Chapter 5.18

Violet experiences acting!

When I got back from vacation I decided to take some time to catch up with Lucifer.

Unfortunately, I’m getting more and more famous which means nothing is sacred anymore.  Even alone time with my friend isn’t private.  I know it’s the paparazzi’s job or whatever but seriously, give it a break.

I guess I can’t blame them,.  I am looking spectacularly good these days.  So good, in fact, that I’ve been asked to star in some TV shows!

TV is a weird business.  The show I’m on is some medical drama but the studio is huge.  I was in hair and makeup and this, I don’t know…critter??? shows up to hangout.  I mean, it’s a dude in a costume but like, take off your mask?  Like I said, it’s weird.

Anyway, I got done with hair and makeup and didn’t even recognize myself!  Like, damn, I look good as a blonde!  I wandered the set a bit and chatted with some of my co-stars.  We practiced some lines and I beefed up my acting a bit.

While I was wandering though, I saw this drop dead gorgeous dude.  Literally the star of the show.

I lucked out…we even got a kissing scene!

We had one in the show but then I dunno what happened.  We had a kissing scene back at my house, too.  Whatever, he’s cute!

Oddly enough, my performance on General Anatomy was good enough to be nominated for a Sim Actor’s Guild award!  I had no idea that was even possible for a little newbie like me.  Yet here I was with the big wigs hanging out at an awards show!

Someone I wasn’t expecting to see at the show?  My ex: Chip Worthington.  He was up for some super huge award so he was seated away from me but we got to talking anyway.  It wasn’t awful.  He was pretty nice to me for not calling me for…months.

Well he won his award.

I won, too!  I didn’t have a speech and I’m not sure what I actually said but either way I went home with a win at the end of the night.

Ok, well I went home with a win the next morning at least.

Chapter 5.17

Violet gets tired of winter and heads for sunnier shores!

Note from SweetPoyzin: Violet is coming through loud and clear these days.  Enjoy her thoughts on Sulani!

I know it’s hard to tell, but that stuff that looks like stars in the sky?  Snow.  In freaking April!  I know I wanted seasons when I left Oasis Springs but damn.  This is too much.

As soon as I saw the snow, I packed myself a BLT for lunch and was in the car.  I needed some warmer weather and I just wasn’t going to wait for Mother Nature to unfuck herself.  I found a beach on the map and was off.

It took a good four hours to arrive but I finally made it to the beaches of Sulani.  Not a moment too soon either.  I was getting seriously stir crazy in with the endless winter.  The weather was superb and the beach was just lovely.  The ocean though was stunning.  I was in love.  If I didn’t enjoy seasonal change so much, I’d move my butt to Sulani ASAP.

I found a random floatie on the beach and set off to sunbathe.  The paparazzi showed up before too long which was disappointing but I still had a good time regardless.

Unfortunately, it started to rain.  I took the opportunity to grab some goodies from the beach stand.  I really glad I brought my lunch because I only found a fire pit for cooking.  I might be creative but that was a bit much for my lazy beach day.

Speaking of creativity — I sandcastled my butt off!  Pretty proud of this little guy.  Do you have your exit buddy?

The rain finally ended and the cloud cover broke so I went to the island bar.  I met this dude who kept talking about mermaids.  I was intrigued but I don’t know how much I believe in that thing.  Of course, I used to be an imaginary friend and now I’m a witch so who am I to talk about what’s real or not?

People in this town just leave things everywhere!  I snagged this super cool Skidoo and tooled around the island for a few hours.  I’m gonna have to get me one of these and make beach life a bit of a habit!

I finished the day by just laying out on the pier and working on my tan.  This is the life.

Chapter 5.16

Violet tells us what it’s like being a celebrity.

Not gonna lie, being a celebrity has some perks.

I’d been getting offers to create video content and stream my every day life online and it was lucrative for doing so very little.  I decided to makeover the kitchen to vibe more with my aesthetic.

And I threw in a little bit extra so I could get a makeover too.  People see me now so I need to be gorgeous all the time.  Which is weird because I’m probably the least vapid person ever.  Some days I’m not even sure I look in the mirror.

I get fan letters on the daily.  So far they have all been super nice so that’s cool.  I’m just waiting for the day that I get a shitty letter.  That’s how you know you’ve made it — when you piss someone off.

