A Day in the Life: The Move

Note from SweetPoyzin: I’m working on getting my Day in the Life story ported over her so this picks up kind of in the middle of things. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened so far.

Generation 1: Gretchen is a single woman living and working in Windenberg. She decides to start a family and adopts daughter a daughter named Rainn and a son named Otis. Together they raise and save the money to buy their dream house. When the kids are teens, Gretchen marries Adam who raises Rainn and Otis. Sadly, Adam passes away on Christmas just after Rainn becomes a young adult.

Generation 2: Rainn meets and marries Dax Whitting. They buy a small home in Brindleton Bay and are eager to start their family. However, it takes Rainn several years to get pregnant but they finally welcome their daughter Birdie into the family. Just months later, they welcome surprise daughter Willow. Rainn and Dax are nearing the top of their careers when they decide to try for baby #3. Unfortunately, Rainn miscarries and they decide to focus on their careers before trying again. Just after reaching the top of her career, Rainn delivers a son named River. Sadly, just days after meeting his son, Dax passes away. Rainn is beside herself with grief when she encounters a single father, Tobias Frankin, playing with his son in the park. They strike up a conversation and shortly after that they begin dating.

Rainn and Tobias decided to tie the knot not long after their third date. It was a simple wedding in the living room of Rainn’s house with just the kids in attendance.

Now that Rainn and Toby are married, the house was officially too small! They bought a huge 5 bedroom house in Del Sol Valley with lots of room for the kids to grow and play.

Shortly after moving in, Toby’s eldest daughter, Elle, moved in to get away from her over-bearing mom and her younger siblings, Finnegan and Clare. So far Elle gets along great with her new stepmother but we’ll see how long that holds out.

Poor Elle didn’t realize that Birdie and Willow have been itching for big sister and now she spends most of her time fending off requests to play dolls or read stories.

Poor Willow is struggling after losing her dad, Dax, but Toby is doing what he can to let her know things will be ok.

Chapter 5.9

As I promised Bee, I went full on cat lady.

Honestly, I didn’t mean to do it.  I really was just planning on getting a kitten.  Right?  And then the adoption guy showed up with two little kittens for me to choose from and well, I couldn’t.

Meet Lox and Sox.  I’m not entirely sure which is which since I’m constantly yelling at them and neither one answers.  But there you have it.  They’re lucky they’re cute since they’ve already destroyed my couch and an end table.

Which brings me to my next issue, or well, the issue that’s still an issue: money.

Bee wasn’t wrong when she said that I didn’t need a cat if I couldn’t feed myself.  I still can’t feed myself and now I’ve got babies with hungry bellies.  So I took my flowers and my woodworking and headed to the Romance Festival.  It seemed like prime grounds for people in need of a good gift.

I setup shop right next to the bathrooms.  No, it wasn’t the most romantic spot, but it was high traffic!  Location, location, location, am I right?

“How quaint!  A flower peddler here at the festival!”  Who did this butthole think he was?

“Um, I’m not employed by the festival.  Do you want to buy something?”

“Oh, goodness, no!”  He smiled smugly.  “I’m Chip!  And you might be?”

“Busy.  Get lost if you aren’t buying anything.”  I shooed him away from my prime real estate so others could gander the goods.

“Of course.  I’ll be back around later.  You’ll miss me.”

Ugh.  Some dudes.  What a weirdo.

Unfortunately, nobody wanted to buy anything.  People wanted roses or fancy vases or furniture.  I had none of those.  I packed up and left the festival empty handed.

Well, almost empty handed.  I don’t know what came over me but I ended up giving Chip my number.  He was cute, even if he was a bit of a butthead.

I did have a little bit of extra luck.  Being the Romance Festival, I was able to find some wild roses growing around the festival grounds.  Not about to miss out on an opportunity, I harvested all I could.  I went home and worked late into the night and stopped only to sleep.  I finished working the next morning.

I went all out.  Roses, vases, I even took pictures for Simstagram.  I wasn’t about to let more money pass me by.  I couldn’t afford to, literally.  The electric company was threatening to turn off my power if I didn’t pay by tomorrow.

