Chapter 1.21

As soon as I suspected I was pregnant I started spending more time with Mollie.  I didn’t want her to think that just because we were going to have a new family member that we were going to forget about her.

I waited to tell Victor until I was positive I was pregnant.  He was very excited.

As time went on and we arrived closer to the due date, Mollie got very clingy.

She talked to me nonstop about the baby in my belly.  She seemed pretty excited but I think she was concerned too.

Victor took some time off work even so he could spend some time with Mollie on his own.

She loves books and she is such a Daddy’s girl.  She loves the books about art and color.  She tells me I can’t do them right because I don’t make the voices like Daddy.  I don’t know how he makes voices for jellybean colors but it works.

When we were just a few weeks away from meeting our baby I asked Kia for a favor.

“Hey, when I go into labor, will you be able to watch Mollie?

“You call me, chica.  Any time.  2pm or 2am and I’ll be there.”

Now everything was taken care of and all we could do is wait.

Chapter 1.20

“Liddy, I think we should take a vacation.  Head to the beach.  Maybe Paris?”

“Or maybe we could have another baby, instead?”

“Huh…Come on, Miss Mollie.  It’s bedtime for you.”

I was mostly serious.  What have I done?

“What do you think, Mollie?  Would you like to be a big sister one day?”


Too bad for Mollie, I thought.  After I was finished in the bathroom I called Kia over.  She and I had become close friends over the past few months.

‘So, you’re knock up.  Your move.”

“Umm…how did you know that?  I’m not even showing yet.”

“I can just tell.  It’s gonna be a boy.”

“Whatever, your move.”

Oh my God, what if she is right?  What am I gonna do with a son?

Chapter 1.19

Victor and I were both really surprised when the vacant lot next to us was purchase.  It had been empty for such a long time when someone finally bought it I had to rush right over and find out who and why.

Her name was Kia and she was a fairy.  She needed a cheap place to live and apparently the house next door to ours was the winner.

We both thought it was awesome that we had toddlers.  We hoped to do some play dates together.  Her son’s name was Garrett.  He was…different.

Victor and I threw a welcome Feast Party for Kia and Garrett.  Steve is a little…dramatic.  He was fine really, just passed out from the excitement of seeing a fairy.

Everyone was really odd at the party.  They were obsessed with me for some reason which I still have yet to figure out.

The party was a huge success and everyone left happy and full of food and friendship but Victor still felt the need to explain the everyday strangeness of Moonlight Falls to Kia.

Chapter 1.18

After 12 freakishly long months, Mollie’s birthday was upon us.

I snuggled my little baby that morning knowing she would be a toddler in only a few hours.  It’s so much easier to love the baby stage when she isn’t crying.

I made French Toast for breakfast but Victor had the balls to complain and say he wanted pancakes.

Can you tell how pleased I was with that?  He ate the damn toast and then I made him plan Mollie’s birthday party.

He had the party at the Wedding Venue.  Because he’s a man and that made sense to him.  He’s been getting all the sleep these past few months.  Is it obvious?

Ah, well.  It looks like a nice party venue anyway.

“So, Vic…are you ready to have a toddler?”

“Yeah I am.  Does it have to become a teenager though?”

Victor took little Mollie over to her birthday cake.  He made some silly faces and a show of helping her blow out the candles.

I really got into the whole thing.  She’s not going to be a baby anymore.  That was beyond awesome.

After blowing out the candles Vic set Mollie on the floor.  There was a twinkle of magic and then, I was the mother of a toddler.

Chapter 1.17

Ok…Babies are hard.

I decided that since I am now a mother I needed to look like one.  So I got a makeover and bought more “mom” clothing.

We also bought a bigger house.

Oh…and a minivan.  Yeah, I am that cool now.

Tonight we are throwing a Gift Giving party as a house warming party.  Snowflake Day is coming up and we wanted all our friends to meet our new little one.

I even got to try out my new cooking skills!

We have a great spare room that we can now use for company!  The party went really well.  Although we did get two chess sets.  Well, it was a nice thought anyway.

Mollie was wonderful throughout the whole party.  Everyone just thought she was a doll!

They were so busy passing her around and holding her, that I totally fell asleep in the family room and missed the end of the party!

When I woke up, Victor was still cleaning and Mollie was asleep in the crib in our bedroom.

“VICTOR!  I’m sorry I fell asleep!  Here!  I got you this gift.”

I had bought him a camcorder for all the memories of our new daughter.

“What if we thought about having another baby sooner rather than later?”

“Dude, did you miss the fact that I fell asleep during our house warming party?”

“Yeah, but I want to quit my job and become a writer.  Then I can stay home with you and the kids.  I can help out more.”

Mollie woke up then and I went into the playroom to snuggle her in the rocker.  I told him I would think about it.  Victor tried out his camcorder for the first time and got a video of us together in the rocker.

