Eternally Yours · Generation 5

Chapter 5.3

Museums are great places to reflect.  At least they work for me.

Just me, some art, and my thoughts.

Oh, and Lucifer.  I invited him here today because I had some reflecting to do.

“I think we should break up.”  No point beating around the bush.

“What?  Why?  When did you decide this?”

“I’m going away to college in two weeks.  I just don’t think we should tie each other down when we are so far apart.”

“So basically you want to screw other guys.”

“Wow, way to cast me as the slut when we haven’t even done it yet.”

“That’s not what I meant, Vi.  But if you want to break up, fine.  I’ll be waiting for you when you eventually work out your issues.”

“Luce!  Ugh.  Whatever.”

We sat around in silence for a bit.  When you’ve been friends with someone since you were 7, it’s weird to dump them.  We didn’t know quite what to do after that.

So we went back to my house to have a going away party of sorts.  Lucifer brought out his guitar and played some of his new music while Bee and I danced and kicked the soccer ball around a bit.

“You guys!  This is our last night together!  This is like the saddest thing ever!”  Bee always was the emotional one.

“Get it together, Bee.  I’m not leaving for two weeks!”

“It’s just not going to be the same, knowing all this is ending!”

“Jesus Christ!  Nothing is ending!  Will you stop!?”

“It will be different, that’s for sure,” Lucifer chimed in while tuning his guitar.

“Different isn’t bad, you guys!  It’s just different.”

“I just feel like this will be a bad different, Vi.  Things are gonna change and it’s gonna be bad.”  Bee was really fretting over something.  She was annoying the shit out of me though.

“Ugh.  Whatever.”

Sometimes, life moves so fast that by the time you slow down to look around, everything has changed.  As I stood there with my birthday cake, on the verge of my own adulthood, I realized I was at one of those time-warp moments.

Mom had finally gone back to her natural hair color, but now her black hair was shot-through with gray.  Dad suddenly had wrinkles.  Nana’s hair, once gray, is stark white now.  She’s nearing 90.

Bee is also nearing adulthood but more on her later.  Just ignore Hadley.  She’s either going through a phase or is just stupid.  Well, same thing really.  Point being, Hadley is weird these days.

Ah, well, no turning back now.  Time to make a wish.

I want so many things from my future.  Success.  Fortune.  Love I guess.  Maybe a family.  Who knows what’s to come.  Ok.  Gotta make a wish.

I blew out the candles and before I knew it…

…I was all grown up!

Since Bee and I are so close in age, we decided to share a birthday this year so that I wouldn’t miss out while I was away at school.

I don’t know what she wished for, but I hope it comes true.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 5.3

  1. But..but..but, you left us hanging with no pic of an all grown up Bee!! I know – wait until next time. =( I think Vi is having a bit of an attitude problem, maybe because everything is so up in the air for her right now. She’s not even interested in what’s bothering Bee. I guess we shall see! Glad to have a new chapter, and glad your rl is finally balancing out for you! Happy simming!

  2. Oh wait – that is Bee!! Had to clean my glasses!! lol I guess I was looking for more of a change in Vi, like there was in Bee. Senior moment (that’s an excuse I plan on taking full advantage of!!) =D

    1. Totally fair to call in the senior moment. It’s a badge of honor 😛

      I was surprised that Vi didn’t change that much. Usually teens go from ugly ducklings to attractive adults but VI just has good genes, I guess!

  3. Love the painting, perfect sim version of it!
    I wonder what’s bothering Bee. And if Luce is right and Vi’s going to come back to him.
    Guess we’ll see. I really like Vi’s voice, by the way.

    1. I’m glad you like her! I struggled so much with Dani. She never really came through and I know people picked up on that. Vi speaks loud and clear! She’s a lot like Penny in that regard so I’m sure she’ll be a prolific character.

    1. Well, Penny was pretty sassy as a adult but I never really explored her as a teen. I’m sure she would have been a lot like Violet. I think we’ll see some similar strengths with Violet.

  4. Dang I look good as an adult! My poor Derek though, he is not aging well my friend!

    Breaking up was the right thing to do of course and I’m glad she was smart enough to do it! Mostly because I’m so looking forward to the college story part with more men in her life. But in the end, I would like her to marry someone she considers a friend too. Just like her mom did.

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