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Chapter 5.14

Note from SweetPoyzin: Um.  So I loved writing like this and even if you all hated it I think I’m sticking with this style for a bit.  It was so freeing and I actually enjoyed updating for once.  Love you all but sorry not sorry.

Previously on Eternally Yours…Violet renovated and upgraded her house and began the steady slide to Crazy Cat Lady.

Now on to today’s episode…

Violet needed to get out of the house so she went to the talent showcase at the nightclub in Del Sol Valley.

Tons of celebs showed up and there was much fan-girling.

Next up was the Humor and Hijinks festival where Violet worked on her comedy skill.  She was mediocre at best.  Poor girl.

But then there was more fan-girling so it didn’t matter.

Later in the week Violet went to the gym in Willow Creek that I overhauled because I got Fitness Stuff.

She attended an outdoor yoga class which maybe wasn’t the best choice.  Outdoor yoga in winter is cold.

Naturally, someone froze to death and Grim showed up.  Violet did her best to reason with Grim but to no avail.  The rando died and everyone spent the rest of yoga class mourning and complaining about the cold.

Violet opted for a coffee which she had to make herself because the cafe attendant was too busy crying.

After all that, she went inside and got a very expensive massage that was well worth the cost.

She headed home from all the excitement and learned a Crazy Cat Lady’s work is never done.  Lox had developed some sort of radioactive reindeer disease.

It was off to Brindleton Bay to see the vet and get a cone of shame that only cost $80 instead of $700.  Sorry, Lox, but all the money went into the house reno.  Violet should probably look into getting a job.

At least he’s cute.

Oh, and Chip keeps showing up so there’s that.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.14

  1. I learned a lot about Sims 4 just from this chapter. 😀 I laughed so hard when Vi had to make her own coffee because the guy was crying. lolol

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