Eternally Yours: Epilogue

Everything you need to know for the Facebook launch!

Here’s the final Eternally Yours post to catch everyone up before the new posts start dropping on Facebook.  And this is a long one because we’re covering Violet, Lucifer, Alice Bee, and Dani.  This is part storylines that I had planned and part shit that actually went down so try to follow where you can…

Violet’s Updates


Following her award win, Violet got knocked up and she didn’t know who was the father.  She’d been with many a man before finding out she was pregnant and so we just had to wait to see who the dad was (because I didn’t look a MCCC since I wanted a surprise).


She did go have an ultrasound done and learned she was having a baby boy.  It was decided his name would be Jack Alexander Friend.

48559759166_181e30164a_o (1).png

Violet bought a much bigger house in Newcrest where she could raise her new family.

08-17-19_6-04-37 PM.png

And he arrived at 2am one night in early Spring.  Violet kept her job as an actress and worked sporadically when money was tight.  Otherwise, she stayed home with baby Jack.


Once he aged up, it became clear that Violet was knocked up by the oh so sexy but oh so sleazy Chip Worthington.  She did not tell him he was the father because, well, he’s a jerk.

09-01-19_7-18-21 PM.png

Being a single mom in a big house, Violet wanted some protection so she adopted a giant sheepdog named Aurelius.  Sox is not a fan.

09-14-19_4-34-44 PM.png

Oh, and Violet became a witch again.  Minor details.

Lucifer’s Story


Luce had his own secrets.  While waiting for Violet to figure out her own life, he continued touring with his band.

09-01-19_5-38-38 PM.png

He ended up having a one night stand with the world’s top actress, Chantal Bettancourt.

08-31-19_10-15-59 PM.png

Their union resulted in a daughter, Scarlett Bettancourt.  He didn’t know about her until she was 8-years-old and now he’s her full-time parent while Scarlett’s mom gallivants around the world on big movie sets.


Lucifer celebrated his birthday and welcomed middle age with a new haircut and color.  He’s traded in the green locks for his natural blonde.  He’s also dropped the rock band and is now a classical musician with the orchestra.

Alice Bee’s Story

10-05-19_5-53-13 PM.png

Alice and Xantus also upgraded their house.  They moved to a small but cheerful section of Newcrest.

09-07-19_3-54-01 PM.png

They needed the extra space since Kacie was a growing girl.

10-05-19_6-04-11 PM.png

And little Carter was also on the scene now, too, meaning more room was needed all around.

Dani’s Story

10-05-19_6-13-59 PM.png

10-05-19_6-14-26 PM.png

Dani passed away peacefully of old age.  Violet, Alice, and Hadley are still mourning the loss of their mother.  Lucian buried her in small plot in the back of their property overlooking the bluffs of Windenburg.

Happy Endings


Oh, and Vi decided to commit to something for once in her life.  She has not committed to a wedding date yet but I’m sure it will happen one day.


And these two clowns are pretty happy to have each other, too.

Goodbye, Eternally Yours

The end has come.

09-14-19_4-25-02 PM.png

This post has been a long time coming.  The bad news is: Eternally Yours is ending.  The good news is: it’s only ending as a blog.  I just don’t have the story in me anymore.  I don’t want to pay for photo-hosting.  I don’t want to deal with enormous upload times.  I don’t want to spend my whole week plotting out where the story is going and how it will get there.  I’m just over the writing part.

That said, I’m still playing the save like never before and I just love where Violet’s life is going.  I’m still going to post updates about her on my Facebook so feel free to add me over there.  Of course all this happened right after I got Realm of Magic and Vi finally became a witch again but whatever…none of that matters.

There will be one final Eternally Yours post here to catch us up on what’s happened since I last updated the story, then everything is moving over to Facebook where it’s just a million and a half times easier to post pictures.  I’ll do my best to make those posts public in case you want to keep following but don’t have a profile yourself.

Thanks for following along on this insane journey for nearly SIX YEARS!  You all are amazing.  Keep being awesome and know that I will be forever grateful for your love, support, and friendship.

Eternally Yours,