Oh, and about people seeing me all. the. time.  I have paparazzi now.  On my front lawn.  Thinking about having a fence put in soon.  Or maybe I’ll move?  I dunno.  I don’t mind them so much but I can see this getting old after a bit.

And can we also talk fans for a minute?  I was legit taking Lox to the vet because he was really, really sick and this dude was literally freaking out in the lobby of the vet clinic until I signed a photo for him.  Be kind, folks.  Sometimes even your favorite celebs have some real shit happening for them.  Give us space.

And one more weird thing.  I keep getting setup on blind dates.  Friends of friends will call me and be all like “Oh, I’ve got this really good friend and they are so into you and will you go out with him?”

I mean, I could say no, but I’m not tied down or anything right now so I tend to go if I’ve got nothing else to do.  But man, some of these dudes are weirdos.  Like hardcore bonafide crackpots.

So this dude, he’s like a mean loner who hates kids.  And he talked about those issues all damn night!  It’s not great first date conversation!  Also, don’t dress like that when you are a balding, middle-aged grump.  I’m not a judgey person but damn.

But bad choices were made after several drinks regardless of his weird style and strange conversation habits.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to being so popular.  And it’s really bad when I hangout with Lucifer because he’s tons more famous that I am.

I need to chill on the bad choices, ya’ll.

Chapter 5.15

Violet finally connects with her family again after many long years…

Note from SweetPoyzin: Violet’s back and she’s been talking to me again so (for today at least) we’re back in Violet’s voice!  And uh it’s the Christmas chapter I meant to write 8 months ago…

Hey all!  Sorry I disappeared for a bit.  I needed to get my life in order I guess.  Apparently that meant selling my house in Oasis Springs and moving to Willow Creek.  My house here is smaller (by more than I care to admit) but the place is gorgeous and it was so worth the extra cash for the location.  Oh, and I actually get winter now instead of endless hot summer nights.  I just couldn’t get used to sweating balls on Christmas morning.

And speaking of Christmas…I’ve been getting the house ready for a big family party.  Yes, that’s right.  I invited the whole fam damily over for the holidays.  It’s not like it will be weird.  I mean, it’s only been about 5 years since I spoke to my mom and stepdad.  What could possibly be weird about any of this.

Lucifer had finished his tour by mid-December and he dropped in to see the new digs and help me get the decorations up.  He didn’t push the “settling down” talk this time and for that I was grateful.  It’not that I was opposed to a serious relationship with Luce but I definitely wasn’t ready for it yet.  Even things with Chip had cooled.  I just needed to figure out me for a bit.  The relationship with Chip did have its perks though.  Being connected to a notable 5-Star Celebrity was no joke and now I’m a celeb in my own right.  But that’s drama for another day.  Right now…the family’s coming.

I remember Christmases when I was a kid being a big “to do” with fancy meals and the decorations everywhere.  It was something really special.  I wanted to try to do the same thing but I’m not in the same category as my mom and grandma.  I managed to whip up a pie and a roast but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t praying that they were edible.  I just wasn’t entirely sure and the last thing I wanted was to welcome everyone into my home and then give them food poisoning.

Before I knew it (and before I was ready) the doorbell was ringing.  It was literally everyone in my whole family.  Mom, Dad, Alice Bee and her husband Xantus, Hadley, and Lucifer came as well.  He is technically my sister’s brother-in-law so family.  The whole fam damily for better or worse.

Turns out my sister brought a surprise guest as well.  Little Kacie Cohen was going to make me an auntie very, very soon!

While everyone gathered for dinner, I dropped a few presents under the tree.  Lucifer probably didn’t expect anything from me me but it was his gift of a house that allowed me to move to such a wonderful area and invite all my family over for the holiday.  It wasn’t much but he is special to me after all.

Anyway, we all finally made it to the table.  Well, that’s a lie.  Mom was doing laundry because…well, Mom.  She eventually grabbed some food but ate it while she vacuumed my office.  I don’t think it was personal.  I think it was just something to do.  When you haven’t seen someone in years and you have so much to discuss where do you even start?

However it worked out, everyone ate and nobody died.  Win-win for me!

Mom and I finally did talk.  Not because we spontaneously connected but because Lucifer dragged my mom over to chat with me and then he may have held her there with force.  Either way, Mom and I finally started talking and once we started, it was like no time had ever passed.  We talked for hours that night and so much space closed between us.  As annoying as the boy can be, I’m glad Luce was there.

