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Reader Question: Lifespans, Aging, and Going Rogue, Oh My!

I love reader questions!  Don’t be afraid to ask me via email or comment!

Simmer9120 and author of Go for the Crown asked:

I have some questions. What life span is your game set at? Your characters seem to hang around long. I know the witches occult helps them live longer, but was curious about your settings. And do you ever turn aging off for story purposes? And do you ever switch houses and if so how do you keep your Sims from going rogue? Thanks.

This is actually a question I get pretty often on Tumblr and Facebook chats.  So I thought I’d post the answer that I gave here (and I’m also procrastinating on a paper).

Lifespan: I think I have it set on long with some modifications:

  • Baby – 10 days
  • Toddler – 30
  • Kid – 30
  • Teen – 30
  • YA – 60
  • Adult – 50
  • Elder – 45

Aging: Yes, I do turn aging off sometimes. Right now it is off because I need Annie to stay a teen and she’s super close to YA.

Going Rogue: In order to keep sims from going rogue, I have one main save and anytime I have to go to another house, I create a duplicate save. When I was at Penny’s house discussing marriage, I was playing in a new save just for that.  (P.S. — Bmit has an amazing way of organizing her saves and maybe she will be willing to share).

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