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Bonus Post: I Guess This Is Goodbye

Note from SweetPoyzin: Some language.  Also, grab tissues.

Told from Finn’s perspective.

“What do you mean you’re leaving me?!”  Penny crumpled to the dock and sobbed uncontrollably.  I was concerned if she didn’t calm down, she’d pass out from hyperventilating.

“Hey now.  Deep breaths, baby.”  I knelt beside my wife and gathered her in my arms.  Given the fact that I just told her I wanted a divorce, this lasted all of two seconds.

“Get away from me you asshole.” She really spit that last word.  I could feel the venom.  I don’t know why I thought this would go better.

“Jesus, Penny.  Calm down.  Let’s talk about this.  Please.”

“No, no there is no talking about this, Finley.  You can’t just tell your wife of 30 plus years you want to divorce her for no fucking reason.  I am well within my rights to scream at you.”

“Fair enough.”  I backed away a few steps.  “So scream.”

She sighed.  “I can’t.  Why are you doing this?  You don’t have to do this, Finn.”

Now it was my turn to get angry, though I was surprised to feel it.  “You don’t get it do you?  I don’t have a choice damn it!  I need you to forget me, Penny.  Because I’m sure as hell going to forget you and I won’t let you be there to see it!”  She immediately burst into tears.  She was crying like I haven’t seen her cry in years.  Not since the doctors told us about infertility.  “Shit.  I’m sorry, Penny.  That was harsh.”

“What if I want to be there with you?  Every step of the way?  Why didn’t you ask me what I wanted?”

“I thought you deserved to be happy — even if it meant it was not with me.”

“This is about PETER?”  She was livid now.  I took a few steps back, even though I knew I deserved any punches she might throw.

“Well, no.  Not exactly.  Maybe?”  Hell, I didn’t even know what this was about.

“Fuck you, Finley McNamara.  After all these years, you don’t know me at all.”  She turned to look me straight in the eye.  “Leaving you for Peter never once crossed my mind.  He was only ever a dream and you were real.  All these years, you and our children were real.  If you want a divorce, fine.  But we’re doing in on my terms.”

We stood there in silence for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only minutes.  I turned to leave and realized Penny wasn’t following me.

“Come on, Penny.  The kids are holding dinner for us.”

“You really don’t have to do this alone, Finn.”

“Let’s go eat, Penny.”

Slowly, she took my hand and we walked to the car.

“Hey you two!”  Lucian was waiting for us back at the house.  He of course knew why I was taking Penny out to the docks.  “Have a nice walk?”

Penny looked at him with daggers in her eyes.  Lucian might have mind reading powers but Penny could match them when it came to her family.  “You take care of him, Lucian.  If anything happens to him, I will end you.”

“You have my word, Mrs. M.”

Lucian mumbled an excuse about having to check on Violet and snuck away leaving Penny and I alone again.

Penny grabbed me and held me close. “I hate you, Finley Owen McNamara.”

“I know, baby.  I know.”

I kissed my wife one final time.

I didn’t have the appetite to stay for dinner.  I crept out the back gate before anyone had time to notice I was gone.

9 thoughts on “Bonus Post: I Guess This Is Goodbye

  1. I can’t even comment on this. I’m so conflicted and I knew it was coming as we discussed it before. I thank you for being so kind as to consider my feelings in this matter by pre warning me about this. I wasn’t sure I was going to read it at all. People could make valid arguments for both sides of this. I’m just going to go wipe my tears and blow my nose now.

  2. Okay, blew off the steam! I think there are some people who would be better off not being there to the end, but I don’t think Penny is one of those people. She would always feel like there was no closure, and she has already had to face that once. Finn was her anchor, and I think she needs, and wants to be his. ♥

  3. Finn is pissing me off! Which means I’m far too invested in this family. XD Ugh, I feel for Finn, and yet I feel like punching him now. Must. Read. More.

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