Mom and I talked so much, we almost missed Santa!  I was a little shocked that Santa actually came down my chimney, especially since there was a fire going in the fireplace but I took it in stride.

I asked Santa for a gift and he gave me something I didn’t expect.  It was an empty box.  I must have been puzzled  because he told me that the box did have a present in it but it was up to me to figure out what it was.  I’m not sure if Santa came down my chimney or if the old folks home was missing a resident.  I just thanked the old man and went about the rest of my night.

My family continued to chat and laugh as if no time had passed at all.  We had so much to catch up on!  Mom and Dad had retired to the beach.  Hadley was, well, still Hadley.  She was still paying her bills using random men’s wallets and living life in the fast lane.  Alice Bee was just Alice now and she ran the world famous portrait studio ABC Photos.  Lucifer was always on the road with his rock band.  I was just…floundering?  I dunno.  It just felt weird that everyone was doing do well and I was just spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast or at all really.

Anyway, the night finally ended and everyone headed home.  Lucifer was nice enough to start helping me clean up since it was going to be a doozy of a day tomorrow.  Turns out that’s the part you miss as a kid because the adults do all the hard work while you play with your new Christmas presents.

I still don’t know what Santa put in that box.

Eternally Yours: An Update

SweetPoyzin gets emotional in this update on the future of the blog.

We need to talk about Eternally Yours.

Many of you know Marj (BabayJ) passed away on June 10, 2019.  She was my biggest fan, not only here, but on my personal blog, too.  I knew she was going to comment on every post, every time.  She loved this story.  When she got sick I wrote a bunch of chapters in hopes that somehow that would make things better.  This was completely irrational and weird but I didn’t realize how important Marj was to me.  I’d never met her in person but somehow she’d become a second mother to me and I wasn’t prepared to deal with my feelings so close on the heels of losing my own mother in September.

After Marj died I couldn’t imagine ever writing this story again.

However, after some thought I’m pretty sure that Marj would be hella pissed if this story died with her.  Out of all of my readers, fans, followers, and lurkers, Marj would have wanted this story to get an end more than anyone.

As we speak I’m uploading 136 screenshots of Violet’s adventures over the holiday weekend.  I had a previous plot in my head but given the current political and social climate, I’m scrapping the shit out of that one.  It was too dark and too close to current events.  I’d written that out long before the 2016 election and because I’m slow and lazy (or is it very, very busy?) things have come to pass that I just don’t want to see here in my my escape from real life.

Instead, Violet is on her own right now with ZERO oversight from the author of this blog.  I’d like to tell you what’s going on but you’ll just have to wait.  Suffice it to say — she’s never boring.

07-06-19_5-39-03 PM.png

Chapter 5.14

In which Violet fan-girls a lot, argues with Grim, and snuggles a cat.

Note from SweetPoyzin: Um.  So I loved writing like this and even if you all hated it I think I’m sticking with this style for a bit.  It was so freeing and I actually enjoyed updating for once.  Love you all but sorry not sorry.

Previously on Eternally Yours…Violet renovated and upgraded her house and began the steady slide to Crazy Cat Lady.

Now on to today’s episode…

Violet needed to get out of the house so she went to the talent showcase at the nightclub in Del Sol Valley.

Tons of celebs showed up and there was much fan-girling.

Next up was the Humor and Hijinks festival where Violet worked on her comedy skill.  She was mediocre at best.  Poor girl.

But then there was more fan-girling so it didn’t matter.

Later in the week Violet went to the gym in Willow Creek that I overhauled because I got Fitness Stuff.

She attended an outdoor yoga class which maybe wasn’t the best choice.  Outdoor yoga in winter is cold.

Naturally, someone froze to death and Grim showed up.  Violet did her best to reason with Grim but to no avail.  The rando died and everyone spent the rest of yoga class mourning and complaining about the cold.

Violet opted for a coffee which she had to make herself because the cafe attendant was too busy crying.

After all that, she went inside and got a very expensive massage that was well worth the cost.

She headed home from all the excitement and learned a Crazy Cat Lady’s work is never done.  Lox had developed some sort of radioactive reindeer disease.

It was off to Brindleton Bay to see the vet and get a cone of shame that only cost $80 instead of $700.  Sorry, Lox, but all the money went into the house reno.  Violet should probably look into getting a job.

At least he’s cute.

