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Reader Questions and Concerns!

WARNING: If you haven’t read Chapter 4.52, don’t continue!  There are spoilers below!

The last chapter got some interesting responses!  AND…Babay finally asked some questions that I can answer!  #1 Fans always ask the hard questions that require spoilers but this time I can let you in on some little secrets.

Bmit said:

I think it is fabulous. Maybe ended a little abruptly which was my first thought.

You’re not wrong, dear friend.  I’ve already hashed this out with the lovely Bee but for those of you who also though that the chapter ended abruptly, I wanted to explain.

This was actually supposed to be a much longer chapter but I decided to have one chapter dedicated almost entirely to everyone’s favorite couple.


As you can see, all but two very terrible people (just kidding, I love you all) wanted Dani and Lucian to stay together.  I really wanted to focus on that.  So a much longer chapter got hacked and slashed and frankenmeshed together causing a rather weird ending.  I probably should have put more thought into an ending but hindsight and all that.

I will say that we do have some rough chapters ahead of us so relish the random, unfitting, silly endings when you can.


Babay said:

Yay! So now (I think?) Lucien is human, or is he a witch?? I kind of don’t understand that whole thing, but I guess the important part is that he is not a vampire anymore, so he is mortal. I am really glad they made it over the hump in their relationship. A bakery??? That feels out of left field to me, but it will be interesting to see if he looks good in flour! Heck, why wouldn’t he?? Great chapter, looking forward to their new future! ♥

Lucian is a witch now but with that comes mortality.  He now has a normal lifespan and ages with the rest of the crew.  And now that he has officially changed on the blog, I can share all the hilarious outtakes with you guys.  He practices magic like no other witch I’ve ever had.  It’s hilarious.  I’ll open up his inventory and find 99 apples in there.

The bakery is a bit out of left field for the story but not in my head.  I’ve always wanted one of my sims to own a bakery.  I’ve been trying to work it into the story for ages but it never came to fruition.  Well, I found this adorable little bakery on Tumblr and in typical random-SweetPoyzin writing style, I jumped on the idea.  I should say, it’s not all the cute now, but once Dani gets her hands on it, it becomes adorable.  Stay tuned on that one.

And yes, Lucian will look good in flour.

Feel free to ask any pressing questions in the comments!  I have more chapters halfway ready to publish (insofar as I have taken pictures and arranged them — writing not so much).  I also have more award posts coming out because I have a bit of a backlog there.

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “Reader Questions and Concerns!

  1. 99 apples? That’s some crazy number, lol. Keep writing, SweetP, I can’t wait to see what you’re planning and how you’re going to make the bakery into the story ❤

  2. I guess that wasn’t really a good comment to make. Cause you know I will love whatever you do, even when you tip-toed onto Alzheimers at a time when I was dealing with that in my personal life. Although, hmmm breaking them up I wouldn’t have loved, but I would have faith there was a reason for it and all would work out in the end…… seriously, do we need to start back into the whole Peter and coma dream emotional turmoil some of us went thru! Psssst, if it were me, I would have been mad, not at the break them up people, but those who answered “I don’t care!”

    1. It was a great comment to make and I really appreciate it! I even thought the ending was weird but being me, I just left it. I wanted to take your comment to the whole and explain more of the intention.

      Also, don’t stop commenting even though I made you an example! You seriously help me see the flaws in my plot when you point this stuff out to me!

  3. Definitely helped with my questions, verifying he is a mortal witch! I love what you said about how he practices witchcraft, and hope we get a peek at his craziness. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the bakery, too. Maybe they can whip up some spells to put into their baked goods, just for ‘special’ customers! =D Can’t wait for another chapter, so get well and quit working so hard..your fans await you!! ♥

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