Eternally Yours

The Writer as Photographer


So as I mentioned in a previous post, I was once a photographer.  Some of you mentioned an interest in seeing my work so I threw together a bunch of photos.  Some have seen the light of day but most of them are just shots I took for myself (the one exception being the martini glass of drugs which was featured in an article about addiction).

My style is a little dark, a little abstract, and a little cartoony.  My subjects range from portraits to landscapes to random subjects (like a single blueberry lying on the concrete).  I’m a big fan of post-processing.

My apologies for the size, these just aren’t watermarked so beforeafter_001they need to be small.  Click on them to see a slightly larger version.

I’ve also included a before/after shot because so many people ask me what images look like before post-processing.  The answer: radically different.

Anyway, thanks for your interest in my work.  We will get back to normal Eternally Yours stuff later today.



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