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SweetPoyzin’s Master Custom Content List

SweetPoyzin'smaster custom content list.png

I get asked here and on Tumblr where I get various bits of CC.  We all know I’m a clutterwhore and I don’t always remember where I find the goodies that always make appearances in my stories, builds, and sims.  I have a “list” for some stuff but it was woefully out of date.

After releasing my Industrial Comforts build I realized that I have a stupid large amount of custom content (CC) in my game.  I’ve decided to catalog what I download here WHEN I DOWNLOAD IT (read that again, self) because that will just make things easier for everyone  especially for me when my computer dies from too much CC.

Without further ado, SweetPoyzin’s Master Custom Content List for Build/Buy Mode.

Side note: New chapter comes out next week!


*Disclaimer: This list is for SIMS 3 ONLY*

Build Mode

Living Room Sets

Kitchen Sets

Dining Room Sets

Office Sets

Bathroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

Nursery Sets

Wall Decor

Random Clutter (God help us)



Other Miscellaneous

Outdoor Stuff




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