Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.40

Note from SweetPoyzin: Happy Birthday, Bee!

We are so in love with our little town.  Just down the street from our house is a little park that is hopping on long summer evenings.  Townsfolk show up to sell fresh produce from their gardens, couples dance while local bands play tunes, it’s magical, really.

Violet became a little entrepreneur in her own right.  She and Lucian built a little lemonade stand so she could earn some money.  Not only does she sell lemonade, but she also offers fruit juice and personal advice — for a fee.

I decided to take her up on some advice.

“So, Dr. Violet, what do you think I should do next?  I’m a doctor, I’ve got a busy private practice, what’s next for me?”

“Hmm.  Well, Mommy — er, patient — I think you should get married!”

“Married!?  Really?”  I had no idea she had even been thinking about my relationship with Lucian.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think about it often.  I’m too busy.

“Yes, you should get married.  And perhaps provide your daughter with siblings.  I do believe she gets lonely when you and your boyfriend work all the time.”  Vi smiled slyly at me from across the table.

“This is good advice.  I had no idea my daughter felt this way, Doctor.  I’ll talk to my boyfriend about this.  Also, I’ll have to talk to my daughter about possibly going to camp this summer so she won’t be so lonely.”

“HOORAY!” Vi jumped up from behind her lemonade stand and darted around the table to hug me tighter than she had in a long time.

“Oh no!  It’s raining!  Moooooooooooooooooooom!  Mom!  Mom!  MOM!”

“Violet.  I’m.  Right.  Here.”  Literally.  My darling daughter was holding court at the kitchen table while I cooked up crepes for breakfast.

“Mom, it’s raining.  We were going to go to the festival today!”

“Well, we could always go later in the summer.”

“Aw!  That sucks!”  Queen Violet plopped down on her royal behind.

“Well, your Dad was talking about going to the Family Fun Center that just opened but we can just hang out here and pout instead.”

Violet jumped up, “No!  I’m not pouting!  I, Queen Violet, deem this a good plan!  Now, deliver to me some royal breakfast!”

“Would you like to try that again, daughter?”

“May I please have some crepes, Mommy?”

After breakfast, Violet cleared the dishes and showered faster than I’ve ever seen.  Amazing what some motivation will do for a kid’s productivity!

We hopped in the car and headed to the new Family Fun Center.  It had everything a kid (and her parents) could want.  Skee-Ball, claw machines, skating, bowling, darts, karaoke, and the ever important bar — all in one convenient location!

We let Violet choose our activities once we arrived.  I’m still pretty much a kid at heart so I was up for anything.  Naturally, Violet chose Skee-Ball because she is my daughter and she knows that is the best arcade game.

Never one to let my kid win, I beat both her and Lucian by a mile.

“Daddy?  Can I have some money?  I gotta win this teddy bear.”

“Vi, it would probably be cheaper to just go to the store and buy one.”

“But we aren’t at the store, Daddy.  We are here and this is fun!”

Lucian sighed and handed over $20.  She didn’t win that teddy bear but while Vi and I went downstairs to bowl, Lucian dumped another $50 into the machine and won that damn teddy bear.

Violet had never been bowling before and to be honest she wasn’t that good at it.

I ended up bowling mostly alone since Violet decided that bowling was not really her cup of tea.

Instead, she roped Lucian into some karaoke.  They were adorable on stage together.  They were terrible but they put their heart and soul into their music.

After we exhausted ourselves at the Family Fun Center, we headed out to dinner.  There was a wonky little diner that opened up nearby.

It was eclectic for sure.  None of the tables and chairs matched but the food was delicious!  Violet filled up on cotton candy and popcorn so she busied herself with my  tablet while her dad and I chowed on burgers.

Poor Violet was forced to take another shower when we got home.  I lucked out when she let me read her a bedtime story.  We really wore the kid out today because she fell asleep before I was even halfway through the book.

She really thinks of herself as a big kid these days, and truth be told, she’s bigger than I realize.  However, she’s still small enough to fall asleep during bedtime stories and to have her Dad carry her to her own bed.

It’s been a crazy few months.  Everything that has happened with school, moving, starting our practice, and caring for our kid has really taken a toll on the relationship Lucian and I used to have.  Luckily, we were on solid footing to begin with and we are stronger than ever now.

I’d like to say that our night ended here, but unfortunately it did not.

All I can say is thank goodness for big dogs and burglar alarms.

The pesky thief didn’t get anything but a bite on the bum from a very loyal dog.

I don’t want you thinking that my family is all sunshine and roses all the time.  That’s hardly the case.

Today, I got home to find that Violet had not let Cerberus out to potty all day.  How did I know this Violet wondered?  Well, from the very large puddle of dog pee in my dining room, of course!

“Violet!  You have to be more responsible if you’re staying home alone!”

“But, Mooooom!  I was prepping for the sleepover tonight!  Remember?!”

Suffice it to say: I do not remember.  However, Violet believes that last week, I apparently agreed to a sleepover with nine 12-year-old girls.

The arrival of children proved Violet right.

When the kids starting showing up, I was a little overwhlemed.  I wasn’t entirely sure how Violet had managed to make so many friends so soon!  The look on my face pretty much sums up my feelings.

I did what good moms do during sleepovers.  I ordered some pizzas and made myself scarce.  That’s not to say I disappeared completely.  Violet is going to have way more oversight than I ever did but I can be totally cool about it.

I was a little worried that the kids wouldn’t sleep.  But by 11pm they were conked out in the backyard.  Mostly.

I peeked out the window to see Violet still wide awake, but she looked so happy and content.  I must be “momming” the right way.

As much fun as that sleepover was, I was happy to see the kids leave the next morning.

I’m going to need a calendar so this never happens again.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.40

  1. I love how Violet asked for siblings. Lucian and Dani already started working on this, lol. Forgetting about a sleep over with nine little girls? Holy cow! Violet is either a night owl or have an insomnia. One of them.

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