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Side Stories: Trick-or-Treating with Kids

Welcome to the first installment of SweetPoyzin’s Side Stories!  I always end up with some weird pictures that pertain to the main blog but not really enough to include them in chapters.  It’s not quite enough for a bonus post but they are fun and deserve to see the light of day.

While trick-or-treating with Hadley and Bee during the last chapter, they had some amazing commentary so I grabbed it to share with you.

Alice was clearly excited about this adventure.

This crab-ass lives across the street and I often see her complaining about getting stuck in the bushes.  Oh, and she’s often in her underwear.

But Miss Crab-ass had no problem giving Alice some awesome loot.

Anyway, nothing Earth shattering here.  Just some fun hilarity in the midst of real life (or real-sim-life as it might be).


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