Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.41

Even though we were working to free up more time for family, Lucian and I both found ourselves still working long hours.  However, in an effort to be better parents to Violet, we did manage to create a plan where we both would not work late at the same time.

So while Lucian was hard at work in the clinic, Violet and I were having yet another picnic in the park.

“So, Mom, about this camp thing?”

“What about it?”

“Well, I found a place I want to go.”  She pulled a flier out of her pocket.  I knew it must be important because it was nicely folded as opposed to the crumpled mess I usually receive.

“See, Mom!  It’s a camp for only girls!  Look at all the stuff I can do there!”  She eagerly thrust the flier at me.

“Hm.  How much do it cost?”

“Ok.  You’re going to France for two weeks without me so I just don’t think cost matters here, Ma.”

“Touche, young grasshopper.”  She was a smart one when it came to mom-guilt.  “I’ll tell your Dad about it tomorrow and we’ll see if we can get you signed up.”

“YAAAAAY!  Camp, camp, camp, camp!  I’m going to camp!”  And she skipped off to the treehouse singing her made up song.

When I finally pulled her away from the playground it was way past everyone’s bedtime.  We were still a little nervous after the break-in.  Since Lucian was still at work, Vi, Cerberus, I all crashed in my bedroom.

A few things changed recently.  For one, I got a pinboard.  Now I have my calendar at the ready.  No more surprise sleepovers for this mama.  Violet likes it because she can clip out recipes that she wants me to make.  I find this humorous since her own little play kitchen is RIGHT THERE under the pinboard.  We will have to have some cooking lessons.  Maybe camp teaches that?  Wishful thinking.

Also, I’m a brunette now.  I went into get my roots redone and my stylist said I had to give up the bleach.  My hair was nearly ruined.  So I had to choose to go dark or go bald.  I reluctantly chose dark.

When I told my stylist we were headed to the festival that afternoon, she demanded that I let her fix me up.  I still tipped her well but I was a little less than thrilled about my new, nearly-teenaged appearance.

After a quick brush out and a change of clothes, we hopped in the car and headed to the festival grounds.  Violet chattered away in the backseat.

“First we need to do water balloons.  Then maybe face painting.  And I’ll need a snowcone.  And we need to have lunch at the picnic grounds.”

When we finally found a place to park, Violet made a beeline for the water balloon arena.

“I’m gonna get you, Mom!  Stop making faces!”

And because I am Mother of the Year, I smacked Violet right in the gut with a water balloon.  Lucian laughed when Vi fell on her butt so naturally we are a great parenting team.

Violet finally got tired of getting beaned with water balloons so she and Lucian tried some soccer for awhile.  One of Lucian’s favorite hobbies is soccer, though he calls it football as the Europeans do.  It was cute to see him coaching Violet.  Soccer Dad in the making right there!

We had a bit of a late lunch since we were planning a late dinner at home before we launched our own fireworks.  Violet picked a spot for us in the picnic area and we unfurled our blanket.

“And, so, that’s why I need to take ballet when school starts, ok?”

“My goodness you have a lot of demands for a 12-year-old,” Lucian laughed.

“Well, it’s because I lack siblings.  So I have to do enough for like…five kids or something.”

“Dear Lord!  Violet if you think you are getting four siblings you are sadly mistaken.”

“We’ll see, Mom, we’ll see.”  And she got up and wandered away.

“Lucian, I swear we are not having four more children.”

“I dunno, Babe.  I like big families.”  He smiled at me with that glint in his eye.

“You all are conspiring against me.  I’m going to the tanning booth.  You go take a cold shower.  Jeez.”

Violet finally got her snowcone.

And I got one too.  I gotta admit.  I love me some snowcone.

Violet got busted big time when she stole all of the money out of some kid’s bake stand.  She very nearly lost out on the rest of our outing and ballet and camp.  However, she tearfully returned the money and apologized to the poor little boy.  We decided that she was sorry and embarrassed enough not to do it again.  We did leave the festival early anyway.

She was still annoyed with us when we stopped to see an early evening movie at the drive-in.  Violet refused to sit by us.  That was just fine by me, however.  She needed time to pout and think about what she had done at the festival.

When we finally got home, it was nearly time for the fireworks.  I quickly cooked up some burgers for us so we could eat before Lucian started the show.

After dinner, Violet and Cerberus played in the yard while Lucian put the finishing touches on the mortar arrangements.

Then we were all set!

“STAND BACK, VIOLET!  Cover your ears, everyone!”

It was a perfect way to end our summer day.

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