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Memory Lane Challenge!

Memory Lane Road Sign

Sorry this is so belated.  The images I wanted to showcase got lost to the horrible Photobucket troll so I had to abandon this for a bit.  But thanks to the awesome Chrome extension, I can now bring you my favorite memories!

Many thanks to Miss Bee over at Stories by Bee.  Also if you haven’t checked out her poses, you need to do that now.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Also thanks to Kate who writes the Loewe Legacy for another nomination.  I’m using her AMAZING badge for my awards page and as the featured image on this post.

Congratulations!  You have been nominated for the Memory Lane Challenge Award, a totally legit award-Get a gold star, and stick it on your forehead like a boss!


  • Share FIVE of your favorite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
  • Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

Oh my goodness.  This challenge was DIFFICULT!  I’m glad I got nominated twice because I needed the extra memories (even that still wasn’t enough).  After nearly five years with this family I have so many memories, some good, some not so good, but they are all important.  As we are nearing our Generation 5 heiress reveal, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time  So, without further ado, here we go!

Memory #1


Introducing Lydia to the world is one of my favorites.  I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my broken wrist and I had no idea of the rough year that was ahead of me.  You guys kept me sane and cheered me on throughout my struggles and here we are four-and-a-half years later.  I didn’t know that I’d still be writing this story and I didn’t anticipate becoming friends with so many readers.  Thank you all for that.

Memory #2


When Adam joined Generation 2 I had no idea what a large role he would play.  He was Penny’s rock for a long time.  This picture is one of my favorites since Garrett and Adam will always be my favorite Eternally Yours men.

Memory #3


Speaking of favorite men, we cannot forget Penny and Peter’s wedding.  Good Lord I loved that man (and I know so many of you did, too)!  Peter was perfect for Penny after all her struggles and I was terribly sad to see him go after that awful hard drive crash.  I was so excited to bring him back in Generation 4 even if he and Penny did not get their happily ever after.  It was just nice to see him again and to know that he was well after all these years.

Memory #4


Owen and Aiden brought a new beginning to the legacy after all of Penny’s struggles and losses.  Born in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, they were a special gift for two of my favorite legacy leads.  Even though they aren’t in the story as much as they used to be, they will always hold a special place in my heart!

Memory #5


Since we are on the topic of births, who didn’t love when Garrett showed up at Ridge Hall to help Dani through the birth of her daughter?  I pretty much love all the memories that involve Garrett but this one was very special.  It was one of his final appearances in the story and it was a really powerful one.

Memory #6


Continuing my Garrett theme, one of my all time favorite memories was getting to reunite him with Mollie.  It was awful losing him in the story but we all know that he place is with his forever love.

Memory #7


Penny deciding to sacrifice herself for the good of the legacy was probably the most hated post I’ve ever written.  You all seriously made your thoughts on that known.  In a rare turn of events I changed my mind and decided to spare our beloved lead.  But it’s still one of my favorite memories because of Penny got to spend time with her brother and sister and Mollie and Garrett even got to make an appearance.

Memory #8


I love a good wedding and so much happened at Lucian and Dani’s.  Finn showed up to walk Dani down the aisle.  Lucian told Dani he bought them a new house.  Penny decided to move in with the crew.  And the family grew by two little girls.

Memory #9


I loved creating Alice Bee and Hadley Rose for Dani and Lucian.  I knew they needed more kids but I also knew that Dani would never become pregnant again (I had decided that during her time at Ridge Hall).  They officially joined the family following Dani and Lucian’s wedding.

Memory #10


Last but not least, Garrett’s last hurrah.  Definitely one of my favorite chapters to write since it featured food, dancing, family time, and a jam session with some of my favorite characters.  Any time Liv shows up you know there will be fun.

So there’s our walk down memory lane!  Do you have any favorite memories from the story that I didn’t mention?  Please share them in the comments so we can continue this journey!

10 thoughts on “Memory Lane Challenge!

  1. Great walk down memory lane! Brings back so many memories… I think the chapter where Penny realizes she lived her life with Peter and stuff in a dream is well worth a mention. Or bringing Liv back!

    1. Oh man! Both of those are good! I loved reuniting with Olivia! I was so sad when Peter and Penny’s life wasn’t real. I thought about having them get back together later but I realized that it was totally unrealistic. Also, she had moved on with Finn and is still very devoted to him.

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