Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.39

Note from SweetPoyzin: Welcome back, Dani!

So much can change over the course of a few years.  After 8 years (though some days it felt like hundreds), I finally became a trauma surgeon.  Can you believe it?!  They let me operate on people now!

My spunky toddler is now a spirited 11-year-old.  She’s on the honor roll at school and she’s taken up playing the violin.  However, if you love me, please do not ask her to play the violin until we get some additional lessons under our belt.

After a residency in Twinbrook and a fellowship in Sunlit Tides, I got a job offer as Chief Trauma Surgeon in the sprawling town of Plum Grove.  After some negotiation, which included a job offer for Dr. Declan Hale, we packed up and headed across the country.  Luckily, we were able to set a start date for early summer so Violet wouldn’t miss year-end school activities with her friends.  It was obviously a job-match made in heaven.

We were even able to get our dream house after the hospital offered to pay our moving expenses.  With extra money for the down-payment we snagged this adorable 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home.  Turn left and the park is just a few blocks away, turn right and there’s the community pool and a dog park.

Aside from our jobs at the hospital, Lucian and I also started The Finley McNamara Institute for Brain Study.  My dad’s still fine, don’t worry.  I’d be lying though if I said that he didn’t inspire Lucian, Dr. Pagano, and I to delve deeper into the mysteries of the mind.

As a trauma surgeon, I see a great deal of brain trauma.  As a pediatric neurosurgeon, Lucian has seen some terrible things attack the brains of children.  Peter (Yes, he works with us.  No, mom doesn’t know) is still searching for treatments of dementia and other disorders of the adult brain.  I’m not saying we’ll make any huge discoveries here, but through our community lectures and studies, I’m hoping we can at least help Plum Grove.

Violet is such a trooper.  Lucian and I have been working some long hours to get things off the ground here.  She enrolled in some summer school courses and is often home alone after class.  She still manages to get her homework done without us watching over her.  Hopefully, things will calm down soon and we’ll be able to devote some time to a vacation.

A month after our move, we still hadn’t unpacked most of Violet’s boxes.  It was just a huge job.  Let’s be honest, kids have a lot of crap and it’s never more apparent than when you move.  Vi and I finally made a plan to tackle it one Saturday evening.

“Alright, where do you want the picture of your dad?”

“Ummm.  By the windows, please!”  Violet climbed up on her bed and looked at me.  “Mommy?  Will you tell me about my dad again?”

“Of course, sweetie.  You know I’ll tell you about him whenever you want.  What do you want to hear about today?”

“I dunno.  Just more about him I guess.”  She pulled her knees up to her chin and looked at me expectantly.

“Hmm, well.  You know he was an imaginary friend.  You actually look so much like your dad.  The only thing you got from me was your pointy ears.”

“Nuh-uh!  I got my green eyes from you!”

“You got those from your grandma, my mom.”

“Whatever.  Same thing.”  She rolled her eyes in mock exasperation and giggled.  “Was he nice?”

“Your dad?  He was very nice, actually.  And he really loved you.  Don’t ever doubt that he loved you, okay?”

“I know.”  Violet got quiet and I knew that there was something important she wanted to say.  “Um, Mommy?  Do you think it makes Daddy sad when I talk about my other dad?”

“Oh, goodness, no!  He knows that Oscar, your dad, was once part of our lives.  But Lucian, your Daddy, also knows that he’s here right now, whenever we need him.”

Violet sighed.  “That makes me feel so much better!  Oh no!  I forgot what time it is!”  She leaped off her bed and ran to find Lucian.  They have a standing video game date night on Saturdays.  Even Mom can’t stand in the way of that one.  I finished unpacking Violet’s toys while listening to the laughter drifting up the stairs.

I had to work the overnight shift and I poked my head in Violet’s room before leaving.  Cerberus was passed out next to Vi.  He’s never far from his little human.  At least I’ll never have to worry about her safety as long as he’s around.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 4.39

  1. Awwwww, she is so cute! This helps me too, hear her voice come out. I was worried about that when I have to write. Great chapter and I’m happy you cleared that up about whether she knew about her real dad or not. I never saw the pic in her room. Maybe add a shot of it to the end of this chapter?

  2. Vi is absolutely adorable! 🙂 What a cutie! I’m so glad that Dani’s dreams are coming true and she’s a trauma surgeon now. This is, like all of them, a great chapter! 🙂

  3. Wow, I am happy that Dani’s dreams came true. Violet is such a cutie and so is her doggie best friend. I also feel like I missed something. Did she change her mind about changing from the witch?

  4. And what about Penny wanting to die??? And I guess Dani didn’t get “turned”, either. Help! I’m glad she made it through school, and Violet is so accepting of her life with 2 doctors. I’m glad she can talk to Dani about her real dad, and Dani’s answers were very good! (I am having fun in Plum Grove myself, right now!) =)

    1. Nothing has changed on the Penny front. Those chapters were just an interlude that happened while Dani was busy with school. Everyone is coming back soon to answer all the questions!

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