Can You Help Nonsimsical?

Hey, lovelies!

I need your help.  Well, not me specifically, but a wonderful friend on mine who also happens to be a long-time simmer.  You may know her as Nonsimsical on Tumblr.  I know her as Dani.  She and her family are desperately trying to leave a very toxic situation and they need the help of this amazing community.

What’s scary is that this could be any of us.  I’ve seen the Sims community do amazing things for each other over the years.  I’d love to see us make this happen for Dani’s family.

Here’s her story:

We’re asking for your continued support and help in raising money so that we can move into a new place so that we can leave this toxic environment altogether and move to somewhere where we can feel safe and secure and raise our children in a clean and loving environment not filled with anxiety, stress, tears and angst! We previously raised $824 and $310 of that went towards preventing water shut off. We have $514 left to go towards first months rent, but we are needing your help in raising the money for a deposit and pet deposit. We are meeting with the manager of the new place, hopefully soon, as soon as he can break away from renovations on the home we applied for. Once I know how much for certain rent will be I’ll be able to update you guys on the full amount. As of right now, we know that the depost will be $1,000 and the pet deposit is $250. Again, the $514 we currently have will go towards first months rent and once I have a number I can update the difference. Housing goes fast as there’s not many places available anymore. We don’t want to pass by on this offer because the shady realtor and homeowner are giving us more time to move. We understand they want us out of the home and they want us out asap.

The Simblr community has been a solid rock for me the past 7 years and I have seen you guys do so many amazing and wonderful things when we all come together! I really need that support right now for my family!! Anything is helpful. Liking, sharing, donating! ❤ We can never pay you back, but we can and WILL pay it forward! Please, help our family leave the toxicity behind and move towards something that promises a better future for us!

With much love, hope and appreciation ❤
Dani, Chris, Hunter, Scout, Ash and Luna!

You can read more and donate to her fundraiser here.  Please message me if you have questions, need more information, or would like to know other ways to donate to Dani.

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