Other Legacies by SweetPoyzin

Thy Will Be Done

A legacy challenge where anything can and will happen!  All wishes must be granted regardless of what disaster it might bring!  We’re in for a wild ride so hold on to your seats!

Noble Cause (on hold)

The story focuses on Daniel Reed, who didn’t get the best start in life but is determined to make the best of it anyway. This is a legacy about second chances, starting over, and remembering the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you wanted.

Sutton Family Scrapbook (on hold)

I will follow the Suttons and report on their life, what’s going on, who’s getting married, who had children, who is graduating, etc.  That way, I can still enjoy playing the family without needing to come up with catchy writing and whatnot.  I can just play, snap some screen shots and keep you posted on the Suttons.

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