Side Stories: The Kid with the Melting Problem

If you’re wondering why the girls didn’t have any proper prom photos with their dates…

The poor Cohen boy had an issue with a collapsing spine for awhile.  He’s since worked out his issues but it made for some exciting photos.


He aged up normally (I guess — he’s not in my household so I had no control on that).  However, he kept collapsing in on himself.  If you went to talk to him though, he’d pop right back to normal size.


Here he is next to his brother and Dani.


He was supposed to go to prom with Bee but he seems to have missed the limo.

5 Comments on “Side Stories: The Kid with the Melting Problem

  1. I love that he pops back up when you talk to him!! Interesting glitch! =D

  2. I’ve had that glitch, mind only with my own played sims after they had traveled as children. It’s something to do with the game mechanics and the copies it makes of sims.

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