I packed up my three new arrangements and headed to Willow Creek Riverfront Park in hopes of meeting some hoity-toity who might be interested in some roses for the holidays.

Everything was going great.  My setup was spectacular.  My flowers looked lovely.  My spot in the park was front and center.

And then it started to rain.  I’m not talking tiny sprinkles here either.

I mean giant, ass-kicking, huge drops of rain.  People were annoyed and running for cover.

Everything seemed hopeless.

But, to my surprise, people stopped at my table and bought out my entire stock!  I went home with $800!  More than enough to pay my bills and buy some food.

I got home to a hot mess of a house.  Turns out Sox sheds.  Like…a lot.  So I ordered a pizza and cleaned up the mess while I waited for it to arrive.  Then I paid my bills and I’ve never loved paying bills so much..

I also treated myself to a makeover.  A girl needs to look her best in order to sell flowers again tomorrow.  Those bills aren’t going to pay themselves, you know!

Welcome Home!

What used to be Eternally Yours is now home to all things SweetPoyzin!  We have a fancy new domain name, a spiffy new layout, and tons of new content coming your way.  Granted, it’s going to take a wee bit of time to work out all the kinks so please be patient as I figure out where I put things (I’ve already misplaced several headers and scared myself with the blog).

For those of you who come just for Eternally Yours — don’t worry!  I’ve kept you top of mind and made sure that Eternally Yours is featured right on the main menu.  You can drop down to any of the generational tables of contents and pick up right where you left off.

If you’ve come looking for my other short stories, they also have their own pages now.  Beware: they totally aren’t ready for prime time just yet.  It’s a work in progress since my stories are scattered across Tumblr, Facebook, and various blogs.

For my creation fans — there’s now a searchable portfolio with all my builds, sims, and custom content.  It’s also a construction zone so bear with me as I figure out how that whole mess works.

I’ve also added in some bonus goodies where you can learn about me, some of the awards I’ve gotten from other awesome bloggers, and you can also check out the mods/cc you’ll see poking around Eternally Yours.  There’s also a Donate button if you are so inclined to donate.  It is always appreciated but never required.

The bottom line is that I just had too many pages and not enough time.  So Sweet Stories, Poyzin Tales, SweetPoyzin Creations, and Eternally Yours all had to come together and learn to live together.  I hope you’re as excited about this new change as I am!  Here’s to 2019 and new adventures!


Merry Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas!.png

It’s been a year for me and I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted.  Through it all my readers and fans have stuck around and they still get excited when I post an update.  I am forever grateful for you crazy people.

Thanks for being my cheerleaders for both my story and my life.

See you in 2019!

Chapter 5.8

Alright.  I’m not one to admit that others might be right but I gotta be honest.  This shit sucks.  I’m out of money which means I’m out of food.  My mortgage payment is due…like yesterday.  I’m hungry, I’m cold, and now I’m wet because I have to scavenge for flowers, rocks, and other random crap just to get by another day and today, of course, it’s raining.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS.

And this is not to say that I don’t love my house.  I do!  It’s mine and I love it.  Buuuuuuuut…it might need a little more work.  That doesn’t mean Hadley and Lucifer were right.  It just means that, you know, I came to this conclusion 100% on my own.

Luckily the weather quickly changed and I was able to venture down to the community garden.  My diet these days is mostly lemons, basil, and onions.  I’m not the best smelling person but I get by.  I’ve found if I head out early in the morning, the heat isn’t quite so oppressive and I’m able to harvest and collect more than my fair share of goodies from around the neighborhood.

I was walking back home when I happened by one of the vendor stalls and there was PIZZA just lying on the ground.  PIZZA, people!

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I quickly snagged the pizza and headed home.  That would make a tasty lunch for sure.  I was so invigorated by my find that I decided there was no time like the present to clean up some of the trash and detritus from the front yard.

It’s still not perfect, but it’s a start.  I would have worked on it more but I needed to get down to the river to catch a few fish for dinner.  So far I had only been catching minnows but I had a feeling a big day was ahead.

