Generation 5

The Future of Eternally Yours

05-26-19_5-56-30 PM.png

Let’s be honest, I’m burnt out on Eternally Yours.  I had hoped that after graduation, I’d get my spark back but it’s a no-go.  I popped into my save yesterday and I had a freaking BLAST playing but when it comes to writing, that joy just isn’t there anymore.

That being said, I still know where it’s going and Vi is on the track to get there, but I’m not sure the writing is going to come back.  Nonetheless, I still plan to play and post but I think the format will be more along the lines of my other stories.  I’ll post photos and tell you what’s going on but I just don’t see the writing bug biting again.  I could be wrong but after over 6 years of this story, my brain is tapped out.

Anyway, I hope you’ll still follow along with Violet, Lox, Sox, and Bacon and maybe take a peek at some of my other stories, too.  Thanks for being loyal fans and followers for all these years!  You are the reason why I keep up anything at all.

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