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A Day in the Life: The Move

Note from SweetPoyzin: I’m working on getting my Day in the Life story ported over her so this picks up kind of in the middle of things. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened so far.

Generation 1: Gretchen is a single woman living and working in Windenberg. She decides to start a family and adopts daughter a daughter named Rainn and a son named Otis. Together they raise and save the money to buy their dream house. When the kids are teens, Gretchen marries Adam who raises Rainn and Otis. Sadly, Adam passes away on Christmas just after Rainn becomes a young adult.

Generation 2: Rainn meets and marries Dax Whitting. They buy a small home in Brindleton Bay and are eager to start their family. However, it takes Rainn several years to get pregnant but they finally welcome their daughter Birdie into the family. Just months later, they welcome surprise daughter Willow. Rainn and Dax are nearing the top of their careers when they decide to try for baby #3. Unfortunately, Rainn miscarries and they decide to focus on their careers before trying again. Just after reaching the top of her career, Rainn delivers a son named River. Sadly, just days after meeting his son, Dax passes away. Rainn is beside herself with grief when she encounters a single father, Tobias Frankin, playing with his son in the park. They strike up a conversation and shortly after that they begin dating.

Rainn and Tobias decided to tie the knot not long after their third date. It was a simple wedding in the living room of Rainn’s house with just the kids in attendance.

Now that Rainn and Toby are married, the house was officially too small! They bought a huge 5 bedroom house in Del Sol Valley with lots of room for the kids to grow and play.

Shortly after moving in, Toby’s eldest daughter, Elle, moved in to get away from her over-bearing mom and her younger siblings, Finnegan and Clare. So far Elle gets along great with her new stepmother but we’ll see how long that holds out.

Poor Elle didn’t realize that Birdie and Willow have been itching for big sister and now she spends most of her time fending off requests to play dolls or read stories.

Poor Willow is struggling after losing her dad, Dax, but Toby is doing what he can to let her know things will be ok.

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