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Behind the Scenes: The Divorce

Hello, Dear Readers!

Ok, so I got a lot of comments about Finn’s decision to leave Penny.

I get it.  That sucked.

It was especially difficult for me because it was so clear they are in love.  Here’s what was happening while I was trying to get the pictures for that chapter:

Those kissing pictures at the end of the chapter?  The real deal.  I took them back to Dani’s house after all I had just done and they start kissing.

Awesome.  Thanks, guys.  Rip my heart out.

Anyway, I’m sorry for that downer of a post.  It needed to happen in order for the story to move along (though I really believe that Finn is doing what he thinks is best).  I’d like to tell you it’s going to get better from here, but I can’t.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

In other news:

  • I’ve answered all your comments.  Thanks for those and keep them coming!
  • I’m working on remodeling the blog.  If you show up one day and you can’t find anything, my bad.
  • Are you all still interested in this story?  My posts are so few and far between I’m worried ya’ll are losing patience.

That’s about it for me.  Gotta head in game so I can get you folks some more updates!


8 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: The Divorce

  1. Of course we want you to continue, and continue, and….That’s what a legacy is all about, and you have certainly got a doozy in this one! We may not like everything that happens, but heck, who likes everything that happens in RL, right? You have a talent and a great story…both are appreciated! Let the sims fall where they may…sniff,sniff. ♥♥

  2. Same thing with me and my story btw when I killed off Maya. I did it for selfish reasons and I felt bad because she had just given birth. Then for the first time in three years of playing, the Grimm brought her BACK! So I had to kill her off again! Ian and Maya were very much in love, so to ease my guilt, I have a save with all of them together. I couldn’t let it go. However, I did not kill off Ian. He did die of old age on EA schedule long after his age length had passed. So Maya would have been without him. I feel you frustrations. I hope the comments weren’t too bad.

  3. ps, I get the choice, for the Avani’s I killed off 3 in one night all for the point of moving the story forward …… something I actually haven’t done with the Behrooz clan ….. gears be shifting

  4. I am impatient! But I understand life. It’s okay, take your time. Still interested. Considered starting over from the very beginning to refresh. I did have to start Dani’s section over though.

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