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Side Stories: Lucian and the Fireflies

New posts will be coming soon!  Next week is midterms and I’ve given myself permission to play again at that point.  I need to fix up a few issues with the next chapter and to do so, I need new pictures.  But have no fear, new posts are coming.

In the meantime, you can check out Twice Upon a Time.  Oh Em Gee!  Yes, it’s been a year but Jackie has returned!

Now, without further ado, I give you the Majestic Lucian.

I have a mod that allows sims to “auto collect” stuff.  Basically, I tell them what I want and they go get it until there is no more left on the map.

Well, Lucian wandered off to explore the catacombs and got into a fight with a bear about the time I needed some bugs for my alchemy adventures.  Here is the outcome of that little outing:


So burnt.  So color.


Meanwhile this guy in ripped clothes is looking at Lucian as if that’s the weirdest thing he’s seen all day.  Also it looks like a firefly is landing on Lucian’s nose.


So majestic.

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