Oh, and Chip keeps showing up so there’s that.

Chapter 5.13

Enjoy today’s summary chapter of Eternally Yours. Let me know if you like the new format!

Note from SweetPoyzin: Alright.  As stated previously, I’ve lost the writing spark.  That said, I still adore Violet and Eternally Yours and I play that save pretty regularly and I take pictures with the intention of writing.  Violet, however, is quiet and she’s not giving me much direction.  I’m going to keep writing about her adventures but these next couple of chapters are more of a summary of silliness while I wait for Violet’s voice to return.

Previously on Eternally Yours…Violet met an adorable man named Chip who might have nefarious plans for Violet.  Then Violet hopped into bed with Lucifer only to dump him after he bought her a house.  *awkward* 

Now on to today’s episode…

Violet sold the house Lucifer bought her and used the money to make some much needed renovations on her house.  She added a second level, expanded her kitchen and living room, got some fancy new windows and doors, and fenced in her garden because Vampires are assholes.

Violet also added a glass-roofed deck off her new kitchen with plans to host many a garden party once the long winter is over.  It’s super lovely when the sun starts setting.

After renovating, Violet took to the upgrades.  The lint-free upgrade is a must because she spent too much money on this damn house to burn it to the ground with laundry.  She’s also got the Renaissance Sim lifetime wish so she’s got to hit Level 8 in 6 different skills so what better way to do it.

It was good timing on the expansion too because…

Sox was apparently knocked up by Lox.

Paternity testing not required.

Violet is basically becoming a crazy cat lady and I am 100% ok with this.

Chapter 5.12

Violet meets an old friend and once again encountered unintended issues.

“Hey, Vi!  I’m in town.  Care to drop by?”

It had been awhile since I’d gotten to see Lucifer.  He’d been on tour with his band Dante’s Inferno for about 18 months so I figured I’d stop over and visit him while he was in town.

“Oh my god, you look great!”  I ran over and hugged him.  “Why are you here?”

“Well, I bought a house!  Come in for the tour!”

“Wow!  Luce, it’s lovely!”  It was.  Spacious, great light.  The kind of house mine dreams to be.

“Move in with me, Violet.”

I turned and looked at Lucifer.  “I’m sorry,  what now?”

“You don’t have to move in as my girlfriend or whatever.  There’s a second bedroom.  Move in with me.”

“Why?  Why would you ask that!?”

“I just…I hate the thought of you living in that –”

“In that what, Lucifer?  That shack!?  That’s my home and I’ve worked very hard to turn it into what it is today.”

“I just worry about you, Violet.  We might not be together anymore but that doesn’t mean I love you any less.”

“UGH.  Look, come back to my place.  See that it’s a real house and I’ll make you dinner.”

“Alright.  Let me change.  This town is hotter than Hades, I swear.

“I have to admit, Vi, you’ve cleaned the place up nicely since I was here last!”

“I told you it was a home now!  Jeez.  Sometimes you gotta listen to me!”  I was pulling out all the stops.  Even making us Italian Meatballs for dinner.  I can be Suzy Homemaker when required!

After dinner we caught up on each other’s lives.  We talked about his band.  Dante’s Inferno is becoming more mainstream and they’ve booked another 20 cities for the tour.  I told him about my flower business and we talked about my sister and his brother and when we were ever going to become Aunt and Uncle.

And then we made a bad decision.

“Here,” Lucifer handed me a small package.  “It’s the key to the house.”

“Luce, I can’t take this just because we slept together.”

“The house was always for you anyway.  I have no intention of staying in it.  I just wanted you to get out of here. It’s yours to do with as you please.”

“I’ll see you around, Violet.  Stay safe.”

And he turned and walked out of the door.

Side Story: I Found the One

Side Story: Meet Chip’s father, Alistair Worthington Jr.

“Hello?  Hello, Dad?  Yes, I need you to come over right away.  I’ve found her.  I’ve finally found the one.”

“Alright, boy, tell me about this one.” Alistair Worthington Jr was not thrilled about being yanked away from his morning paper for another one of his son’s escapades.

“She’s perfect, dad.  She has no desires of her own, only future plans that center around her dead grandmother or some shit.”

Alistair perked up at this news.  “Go on.”

“Well, that’s about it.  There is one more thing, I guess.  She’s smart, Dad.  She already figured out I was a Worthington.”