But my luck had run out.  There were no fish to be had today.  Not even a minnow.

I went back home and dug into my pizza.  I was struck by just how alone I was these days.  The house was too quiet, all my friends and family were long gone.  It was just me.  I needed a buddy.  First, I needed to call my sister.

“Hi, Bee!  It’s me Violet.”

“Vi!  How are things?  Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.  I actually scored a great lunch.  Someone left a slice of pizza on the ground which is the best meal I’ve had in weeks!  Oh — and I’m thinking of getting a cat.”  There was silence on the other end of the line.  “Hello?  Bee!?  Did I lose the connection out here?”

No, I’m still here.  I’m just…shocked I guess.  Do you really think a cat is a good idea?  You can barely care for yourself.”

“That’s not true!  I’m doing just fine out here!”

“You literally just bragged about eating garbage pizza.  No, you’re not fine.”

“WELL I DIDN’T ASK YOUR OPINION ANYWAY.”  I hung up the phone and called the pet adoption agency.  The next available appointment was in a week.  Since I had some time to kill I decided to go to GeekFest in the city.  I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to sell some of my woodworking items and make a little extra cash.

Thank You!

Oh my gosh!  I’m totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I’ve gotten from everyone!  I didn’t expect anything less since fans of Eternally Yours are amazing, but it’s really been humbling to have everyone come out of the woodwork to cheer on this mess of a story.

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update on everything.  I’m not setting a schedule this time around.  I’ll write when I write.  That way, it still stays fun and I can check in with my other saves.

08-11-18_6-50-55 PM.png
Like the Whitings.  I mean, how cute are they?  It was Spooky Day and Dax made breakfast and they are all watching scary movies while eating.  Adorbs.

With school starting up again, a job hunt (while working full time), and suddenly becoming a full time mom, I just don’t want to push myself too hard.  I’ve made so many promises in the past and it only stresses me out and makes me feel bad when I can’t produce.  It hurts my writing.  So this time, everything will be a lot less structured, I’ll write when the inspiration hits and we’ll see what happens.

Again, I am forever grateful for your support.  It means the world to me!



Getting photos for the first TS4 chapter proved no less challenging than it was in TS3.  Of course, this time it wasn’t due to crashing, poorly made poses, bad CC, or inappropriate clothes.  The entire Eternally Yours crew seemed to be pissed at me about something (maybe ignoring them for 6 months was a bad idea?).


Then Lucifer and Violet forgot how to hug.

Followed immediately by Lucian showing up in his athletic gear.  I only designed his everyday clothes but apparently I needed to go a little farther in that process.

Never a dull moment in Eternally Yours.  Welcome back, readers!

Chapter 5.7

Hey-o!  It’s me, Violet.

Did ya miss me?  Probably not.  That’s ok though.  Since running away from home, I’m trying to keep a low profile.  Is it considered running away if you’re an adult?  Who knows — it doesn’t matter anyway.

What does matter is my new life.  I packed my stuff — well, actually I didn’t.  I really just up and left after Nana died and I didn’t take jack shit with me.  In hindsight, that was a mistake.  However, I wasn’t about to go crawling back to Mom and Lucian just so I could grab some childhood knick-knacks.  No, instead I hightailed it over to Oasis Springs and bought the cheapest (read: only) house I could afford.

It obviously needs a little TLC.  But I have a microwave!  That’s more than some people could say.  So I got that going for me.  I’ve decided I’m not ready to get a job yet.  I’ve got a little money left over from my home purchase so I can ride it out a little bit.  It’s giving me time to work on my hobbies.

I’m into woodworking now.  It seemed like a good idea since my house needs some elbow grease and a little love.  And who knows — maybe I’ll be able to sell a few things here and there when I need a little extra cash.  Never hurts to know a thing or two.

You may have noticed my new tattoo.  Hadley convinced me to get it.  It’s an anchor.  I wanted something that was useful.  I might be a little adrift right now but somewhere out there is an anchor to help ground me.  Cheesy, huh?