We all went up to bed after that.

We had only gotten about an hour of sleep before we were awakened by Mollie.

“Hun, can you take her in the other room?  I have work in the morning.”

Another baby my ass.  Not for a long, long time.

Chapter 1.16

The morning after the spicy shrimp, I started having contractions.

It was going to be a long day, so I made us both some coffee.  I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that I would soon have my body back.  But HOLY CRAP there was going to be a baby here in less than 24 hours.

Victor drank his coffee while I brushed up on my birthing techniques.

“So, Vic…are you ready to meet this baby today?”

“No.  I am not.  Are you ever ready to become a parent?”

That night we ate cookies for dinner in celebration of the day I discovered I was pregnant.

Then I passed out in the chair.  Victor was too nervous to sleep and watched me like a hawk.

At 2am I bolted out the chair.

“VICTOR!  Oh my GOD!  Victor!  We need to go to the hospital!  NOW!

The first time I was here it was because I thought I was pregnant with a kid I didn’t want.

The second time was to resurrect my dead husband.

The third time was to bring my daughter Mollie Annette Lox into the world.

After only four hours of labor, my husband, my daughter, and I went home.

She’s breathtaking.  And to think I didn’t want this.  Now I can’t breathe when I see her.

Chapter 1.15

Pregnancy is tough…I assume.

Victor pretty much refused to let me do anything!  I was banished to the rocker, the office, the couch.  Really anywhere that wasn’t on my feet doing any work.

Victor was really wonderful though.  He went shopping and got me books.

I learned about 15 new recipes throughout the pregnancy.  We will eat like kings!  When and if we ever have time after the baby gets here.

Vic wrote all the thank you notes for wedding gifts…

Did the laundry…

He even worked in my garden…which he was not so good at…

“Hey, let me make us dinner tonight.  You know we won’t get another quiet dinner together for awhile after the baby gets here.”

“Oh, why the hell not?”

So I made us firecracker shrimp.  A whole week’s worth because who knew when I would get to cook next.

It was nearly time for us to meet our little one.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Chapter 1.14

It was not your typical wedding night.  I was exhausted so I went straight to bed.

Downstairs, though, we were robbed.  They stole our tv, my digital camera, and Vic’s computer.  They couldn’t steal our toilet paper like the repoman did.  Which was also weird.  Ugh.

Victor took care of it all.  Honestly, I didn’t even know until morning.  I slept through the whole ordeal.  I was really, really tired.  And vomity.  I threw up three more times that night.  What was in that drink.

I wanted cookies the next morning.  And ice cream.  On top of waffles.  Victor sent me straight into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

“Vic?  It’s positive.”

“Oh,  sweetie, that’s wonderful!  Are you okay?”

God I sure hope so!

Chapter 1.13

Things in our lives were good again.

It was so wonderful to have Victor back.  He might be a ghost but he was still my Victor.

He proposed again.  Apparently death nullifies your wedding vows.  Stupid I think.

“Lydia Jane Lox, will you marry me?  Again?  You don’t actually have to but I would like it.”

“YES!  A million times yes!”

We decided on a simple ceremony at the venue where we were first married.  No frills, no tux, no gown.  Just us.

Except we were so busy getting reacquainted that we almost missed the ceremony!

We did have a buffet table.

And a bartender.  We could afford it this time so gosh darn it we were gonna have that!

“So, are you ready to do this again?  You do know you are gonna marry a dead guy this time, right?”

“Oh, Vic!  It’s a dead man’s party?  Who could ask for more?  Come on, let’s do this!”

So we got married again.  We both looked kinda goofy but, hey, we are kinda silly!”

This time I got to make the silly speech while cutting the wedding cake.  We partied the whole night.  It was 1am before we finally got home.

I had way, way too much to drink.  It was way classy of me to vomit all over our front yard on our wedding night.  Oh well, such is life.  Always an adventure, right?

Chapter 1.12

I didn’t know what to think after I got that phone call.

So I didn’t think.  I just got in the car and went to the Science Center.

Last time I was here I was concerned I was pregnant with a child I didn’t want.  Victor’s child.  Now he’s gone and that child will never exist.

I went home and I just looked at that stupid statue.  I am going to have to get rid of that thing.  One day.

An hour after I got home I saw that stupid “fake” Victor floating around.  I wish the stupid Science freaks could fix that.

Except…he stopped in front of me.


“Yeah, babe, it’s me.”

I never once doubted it was him.  I’ve never been so happy!

The next morning we headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Liddy, I’ve always loved you.  But, if you can’t love me like this I understand.  You are free to do as you wish without life…even if it doesn’t include me.”

“Vic…when you died…I didn’t know –”

I just lost it.  Knowing he was back was incredible.  I would do anything for this man.  I didn’t realize how much I loved him until he was gone.