“DAMN IT, Boy!”  Alistair threw his coffee cup across the room.  “You’ve got to do better than that.  We need this to work.  We can’t manipulate a smart one.  We need a sheep who hangs on your every word.”

“No, Dad!  This is better.  She’s smart which means she’ll see reason.  If we give her reasonable explanations, she’ll do it.”

“Intriguing.”  Alistair Worthington Jr stroked his chin.   “Perhaps you aren’t a waste after all.  Do you think she’ll marry you?”

“Of course she will.”  Chip gestured around the kitchen.  “Who wouldn’t want this?”

“Does she have any living family?”

“Dunno.  All she talked about was dead grandmothers.”

“Watch out for family ties, son.  They could be the downfall of the plan.”

“It’s alright, Dad.  I’ve got this.  It will work this time.”

“You’d best hope so, boy.”  Alistair got up to leave but turned back and looked at his son.  “You’re inheritance is riding on it.”  And with that he left.

Chapter 5.11

Violet finally goes on a date but gets more than she bargained for.

I arrived at Crystal Meadows Downtown right at 8pm.  I’d spent three hours on my hair and makeup and to my surprise the bouncer let me right in.  I guess I looked like I belonged.

I didn’t see Chip anywhere so I plopped down an enjoyed some hookah in an effort to loosen up.  I had to drop $25 on the juice but I figured I might as well live it up while I could, even if I was going to be here alone.

After about an hour, Chip was still nowhere to be seen but I didn’t mind too much.  I had the loveliest view of the moon rising over the mountains.

“Violet?”  I turned and there was Chip, dressed in the same outfit from yesterday, rushing over to me.  “Wow, you look lovely,” he said wrapping me in an unexpected hug.

“Nice of you to show up!”  I offered sarcastically.

“I’m so sorry.  I got held up with some business stuff at home.  Please, won’t you join me for a drink at the bar?”  He grabbed my hand and led me over to the nicest bar I’ve ever seen.  We ordered some cocktails and a few appetizers and I was pleasantly surprised by Chip’s demeanor.

“So, tell me about you?” He asked politely.

“I don’t know.  You kind of know everything.” I joked.  I came here about 6 months ago and I’m still trying to figure out who I am.”

“Well,” he probed,” what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“That’s just the thing.  I don’t know.  It’s a long story, really.  My grandmother made me promise to fulfill our family legacy or whatever.  My great-great-grandma wanted to be president, my great-grandma wanted to be an astronaut.  So there’s those things to consider.”

“What, no medical school?” Chip joked.

“No, no.  I get out of that one since my mother and grandmother were world famous doctors!  But that’s enough of my sordid past.  Tell me about you!”

“Hey!”  Chip grabbed my hand.  “The karaoke machine is free!  Let’s sing!”  Before I could protest he’d pulled me over to the machine and queued up a song.

After squeaking through that nightmare, we found a secluded bench and sat down to chat some more.

“You know, I don’t usually do this, but would you like to come back to my place?”  Chip gave me a smile that melted my insides.

“I don’t usually do this either, but yes.”

I woke up the next morning in a room with soaring picture windows but Chip was nowhere to be found.

I poke around a bit and discovered I was in a huge damn house with incredible views of the ocean, a gigantic kitchen, a library, and an artist’s loft.  Finally, I heard Chip in the office, which, also had an incredible view.

Coincidentally, he was wearing the same clothes again.

“So, do you like only have one outfit?”

“Of course not.  Well, sort of.  It’s kind of my brand,” he shrugged sheepishly.

“Your brand,” I said slowly.  “Oh my GOD.  I know you.  You’re Chip Worthington.  You’re Alistair Worthington III, the male model.”

“Guilty as charged.” He smiled.

“Your dad is Alistair Worthington Jr, the oil magnate.  Your mom is Helena Harrimann Worthington, the actress, and your sister is Odalisse Worthington the artist.”  I stumbled back into a chair.  This was the son of the wealthiest man in the country.

“You sure know a lot about my family,” he chuckled.

“Uh, yeah!  You’re in all the newspapers and magazines.  Like…daily.  Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because you didn’t recognize me.  I didn’t choose to be born into fame and fortune.  I’m a person.  It was nice to be treated like one.  Not one woman has ever yelled at me before.”  He smiled that smile again.

“Well.  You deserved it.”  I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.  “You better call me this time!”