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Bonus Post: Weekend Vacation – Part 2

Note from SweetPoyzin: Tissues.

Penny’s POV

Liv and I decided to take a walk to the Overlook on our final day in Hidden Springs.

“So have you decided what to do about Dani and Lucian?”  It was a simple question but the answer was too complicated.  Unfortunately, I had figured out a plan.

“Well, I’ve found a potion that will transform Annie into a witch.”

“I feel a but coming on…”

“But it requires the lifeblood of a witch.”

We sat in silence only seconds before Olivia realized the severity of that potion.

“You can’t be serious, Penelope!”

“I’m – deadly – serious.”  I giggled in spite of myself.

“This isn’t a time for jokes!  You’re suggesting that you KILL yourself to make a potion.  All in the name of a family tradition!  It’s not worth it!”

“Don’t you dare tell me what is or isn’t worth it.”  I was beyond livid.  Olivia had no idea how much thought I’d put into this.  “I’ve been through hell for this legacy and I will not let Danielle end it now.  All because of a man.”

Olivia collapsed.  She didn’t cry.  She just crumbled.  I sunk down next to her.

“Let me do it instead, Penny.  Please!  My children are grown.”

“I can’t, Olivia.  I’m ready to do this.”  I was shocked by how true that statement was.  I was tired.  Of everything.

“What about Annie.  She’s only 16, Penny.  She needs you!”

“She’ll be fine.  I’ve made Dani her guardian in the event of my death.”

“You’re my twin, Penny.  What I am I going to do without you?”

“Watch over my babies.”

That afternoon we grabbed Adam and went fishing.  I had sworn Olivia to secrecy but I could tell she was going to be crushed under the weight of this promise.  She must have known too because she spilled the beans.

“So did Penny tell you her wonderful plan to sacrifice herself for the family legacy?”

“OLIVIA!”  Not that I was all that upset with her but really!

“Wait – what?”  Adam reeled in his line and plunked down next to me like he did decades ago when we had to discuss my pregnancy.  He sat quietly, without judgement, waiting until I was ready to talk.

I told the whole sordid tale once again.  “I have to, Adam.  I just can’t do this anymore and I’m not giving up on this family legacy so easily.”  I sighed.  “I’m 59-years-old and I have never needed Mom and Dad more than I do right now.”

Olivia snorted a laugh.  “I’ll second that.”

“So, what’s your plan, sis?”  Adam is forever practical when it comes to planning.

“Well, I was going to wait until after Dani gets married.  Hopefully she doesn’t wait forever.  I want to be at her wedding.  I don’t know when she plans to change but we can wait a bit on the potion regardless.  I’ll need one of you to get it to Annie.  You have to swear to me you will do it.”

Silence.  Finally, Adam volunteered.

“And you both have to promise you will not speak a word of this to my children.  Any of them.  I’ve made up my mind and I’m going through with it.  I don’t want to cause the kids and undue concern.”

“That I will not agree to!”  Olivia is forever emotional when it comes to planning.  “They have a right to know, Penny!  They need to prepare!”

Adam grabbed her arm.  “Don’t tell them, Liv.  If Penny’s going to do this anyway, they don’t need that burden on their shoulders.”

After that, nobody had much to say.  I broke the silence.  “Can you guys leave me alone for a while?  I’ll meet you back at the house for dinner.”

“You aren’t seriously going to let her do this?  Are you, Olivia?”

“How long have you known Penny, Adam?”

“Right.  I guess we have no choice.”

I finally made my way back to the cabin around dinner time.  We ate in silence and then went our separate way to pack our things.  Olivia came into my room to chat.

“You know, you don’t have to do this alone, Penny.”

“I don’t think I’ll be alone in my travels, Olivia.  We’ll all be just fine.”

An hour later, we were all saying our goodbyes as our vacation came to an end.

9 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Weekend Vacation – Part 2

  1. I shall miss Penny greatly, but I understand what you are doing. After I yelled at you a bit, swore at you and then calmed down. But at least you gave me permission to do so, thank you for that!

  2. I’m. So. Shocked. I don’t even know what to say. I wonder how Annie is going to take it, seeing as how she was upset before when she heard them talking about making her a witch. Goodness, so much to digest.

  3. You’ve always wanted Penny dead! And now.. now it is finally happening. At least she gets to go out protecting the family, but I can only imagine Annie… she’s gonna waste that potion and ruin everything. I want Beanie to continue the legacy. We spent all that time getting to know her. This sucks.

  4. NOOOOO!!! She is so darn consumed with the “family heritage”, she has forgotten to even consider what Annie may want! And actually, what good has it done for Penny to be a witch? There has got to be another way to do this without losing her life and hurting her family so much. And, of course Dani will blame herself. Yup, going to leave those girls in emotional messes!! Grrr.

  5. No! I can’t imagine Penny dying now. What about Olivia? She’s spent so much time without her during her “dream” and it was not happy. She is just selfish and wants to leave the world, because Finn left her. Plus no one even asked Annie…

  6. So sad, just so so sad. I don’t think Penny needs to do this there is always other ways, and Annie not wanting to be a witch will just ignore her powers and do nothing so Penny’s death will be for nothing.

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