage Art School.  HA!  Scored a goal on your stupid goalie.  I told you he was weak!”

“Jerk!  When do you leave?”

“I’m not.”


“I’ll miss your wedding.”

“Ollie, I love you…but you’re an idiot.”

“Don’t you want me at your wedding?”

“Of course I do, baby bro.  But mostly I want you to live your own life.  If that means you have to miss my wedding that’s ok with me.  I want you to follow your dreams and not live in my shadow.”

“Oh.  So I should go.”

“YES, Stupid.  Go call the school now and get you bags pack before I taunt you a second time!  Oh…and I just scored so I win.”

“Humph.  I love you, sis.”

“I love you, too, you big dork.  NOW GO!”

And just like that my oldest convinced my youngest to leave the nest before I was ready.  I know I have to let them live their own lives but I wish they could stay by little babies forever.

Chapter 1.37

Mollie didn’t come home at all after her junior year of college.  It was odd but we had to let her live her own life.  Her emails kept coming during her senior year.

Dear Mom and Daddy,

Garrett and I are living off campus for our senior year.  Look at this awesome house!  It will be great for…study parties.

I am working hard toward that degree!  You wouldn’t believe the stuff they let me do now that I’m a senior!

They seriously let me do genetic research!  Like really!

And then they let me give presentations!  How awesome is that!

Here is a copy of one of my presentations.  It is more serious that it looks.  It’s about the dangers of getting drunk at study parties and how you distract other people from the purpose of the party.

I’m kinda concerned that Garrett keeps thinking so much about babies.  I want some free time after we get married!  Not babies right away!

Anyway, we are finally graduates!  I got a perfect GPA and so did Garrett!  We will be home soon.  We have some celebrating to do with our friends before this time it up!

Don’t worry though!  We are partying safely and legally.  See you soon!

Love Always,


Chapter 1.36

We saw little of Mollie in between her sophomore and junior years and when it was time for her to go back to school we barely noticed she was gone.  I was sad about this change but I knew it was the natural progression of things.

Dear Mom and Daddy,

They added this great new movie theater on campus.  It was super cute that Garrett took me to see a romantic comedy during the grand opening.

Don’t worry though, we are still getting plenty of studying done!  Garrett and I are both on the Dean’s List right now and are on track to have perfect GPAs!

Some things have happened…you know…heat of the moment things.  I wasn’t mad or anything when I found out…I felt bad for Garrett though.

I think he was a little embarrassed by what he had done…in public…where people could hear Ashley.

Besides…I can’t really be mad at Garrett when I ended up in the same heat of the moment situation.  Oh…except he doesn’t know about it yet.  DON’T TELL HIM!

Love Always,


Chapter 1.35

Mollie came home between her freshman and sophomore years of college.  We did some of those basic family events.  Mostly she seemed sick of us now that she had found the freedom of college.  She was obviously excited to go back to school in the fall.

Dear Mom and Daddy,

I am still studying hard.  Right now it’s 5am and I got up early to work on some research for my class.

Thank you for sending us some extra money.  Garrett realized his true calling as a nerd and spent a crazy amount of money on comic books of all things.

We will definately be more careful about how we spend our money from now on so we won’t have to rely on you as much!

You will totally be so proud of me when I graduate.  I bet I will have a perfect GPA.  Yup.

Love Always,


Chapter 1.34

I was cleaning the house one morning when Victor called me up to the office.

“Hey, Liddy!  Our daughter sent us an email from University!”

Dear Mom and Daddy,

I am having the most fantastic time here at school!  

The very first day they gave us all this free stuff!  Like food and soda and everything.  It was seriously awesome.

Garrett and I are working really hard on schoolwork and stuff.  I promise I am not wasting my education!

Garrett is having a much harder time adjusting.  I told him not to take 18 credit hours but he wants to get done quickly so we can get married.

OH!  Guess what!  I staged a protest because I thought the professors were super unfair and I won!  Everyone got better grades for like 2 days!  It was awesome.

I’m learning some great new things here at school.  I’m a really talented artist!  Did you know that?  Me either!  Seriously, though…everything’s fine.  If you hear any weird stories from anyone…you know how kids in school make things up.  I’m not getting into any trouble.

Yup.  I’m doing really well!

I keep getting invited to parties and I’m making some great new friends too!

Lots of friends…!

Anyway, I love you guys and I will see you at the end of the term!  Can you believe I’m almost done with my first year of college?!  I know, crazy huh!  

