PhotoBucket Phail

Many of you may have heard that PhotoBucket decided to be an ass and is ending its 3rd party hosting services.

What does this mean?

It means that any bloggers who used PhotoBucket as a place to upload and store photos in order to link them to blog posts are SOL and readers are going to start seeing a lot of this:


What does it mean for Eternally Yours?

Well, it means you might start seeing a lot of the above.  Prior to Generation 4 (Chapter 4.12 to be exact), all my photos were hosted on several PhotoBucket accounts.  All of that login information is pretty much forgotten so I can’t go back in and download old pictures.

I will be going through each chapter and downloading the small images manually to my computer.  That said, I’m not going to kill myself trying to do it.  If I don’t get all the photos before my accounts get wiped, so be it.  I know that sucks for new readers and my long-time readers who like to go back to old chapters, but this just isn’t (and can’t be) my priority right now.

Thanks for your understanding,

6 Comments on “PhotoBucket Phail

  1. At least all of Dani’s Dumplings pics are still showing up! Did you use a different method of posting these??

  2. Thank goodness for that much, anyway! =D Your instincts were good!

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