Eternally Yours

Thank You, Readers

“…I liked the high-wire aspect of it, too: fall down on the job, fail to carry through, and all at once about a million readers are howling for your blood. No one knows this any better than me, unless it’s my secretary, Juliann Eugley; we get dozens of angry letters each week, demanding the next book…One of these contained a Polaroid of a teddy bear in chains, with a message cut out of newspaper headlines and magazine covers…I put it up in my office to remind myself both of my responsibility and of how wonderful it is to have people actually care –a little– about the creatures of one’s imagination.”

–Stephen King
Foreword to The Green Mile #1

I recently started re-reading The Green Mile as it has always been a book I go back to when the world seems too harsh. It’s also no secret that Stephen King is pretty much my idol when it comes to writing. Anyway, in the foreword to the serial novel, Stephen King recounts how he came up with the idea for writing a novel in six parts. During that time he was in the midst of writing The Dark Tower series and he received threats to finish it or else!  That quote made me think of you lovely readers who invest so much time, energy, and emotion in my little blog story.

Don’t ever stop begging for the next chapter.  In spite of the fact that I have so much happening in my life, don’t ever feel bad asking for more.  I write for you, dear readers, and the day you stop demanding more is the day I know this story has drawn to a close.

Thank you for caring about the creatures in my mind and the worlds I create for them.

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Readers

  1. So, when will be the new chapter? LOL. Take care, SweetP, and don’t forget how much we DO care about your wonderful family with crazy skin colors, dead, undead and superextranatural! Never stop doing what you love and writing about the pixel people we all on here love.

  2. Are you letting Stephen King give you excuses for your lack of MY reading material??? =P Just kidding, as you know! I am always grateful for a new chapter following a family that I know will never exist in reality, but always dwell in, first your imagination, and then in our hearts. I am sure we all understand how RL can interfere, and take presidency over other pursuits, so never feel bad about making your audience wait. Anticipation is good for us, as my gray hair can attest to! And, after all, if you don’t take care of YOU, there would be no story at all! ♥

  3. I have no intention of letting you off the hook. As your number one fan, I need my Eternally Yours fix as often as I can! I don’t care what is going on in your life, you made a commitment…..AW SCHUCKS, I was trying to be the bad buy just once, but I can’t do it, not to you. As your good friend, I know what your RL is like and I am amazed you even have time to write this at all. So I will just sit on my hands and breath deeply every time I have the urge to harrass you for my fix.

    1. Yay!! I love seeing my favorite bloggers receiving awards!! You deserve it, and I always love reading your story…hugs! =)

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