Eternally Yours · Generation 5

Generation 5 Prologue

After Mom shot down my plan to be heir, Nana and I decided to come up with our own plans.

“Your biggest issue, Violet, is that you aren’t a witch.”

“Why is that an issue, Nana?  I’m more than willing to take on this role!”

“It’s part of the ‘rules,’ dear.  All heirs must be female and they must be a witch.”

“Well then nobody gets to be heir, Nana!  What was the point of this whole conversation!?”

“Hold your horses, dear.  Lucian wasn’t always a witch, was he?”

I gasped.  

“The spellbook!  Where is it, Nana?”

“There’s a box in your mother’s closet.  All the ingredients and the spell recipe are in there.  If you need help, you know where to find me.  But you must make the potion on your own.  If you want this as badly as you say you do, then you must do it yourself.”

It was a few months before I felt ready to tackle a large alchemy spell.  I’d been dabbling in the cellar for awhile but never very seriously or anything more than a skill potion.  After some bigger successes, I decided it was time to move.  I was only a month away from my 18th birthday and time was running out.

Every day when Mom left for Snickerdoodles, I ran to the closet to memorize more of the spell.

It was a doozy.  Longer and more complex than any spell potion I’d ever created.  And I’d only have one chance to get it right.

It was another week before I felt confident enough to head down to the cellar with my ingredients.  I waited until I was sure everyone was sleeping and then I turned into my toy form for the last time and crept out of the house and down to the cellar.

It would take me a few hours to complete the potion and then use it.  I had only just started my work when I heard the shed door open.

I turned around ready to fight.  But there was no need.

“How did you even know I was down here?  And you aren’t changing my mind so don’t even try!”

“Well, when I heard your bedroom door open I didn’t think much of it.  But then the patio door opened and when I looked outside the shed door opened all by itself.  Since I only know one person who can turn invisible and people only want to be invisible when trouble is brewing, I figured I needed in on the action.”

“Ugh.  Fine.  Just sit down and don’t get in the way.”

“What are you doing anyway, Violet?”

“I’m making a witch potion.  To turn me.  So I can be heir.  And can you stop levitating Nana’s egg lamp?  If you break it, we’re both dead.  Seriously.  She won’t even do you the service of killing you where you stand.  She’ll just stare at you with those disappointed eyes until you’re soul dies.”

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think?  Jeez, just chill.”

“I’ll chill when this potion is complete, okay?  Fuck!  Someone’s coming!  Shut up!”

“Hey what are you guys doing?!”

“Nothing!  Just sit down and shut up.”

“She’s making a witch’s potion, Red.  She wants to be heir or something.”

I gritted my teeth in frustration.  This was hard enough without their chattering.  “Can you guys please just be quiet?”

“Fine.  But I want a potion, too.”

“I don’t even know if I can make one, let alone two, Bee.  And why do you even need one?  It’s not like you want to be heir.”

“No, but I want to fit in more.”

“You have translucent skin, blue hair, and wings.  Fitting in isn’t really for you.”  Ok, so that was a little mean but she was really getting on my nerves.

“A tanning bed and hair dye will take care of some of my issues but the wings are a little obvious don’t you think, Vi?  Being a witch gets rid of that problem.”

“Touche.  If I can manage to make two potion you can have one but you have to let me work!”

“I want a potion, too!”  Now it was Hadley’s turn to be obnoxious.  Awesome.

“No, Red, absolutely not!”

“WHY!?  I don’t want to be the only not-witch in the family!  Let me have one, Bee!  Vi, can I have one?”

I sighed.  Apparently working in peace isn’t a real thing.  “No, Hadley, Bee’s right.  You’re too little to make that decision.”

“I’m a whole decade old, you guys!  I’m big enough!”  Hadley suddenly went quiet.  “I’ll tell if you don’t give me one.”

“Ok ok ok.  On the off chance that I can make three, you can have one.  But you guys have to be quiet.  Now.  This is the hard part and if I don’t get it right nobody gets to be a witch.”

That got their attention.  They both jumped up and crowded around the cauldron as I dropped in the last few ingredients.  It had to be perfectly timed and perfectly measured.  I didn’t know what would happen if I missed up but I was hoping it was nothing fatal.

“Ok.  It’s done.  Let’s fill theses bottles and see what we get.”  I was able to make two full morphing potions.  “Sorry, Hadley.  Looks like it’s just Bee and I who get to change.”

“No worries, Vi.  I didn’t really want to be killed by your stupid potions anyway.  You probably messed it up so I’m glad I don’t get one.”  She pouted a bit more but I had more important issues to deal with — like not dying if I messed up the spell.

“Bee, you go first.”

“WHAT!?  Fine.  But if you kill me I’m totally coming back from the grave and I will haunt you for-ev-er.”

“I’m not watching this mess.  Tell me when it’s over!”

“Ready, Bee?”  I reeled back my arm and prepared to lob the potion.  “One…Two…THREE!”

A crazy green hazy filled the cellar but we were still alive.  Bee held out her left hand and with a simple flick of her right hand, she pulled an apple out of the air.

“YOU DID IT, VI!  You did it!”

“Holy shit!  I did!”  I was a little baffled that it worked.

“Ok, now you’re turn!  Ready, Vi?”

“I’m still not watching — just in case!”

“Nope!  But go ahead!”  I really wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to lead this family into a new era.  It was important to Nana that someone carry things on but maybe Mom was right.

“One.  Two.  THREE!”  Bee lobbed the potion at my feet and my body started to buzz with some kind of electric power!  I raised my hand and pulled an apple out of the air.  I was a witch.

Too late to change my mind now, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Generation 5 Prologue

  1. Ah, 2 for the price of 1!! I wonder what mom and grandma are going to say about this turn of events!?! I was actually rooting for Hadley, but she didn’t age up soon enough. I must have missed something, somewhere, because I don’t recall Vi ever going invisible before, or her using any inherited qualities from her father. It didn’t really do her any good this time, anyway! =D The next chapter is going to be a doozy, I can feel it coming.

  2. It’s good there are two, because it will take both of them to handle mom when she finds out! Hey does that mean there is a chance I could be heir? Oh and btw, between the two of us, I def would not have been the one to go first. You are braver than I for sure!

    New banner looks so much better. Well done!

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