Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.50

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re making breakfast while the kids are playing in the backyard but then you hear their treehouse explode?  No?  Just me then.

Well, no matter.  The important part is that they girls are fine.  Apparently they were playing pirates and imagined some epic battle that resulted in explosions?  I’m pretty darn dubious of that explanation, especially given my own chemical history but as long as they don’t injure themselves or others they can do as they please when they play.

“Hey!  Those kids are outside now!  Go over and grab them, ok?”

“Do you think we should ask mom first?”

“Nah.  I’m pretty sure she wants us to make friends.  We’ll tell her later.”

“Ok.  Be right back!”

I went outside to grab the girls for breakfast and found some extra kids.

“Boys, where do you live?  Does your mom know you are here?”

The green-haired kid looked at me just long enough to say, “Next door.  And no.”  He quickly went back to chattering with Violet about chess.  The little rocker-looking kid was soon talking to Bee about what music was best to dance to.

Needless to say,  I headed next door to find out what kind of woman lets her children run wild around the neighborhood.

“I’m so sorry they bothered you, ugh, Mrs.?”

When I came over prepared to give her what for, I found Rebecca (I learned her name later) up to her ears in laundry and dishes.  I found out Rebecca was the single mom of three boys: Lucifer is 13, Xantus is 11, and 9-year-old Upton.  The two eldest were hanging out at my house while Upton was “helping” his mom at home.  We all know how helpful kids can be.

“Just call me Dani.  And they’re not a bother at all.  Do you need a hand?”

I had a feeling I might have made my first mom friend in Van Crest.

It seemed that my daughters had made some friends as well.  Either that or they had developed some hardcore crushes.

When we moved, we had to leave the dogs behind with Aunt Liv.  There was just too much transition happening and with the remodel, having dogs running around just seemed like bad news.  We promised the girls we would get a new pet as soon as things calmed down.

Well, here he is.  Zapp Rowsdower.  How could we pass up that face?

Little Rowsdower immediately took to Violet.  She still misses Cerberus and we hope to get him home soon but for now she’s got a new shadow.

And because my life isn’t crazy enough, I kept trying to adopt a wild foal.  I saw him at the lake near our house one rainy night.  He was all alone.  I tried to get near him but the poor thing kept running away from me.

Eventually, he let me get near him but I still was unable to put a halter on him.  I asked Mom about it one night while we were cooking dinner.  She was a wonderful horse trainer back in the day so I was hoping she could give me some tips.

Instead, Mom went out to meet this foal on her own.  Just walked right up to it and said hello.

We brought him home that night.  The girls named him Percival.  They continuously fight over who gets to bottle feed him.  The little guy has a big name to grow into but I think he’ll be fine.

With summer upon us, we spend our days hanging out at the beach behind out house.  Vi and Bee are taking some summer school courses so they have homework but they have no issues working on it while Hadley and I play in the water.

Hadley loves the water.  She’s part fish I swear!

Vi and Bee are bonding.  They are going to be closer than close I think.  They spend long summer nights whispering to each other in the treehouse and giggling on the swings.

Bee still makes sure that Hadley gets plenty of sister time, too.  I love hearing the amazing stories Bee makes up for Hadley.  Hadley hangs on every word.

I love this life.  It’s perfect.


Rowsdower and the Cohen boys are created by CatLover800 for her legacy.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.50

  1. It scares me when people say that – “it’s perfect” – it’s like a dare to the fates!!! The girls really are getting along well, so shenanigans are in the future, for sure! I am wondering if Bee might start to age normally now, since she is no longer having to be responsible for her little sis. It would be sad to see Vi grow up, and Bee stay a child. By the way, Zap is adorable (and purple!!). Thank you for the chapter!!! =D

  2. I can’t believe this chapter slipped by me and I never noticed as it wasn’t in my reader…
    Lovely that the girls are bonding with each other and the neighborhood kids. They even have a horse and a cat now! I hope it just isn’t “too perfect” :/

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