Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.45

After Lucian and I arrived back in Plum Grove, I stayed just long enough to give Violet a huge hug.  Then it was back on another flight to the beautiful town of Saint Clair where my Aunt Liv had settled recently.

I had to admit I was a little jealous.  I still haven’t given up on my desire to get Violet out of Plum Grove and my Aunt’s house was so adorable.  Which made being here even more important.

“Dani!  What are you doing here?!”

“Well, on the phone I said I wanted to visit and you said come over anytime.  Uncle Mike let me in.”

“Goodness.  I don’t even have any cookies.”

“That’s fine.  I’m not really in the mood for eating anyway.”

“Good Lord, Danielle!  What is wrong!?”

We’re eaters in this family.  If someone isn’t hungry, something is wrong.  So I explained the whole mess about needing to get Lucian a potion to take away the Vampire Curse.

“Oh dear.  Oh no.  I need to call your mother.”

“Why?  I just need the spell books?”

“No, I need to call your Mom.  Right now.”

“Hi, Twin.  Look, I was just speaking with Dani and apparently Lucian is going to turn mortal.  Yes, that’s right…she’s not going to turn into a vampire.”


Aunt Liv hung up the phone.  “Your Mom is coming over.”

“I heard.  Do I have time to hide?”

“No, Danielle, you don’t.”

“Hi, Mommy.”

“What the hell do you think you are doing?  You can’t just change plans like this?!”

“Well why not?  It’s my life after all!”

“Because some of us make plans around what you say you are going to do!  I’ve spent the past 5 years, ever since you told me Lucian was going to change you, creating a potion to turn Annie into a witch!”

“What?!”  This was the first I’d heard of her plans.  “Why would you do that?  Does Annie know?”

“Of course not!  It’s none of her business.”  My mother frowned at me.

“Tell her the best part, Penny.  Tell her how you have to kill yourself to make the potion.”

“WHAT?  Are you kidding me, Aunt Liv?”  What kind of alternate universe was I in right now?

“Yes, and it was all setup.  I had put your father in a lovely home where all of his needs will be met.  I have given him all the money and only kept what I was going to need for the next few years.  So now I have to rework this plan.”

“Well…good!”  What else do you say in this situation?

We sat in silence for a few minutes before I had the courage to speak.

“So…now what?”

Mom sighed.  “Well, now we go dig out Grandma’s spellbooks and see if we can’t find your fiance a cure.”

“Jeez, Aunt Liv.  This is a really bright and happy coven room.”

“No commentary from the peanut gallery.  Just read the potion ingredients.”

Unfortunately, we did not solve the riddle that weekend.  I kept working at in on my own in what little free time I had.

I got some interesting results.  Some were fun.

Some were not so good.

Even Violet has taken an interest in finding the missing ingredients in the potion.  Despite being an Imaginary Friend, she’s got some of my magic genes in there too.

I don’t envy Lucian though.  He has to try the potions whenever we think we’re close.  We haven’t turned him into a toad yet so that’s promising!

We’ll get there…I hope.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.45

  1. Wow, I was wondering how it would turn out with Penny’s plans. I hope they can solve it somehow- sometimes it’s still weird to see Liv all good, even if you know that the accident was never on her after all. Loved the part about eaters!

  2. I would love to know where my comment went!?!? Anyway, glad to see we will not be losing Penny in a foolish, though well-planned, suicide!! If they can eat enough cookies, they will certainly find the right formula! Good chapter, and I hope Lucien survives the “taste-testing'”. =D p.s. Who will be the witch for the next generation?? Did I miss something??

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