Hadley and I have an interesting relationship right now.  See, she’s into some not so savory business deals these days.  But it pays for her apartment in the city which is better than my house in Oasis Springs…

…But only just.  I guess you take what you can get.  It’s not like she brings clients back to her place anyway.

I finally got the nerve up to invite my sister over to my house.  It had been a few weeks and I thought it was ready to show off to the only family member I’m still talking to.

She was unsure about the plan but agreed to come out to visit the following week.

“Holy shit!  Vi, you live here?!” I never really told her that much about the house.  Other than it needed a little bit of love.

“Yes, what’s the problem?”  I asked calmly.

“Uh…nothing.  It’s lovely.  Just needs a little work, just — just like you said.”  She plastered a huge fake smile across her fake-filled lips.

“I, uh, didn’t have time to go grocery shopping this week.  Would you like some animal crackers for dinner?”  I mean, to be fair, I haven’t been grocery shopping since I got to Oasis Springs.  Animal crackers are fortified so it’s fine.

“Ooooo I can’t.  Er, I have an appointment.  I have to run.”  She turned to face me, “Bee and Xantus miss you, you know.  You should go visit them in Willow Creek.  It would mean a lot to her if you did.”

“I’ll think about it,” I mumbled as Hadley walked away.

It’s not that I didn’t want to see Bee.  It’s just, she married Xantus (which surprised exactly no one) and he is Lucifer’s brother.  Luce is still in my life as much as someone touring with a band for 10 months out of the year can be in your life.  I don’t know.  It was just weird.

But like any good sister, I did think about going to see Bee and Xantus.  In the end I went to visit.  It was good seeing Bee again.  She and Xantus live in an adorable little trailer with the most amazing garden.  Bee’s photography career is taking off too.  Xantus wasn’t as happy to see me.  After all, I did break his brother’s heart when I dumped him and the left without so much as a goodbye or see you soon.  I can’t really blame him.

As I was leaving, Xantus handed me a slip of paper with Lucifer’s phone number on it and told me to give him a call.  Chat for a bit or whatever.  I said I’d think on that too.  Bet you can guess what happened?

Yeah, I called Luce to chat — but just chat.  That was all.

“VIOLET YOU CAN’T STAY HERE!”  The very next weekend Lucifer was in my front yard, apparently on break from his tour.

“Why the hell not, Luce!  It’s my house!”

“It’s a God damned dump, Violet and you know it!”

“Take it back!”  I growled at him.

Instead of taking it back, he left.

I went inside to think.  As I sat on my bed-couch, in my bedroom with no windows I decided Hadley and Lucifer were wrong.  I don’t live in a dump.  I bought myself a fucking prison.

Be Advised…

Updates are coming.

08-04-18_8-20-27 PM.png

Remembering Penny and Finn

I very carefully picked the music for this one.  The song is You’re Still You by Josh Groban.  The lyrics stand for so many things in Penny and Finn’s relationship — Penny’s fear of life after losing everything, Finn’s dementia.  I knew as soon as that happened to Finn that this would be their song.



Thank You, Bee!

Please let it be known that I am a terrible person.  I even tried really hard NOT to forget to credit Bee this time and then I forgot to credit Bee.

The amazing Bmit created a custom pose pack for Chapter 5.6 and I totally forgot to give her credit.  I needed poses for sleeping in chairs and Bee delivered many choices.  Only two ended up in the chapter but they were seriously lovely.


If you want some awesome poses for your own games, check out Poses by Bee!  You won’t be disappointed!

Remembering Penny (Hanks) Sutton-Pagano-McNamara

Did you all bring your tissues?  You’re going to need them — I know I did.

Typically, the lead’s partner also get s a video when the pass away.  However, Penny and her three husbands create a bit of a special predicament.  And since Violet took off like a banshee, who knows if we will Finn again before he passes.

Regardless of who is alive and who isn’t and this and that, all the leading men get a video.  Let’s be honest, they all touched us whether we loved them (Peter) or hated them (Finn) or felt indifferent about them (Xander).

Stay tuned for those adorable tear-fests.  Is adorable the right word?


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