Well, I’ve got to go.  I have friends coming over for a party…er…a study party, of course.


Love Always, Mollie

Well…I suppose it could be worse.

Chapter 1.33

Mollie leaves for university tomorrow.

I taught Mollie how to drive in this car and now we are preparing for her departure.  We spent the day together buying her things for University, going to the spa, talking about wedding plans.

I will always treasure this time with my baby.  It’s the last time she will be a “child.”  When she comes back from University she will be even more adult that she already is.

That night we had a family dinner together.  I whipped up some Stir-fry, Mollie’s favorite.

We had a great time laughing a joking.  Ollie is trying not to cry but he is really going to miss his big sister.

Victor poured some nectar and we celebrated with a toast.

“So I’m probably not going to buy any textbooks.”

“You will fail your classes!”

“I’m not letting you waste scholarship money by failing!”

“If you are saving money for the wedding we are paying for that.  Buy your stupid books.”

Not our best family conversation but tensions were high that night.

We all went to bed.  Mollie couldn’t sleep because she was excited.

Victor and I couldn’t sleep because we were worried.  Did we raise her right?  Would she be ok on her own?  Will be be ok without her?

The next morning we piled her and her stuff into a moving van and said our goodbyes.  Mollie promised to email and we promised not to call all the time.  Then she was gone.

“Bye-Bye, baby girl.”

Who am I kidding.  She will always be my baby.

Chapter 1.32

As if we didn’t have enough to do already, the day after Victor’s party we had a Snowflake Day party.  Mollie insisted that we have a party since she would be leaving soon.  We decided to invite only Kia and Garrett and just keep the event small and easy.

Victor and I were taking this quiet time to catch up on some news.  Then Garrett arrived before the party while Mollie was out getting some supplies.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lox?”

I knew deep down why he was there early.  Conveniently when he knew Mollie wouldn’t be around.

“Come on in, kiddo.”

I had to wipe away a tear before I could speak.

“I will leave you two alone to chat.”

“By the way, Garrett.  It’s ok with me.”

“Mr. Lox.  I love Mollie.  Very much.  Since I met her as a toddler.  I remember it perfectly.”

“She’s the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met.  She was beautiful as a ghost and she’s beautiful as a human.”

“What are you trying to say, Garrett?”

“Please, please, please, Mr. Lox…can I marry her?”

“Of course you can!  Now, sit.  We have to talk about some things.”

“Are you sure?”


“Yes, sir.”

“What about college?  You two need an education.”

“Yes, we are still going to go.  We have planned our schedules and where we will live.”

“How are you going to pay?  We will pay for the wedding but what about school.  I’m not made of money, son.  I still have another child to think of here.”

“She re-took her entrance exams.  She got a perfect score and a full ride scholarship.  I got a pretty good score too so it will only cost me $1000 a year.”

“Well in that case, consider your education paid for.”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“My daughter deserves the best.  Which means she deserves the best in her future husband and your lives together.  You getting an education will help with that.”

“Er…thank you, sir.”

“Don’t mess it up.  I might be 50 but I will still kick your ass.”

“Yes, sir.  Erm…No, sir.  Uh…thank you?”

Victor didn’t get a chance to answer because Ollie broke in.

“Hurry up!  I want to open my presents!”

So we all opened our gifts.  Ollie was thrilled with his new teddy bear and a new video game.

We got Mollie some new stuff for college.  She would be leaving in just a few days.

Once the party ended, Garrett decided to act.

“Mollie?  You know I will do anything to protect you, right?”

“Uhh…yes.  Are you okay, Garrett?  You’re sweating.”

“And I love you now and I always have and always will.”

“Garrett.  What are you doing.  You are delirious.”

“Mollie Lox…”

“Garrett…oh my God…what are you doing?!”

“Mollie Annette Lox, will you make me the happiest man ever?”


My daughter has a way with words…

“Is that a yes?”


I can’t believe how far we’ve all come.  I’m a wife, a mother of two, my husband and I are at the top of our careers.  And now I’m going to have a son-in-law.  He’s the son of my best friend and I’ve know the guy since he was a toddler.

I need a break.

Time for my Christmas present.  With Mollie leaving for college and getting married we decided to use Victor’s Christmas bonus to remodel Mollie’s bathroom.  She was not pleased that she will not get to use this wonderful retreat.

She’s an adult now.  Momma needs a break after raising her.  I earned this.  She will too, one day.