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Post of One Million Polls

Hello, lovelies!

So there’s not really a million posts but there are several.  It felt like a million when I was writing them.

First — a fun announcement!

I’m releasing my generation spares for download!  I always feel really bad when the lead takes over and the siblings are ignored and more often forgotten completely.  I decided to send them out into the world in hopes that they get to have very full lives in other people’s games.

Currently, only generation four is uploaded but the rest will be available for download soon!

Now, the voting!

Things are going to be changing around here.  I have pictures for several posts…I just need to, you know, write them.  Anyway, with the new chapters come some changes and I wanted to have some opinions before we get there.

It’s like a choose your own adventure story up in here!


Don’t freak out.  Nobody is dead.  Yet.  However, we know that the sun has to set on Penny eventually.  She will, of course, get her own memory video like all the other heiresses.  The problem is that Miss Penny has had more than her fair share of husbands.  How do we want to memorialize that (if at all)?


Dani and Lucian have been having some issues.  Do you still love them together?  Do we fix them or break them?


One of the plots I am playing with involves prostitution.  Does this bother you (everyone involved will be an adult)?


I changed around the home page for the blog and I want to know if it is working for everyone.


Time for everyone’s favorite poll: picking the next lead!  Not gonna lie on this one, I’ve already picked the heir.  I just want to see how far off base I am.

That’s all I’ve got for you, lovelies!  Thank you for taking the time to vote!  Once I have some tallies, I’ll get back to writing.  I’m excited to see where we go from here!

9 thoughts on “Post of One Million Polls

  1. Oh Gosh, I so feel with the spares thing. I try to keep the whole family in touch and it’s so hard at times. I got killed one of my characters in the beginning of my story and now my friend is playing with him and I’m just so glad to see him have much happier life with a second chance. I hope someone takes your spares and make them live their lives fully, this would be wonderful. These polls were really interesting, I wonder what are others’ views on these things, I know I have mine.
    P.S. Did I ever stop loving Peter? Oh my.

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